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Wombat's City Hostel Vienna - The Lounge, like the others in the Wombat's chain, offers consistent quality and a good set of amenities. Despite the big size of the hostel, it’s a good place to relax and socialize after a day of exploring the city.

The Location

The Lounge is located right next to the Westbahnhof Station, making it easily accessible through public transportation. It’s a quick tram or metro ride from most anywhere in the city. That said, it’s a bit far from the center of the city, about a forty-five minute walk to St. Stephen’s Square, which is prohibitive for all but the most enthusiastic pedestrians. That said, one-, two-, or even three-day transit passes can be purchased for transportation across Vienna, and the nearest metro or tram stops are easy to access from the hostel. The hostel is on a long street with many stores, shops, markets, restaurants, and cafes, so a trip to the city center isn’t necessary to find something to eat.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are decent and clean, with several nice touches that add to the comfort of the room. Each bed, including the upper bunks, has an outlet with a small shelf and a light, which is convenient for charging devices overnight. The in-room lockers are large enough to fit a big pack. Each guest receives a keycard, which unlocks the door to get onto the floor, the room door, and the guest’s locker. The bunks are comfortable enough, but can get a bit squeaky and shaky.

The four-bed room has an en suite bathroom. There are plenty of hooks for hanging towels and clothes, as well as a small shelf above the sink. The shower itself has nowhere inside to put soap or a razor, but the water is hot and with good pressure.

Common Spaces

The Lounge is a large hostel that holds a lot of guests, and it’s common areas are pretty spacious. Reception has a nice sitting area with chairs and couches, and a soft cushy space where guests can lie down and relax. Wi-Fi is free throughout the hostel, and there are computers available for a fee. The eating area is large, with a kitchen for guest use. The kitchen has everything necessary to cook a meal, including two ovens; two stoves; two refrigerators; a microwave; and plenty of pots, pans, and other cooking items. The hostel also provides free bread and pasta for guests to use.

Breakfast is available for a fee, but it’s pretty comprehensive -- sliced meats and cheese, boiled eggs, fruits, yogurt, cereals, breads, spreads, coffee, and tea. Considering Vienna is a more expensive city, the all-you-can-eat breakfast is a decent option. The Lounge also has a pub downstairs, called the WomBar, and each guest gets a free drink voucher upon arrival. The pub offers food and drinks at a reasonable price, and it’s a nice space to relax and meet people and play pool or foosball. However, because the hostel is big and seems to host a lot of large groups, it might be a bit harder for solo travelers to meet others.

The overall feel of the hostel is modern and young, with good places to socialize, though it is by no means a party hostel. The size of the hostel might also be too large for those who prefer smaller groups and a more personalized experience.


Overall, The Lounge is a fine choice when staying in Vienna, as long as you’re willing to take public transportation to reach most of the city’s main attractions. Though large and a bit impersonal, the rooms are comfortable, the amenities decent, and the atmosphere good.
by Jen
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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Wombats the Lounge
Sitting area near reception
Dining area
Guest kitchen
Four-bed ensuite room
Outlet/shelf/reading light for each bed
Big lockers open with a keycard
Bathroom- plenty of hooks, good water temp and pressure


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Wombat's City Hostel Vienna - The Lounge" at Mariahilferstrasse 137.)


