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104 West 128th Street, Manhattan - Harlem, New York City (NYC), New York, USA
40.809796, -73.944689 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (212) 222-8105
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Does what it says on the tin...
I was really pleased I stayed here, after my initial bad first impressions. The corridors are tiny (but how long do you spend in a corridor?!), the wireless internet reception is rubbish, and the showers and toilets are tiny. But you get over it! The staff were brilliant -- friendly, approachable, and some of them live there so they're around to just chat to and find info out. The events guy was brilliant, organising trips to pubs, jazz bars, and even the HP7 premiere! The breakfast was pancakes and coffee. If that's not for you, there's so many grocery stores within 5mins where you can buy a pre-packed croissant or fruit, or there's a Starbucks (on 125th/Lenox). Buying your own food from the supermarket (closest was on 125th or 132nd) is cheapest way to survive, and the hostel kitchen was well stocked with saucepans, frying pans, plates. Some guys cooked up some pretty impressive meals! It could be noisy, as all the doors slam shut, and the rooms are around a central stairwell so you hear everything, but you get that in a lot of hostels, and if you've done enough during the day, you'll sleep through anything! What made the stay good was the other people there -- a big mix of American, British, French, Australian, Canadian, Serbian, Dutch -- all friendly, all willing to share tips and experiences. Yes, the tv room got crowded in the evening, but that's just a sign that people were nice enough to mix together. Safety was fine for me, I spent a few nights as the only girl in a mixed dorm, but never felt at risk once. There was a scary guy in another dorm, but one person complained, and he was kicked out. The staff and the hostel do after all, want you to be safe, because bad ratings and police activity are incredibly bad for business! Each bed has a small locker (provide own padlock for it tho) which you can fit a small day bag, passport in, but I didn't hear of any problems, and I didn't use a locker and came home with everything I went with. The beds were uncomfortable, but everybody sleeps because you're so tired after a day in NYC! Saw a couple of cockroaches, but that's New York, and they were just in the corridor, not in the kitchen. It's a 5min walk to the 2/3 subway lines, and a 15min walk to the A subway, which takes you to/from JFK. From Harlem you can walk down to and around Central Park, and if you're fit enough, beyond. Easiest way to get around was the subway, and I used ~$20 on a metrocard for a 5 day stay. Walking through Harlem at night was fine -- the pavement is really wide, and there's loads of people about. The hostel is maybe 20paces from the main road, so there's no need to go down alleys on anywhere that might get you in trouble. The main thing to remember about this place is that it's not the Ritz, you are paying under $20, but that you'll spend more time out of it than in it, and that (if traveling on your own) staying in this kind of hostel is about mixing with and meeting other people, sharing your journey with them. Only they will want to hear about what you did that day, as I can guarantee, the people back home just won't understand how amazing a city it is!
Don't stay there! someone will steal your stuff!
I stayed here because it is really cheap but it was the worst thing that i have done. bathrooms and beds are too little, the kitchen is kind of disgusting, the "breakfast" is just a little box of cereal, but you get what you pay since is "cheap." The neighborhood is a black neighborhood and there are problems all the time. While i was sleeping someone stole my money, camera, metro card, and id's! my stuff was just right besides me, i went to ask the staff if they can check who was it since they have cameras, but they don't have cameras in the third floor! is completely insecure, there is some homeless people staying there, just because is cheap and they don't have anywhere else to go. Seriously if you don't have money to pay a hotel, don't go to NY, otherwise you will hate it and have the worst experience ever!
It was ok but very noisy
We stayed there for two nights, and at night it was very noisy on the street. People were screaming, the cops were outside and the inside with all students were drinking. when we used the showers and bathroom, no paper, and it was dirty. the price was ok but if you are a party animal, you will like this place, if not, try somewhere else to stay.
Great for the money
This was my first hostel experience and I was extremely satisfied. The staff was friendly and helpful. It was very clean and safe. The showers were tiny and the water wasn't very hot but for $18 total I can't complain! I will definitely stay again.
Worst organization of any hostel I ever slept in!
For the unbeatable price of around 20 bucks, you can't really expect much. And if you are a flexible Backpacker who has been around the world, you definitely have been in this type of hostel before -- narrow hallways, tiny rooms, even tinier bathrooms. So far, so cheap. But if you factor in the tremendously f***ed up showers/toilets (half of them being "out of order"), things start to get really ugly. All that would be bearable though, if it wasn't for the incredibly miscommunicated organization. Even if you reserved your bed days before you actually arrive, if you are perfectly on time on the date of your arrival, even after you moved into the room and put your stuff on your bed -- even then will this hostel screw you over. There is nothing like coming home in the middle of the night, only to find your stuff scattered around the room and someone else sleeping in your bed! Once you find out that the staff allowed, or rather encouraged, the other traveler to just "conquer" your bed, you will learn to hate this place. And when the exact same scandal happens to you every night, in different rooms, you will never want to come back. There are way more relaxing ways to spend the night in New York.
  the best part was price and nearness to the subway. luggage storage room has sewage pipe leaking on your luggage. rats live in the building. some people who stay in the hostel have personal issues (hostility) and are dangerous. some homeless new yorkers live at the hostel. showers temperature may not be adjustable, only cold or boiling. key cards to room often don't work, so you have to climb many flights of stairs to get a new one. the dorm rooms have foul odor. some staff are apathetic. some staff and their friends are homosexual and are loud when advertizing it. large television blasts louding continuously. there is no comforable seating, only hard seats around a table for eating. the kitchen has no oven or stove and very few utensils. right now it is the cheapest place in the city to sleep.
average traveller

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