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Diez Canseco 117, Miraflores, Lima, Peru
-12.122070, -77.029915 (accuracy not guaranteed)
00 511 445094 (from US)/ 00 511 4456745
00 511 4452673
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never picked me up from airport as planned, so i had to get a taxi who tried to charge me $60 when i know the price is around $20 to miraflores. when i got to my room, no mattress on the bed, then no key to lock my private room door, had to wait 4 hours for a locksmith to replace lock and key, then they tried to charge me for the lock, these are cowboys. do not go to this hostel.
Age 25, British
  The Location The Flying Dog Hostel has three locations in Miraflores, Lima. All three are clustered around Parque Kennedy, right in the heart of the tourist district. As there wasn't room for me at the first location I rocked up at (Calle Lima 117), they moved me a one-minute walk around the corner to their smallest locale (Diez Canseco 117). Their third hostel is located on the other side of Parque Kennedy at Matir Olaya 280. All three locations are close to the best bars, restaurants, shopping and supermarkets in the neighbourhood. Rooms and Bathrooms My dorm room had two sets of wooden bunks, but I had the room practically to myself the entire time I was there. It was spacious, clean and cozy. The beds are large and the bedding is comfie, and there are several large wooden lockers available for use. There was only one bathroom at my end of the Diez Canseco hostel. It was rather small, but clean, and the water was consistently hot. There are hooks on the door for your clothes, but not a heck of a lot of room to change in there, nor a place to put your toiletries outside the shower. Common Spaces There are ton of common spaces at this hostel. Even though I stayed at the bar-less Diez Canseco locale, I had access to the bars of the other two locales, which I took full advantage of! The Flying Dog has a reputation for being a party hostel, and it's a great place to start your Saturday night in Lima, as beers are cheap, the bartenders are cool, and most people are up for a party. The Calle Lima location has a fairly enormous second-floor bar which overlooks Parque Kennedy, which is were most of the partying seems to happen.There's also a T.V. room adjacent to the bar, where people less inclined to party can watch movies, chat and chill out. The second location, on the other side of Parque Kennedy (Matir Olaya 280, Miraflores), has a bar attached to an open courtyard. This bar, while smaller, was full of interesting characters. The Diez Canseco location (where I stayed) has a small movie/games room for hanging out. There is a small kitchenette where you can prepare a very basic meal, but if you want to make something more elaborate, you won't be able to do it here. Near the kitchenette are some sofas and a small table where you can chill and eat your meals. As I didn't stay in either one of these two locales, I don't know anything about the state of their kitchens or other common areas. Summary I would recommend this hostel to anyone looking to have a good time in the heart of Miraflores. The third location is probably better for those looking to get a decent sleep*, since it lacks a bar and is located a bit away from the action, while the other two seemed to have more a party vibe. *One caveat: The hostel was doing some pretty serious renovations in the hallway of the Diez Canseco location during the time I was there, so it was noisy, dirty and sometimes difficult to move from one end of the hostel to the other, which may the stay less than comfortable at times.
Dorm Games room Reception Elvis loves this hostel! Common area
Tara M
Text book example of a terrible hostel
noisy location, 2 terrible bathrooms for the whole building, the first one actually inside a dorm room without a door at the end of the corridor, the second one "somewhere on the ground floor", small rooms crammed full of beds, expensive for no good reason, and a stupid logo. 1 night is too much here.
Would nver go back
I have been backpacking for two years and this was the most bizarre, unfriendly place I have stayed at. The first receptionist made my girlfriend feel uncomfortable as he sexually harassed her but we laughed it off. Things got way worse though. In the middle of the night a couple staying at the hostel rand the bell to get back in for five or ten minutes. Finally I got out of bed to see what was going on and the night receptionist who was somehow sleeping told me not to worry about that, just to go back to sleep. Knowing the couple was staying there, I buzzed them in, and the unfriendly receptionist said he was kicking me out. REALLY BIZARRE! The couple was as confused as I was as to why he was not going to let them in. As he was kicking me out at 430 in the morning, he complained about how he hated people from the U.S. but because I'm a foreigner in Peru I think I can get away with anything I want. We stayed at other hostels in the same area and had a much better experience. I will say the breakfast was great though!
(United States)
Still not sure
Well we wanted a nice hostel for our first days in peru, however it wasn't tidy as it could be considering the price. Moreover some girls in the dorms caught some allergy or got bites by something still unknown. What really amaze us was that they kept in secret to the new persons coming such as family. So please check with them before booking.
  I had a good stay there. Clean hostel, hot showers. Good breakfast. Very helpful staff (Jorge and Jose Luis).

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