Mariahilferstrasse 137, Vienna (Wien), Vienna, Austria
48.194799, 16.337029 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+43(01)1 8972336
+43(01)1 8972577
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Big place
The staff is friendly, the place is huge and near the city center. There is a bar in the hostel to meet other travelers and a late night kebap place across the street for your drunchie needs. This place is nice and big and has a kitchen, with a penny market right next door. Only downside was no air conditioning, and it was hot. Good for the backpacker or the party traveler.
THE HOSTEL IS GREAT. Nice bar, nice breakfast for small price, but internet works just in the reception.
The newest Wombat's location -- Wombat's City Hostel Vienna - The Lounge -- is up to the chain's usual standards. The place has a lively atmosphere that is great for meeting people. And you even get a coupon for a free drink when you arrive! The Location The hostel is located only a couple of minutes walk from Westbahnhof station, which provides metro, tram, and intercity train access. By transit, the main attractions in the city centre are only ten minutes away. The neighbourhood has many restaurants and a few small bars as well. The hostel is a bit tricky to find, so pay attention to the directions. The sign for Wombat's City Hostel - The Lounge actually says The Place. Be sure that you are at the right hostel, as Wombats other hostel, The Base, is in the same area. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are clean, and include linens and towels. Door locks and lockers use the same card key. The hostel contains mostly four- and six-bed dorms. The bathrooms are ensuite, meaning you could have to wait if someone is taking too long. The washroom has a sink, toilet, and shower. The shower has a soap dish and good water pressure. The bathroom has a hook. Common Spaces There is a fully-equipped and clean kitchen available. Lots of lounge space around the hostel, and many Internet computers (not free), and free Wi-Fi. There is also the womBar -- a full bar in the basement, across from the laundry room. There are lots of tables and chairs in the breakfast area. Breakfast is available for a price, and includes various meats, cheeses, breads, salad, boiled eggs, juices, coffee, and tea. Free luggage storage is available as well. The hostel is big, with a young crowd. It is easy to meet people in the dorms and common areas, but some people also stick to their laptops. Overall, it's easy to party there if you want that. Lots of tourist information is available as well on the side wall to help you plan your sightseeing. A pool table is also available. Summary Overall, this is one of the best hostels you'll find in Vienna. It has all the facilities you need, and is suitable for everyone from the quiet reader to the party animal. With good security and emphasis on cleanliness, Wombats City Hostel - The Lounge is a great choice when in Vienna.
Neel Shah
Alright but didn't see what's so great about it
Ok -- I may have become a bit biased because of the specific time of my visit -- early/mid-October. I heard that schools over there have a fall vacation, and I guess bunch of high schools from different European countries decided to take advantage of the school break to send their kids to Vienna. Bunch of teenagers running around in addition to the general clinical atmosphere of this large place made feel like I was at an HI hostel. The Lounge does have a great location and really is pretty darn clean, but it got uncomfortable and annoying at times when a huge group of loud kids took over the kitchen and dining and lobby areas and acted like they owned the place.
Clean, modern, friendly, cheap!
The location is ok, five minutes' walk from the main station, and opposite a great ice cream place! i was robbed while staying here by someone staying in my room, they took my camera (and all my pictures) my phone, and some money. was my fault, i left them in my jeans pocket under the bed and he took them whilst i was sleeping. so use the lockers for everything! The computers are cheap with fast internet. but the staff were great! they gave me all of the details of who i think it was, which i gave to the police, who refused to do anything and wouldn't let me use their phone either. staff tried to track the guy down though. they also have a locked room with a camera for keeping your bag whilst you're out and about. next time i'm in vienna i'll be staying here again!
Clinical, but nice
This was a good hostel (free drink in the wombar, clean rooms, with a bathroom to each room). Its only problem was that it was very clinical, and so didn't have the same welcoming feel that the smaller hostels have. Although we enjoyed our stay there, it wasn't really anything special, unlike some of our other hostels. Still, would recommend it very highly.
Suzie and Rachel
Really nice clean hostel. Staff were really friendly and helpful, rooms were clean and a good size. Location is great for people coming to Vienna by train from the west, and it is right near a major subway and tram station, so a trip to the city center took ten minutes.
J. Bigs
  It is a clean hostel there is no lockout but they only tell you to stay out of the way if people are cleaning -which I liked. They have tons of big TVs but only CNN International in English. The bar is big but nice and a good place to party or relax (depending on the crowd). The people who work there are friendly and helpful. It isn't in the center of town, but the walk into the center is nice.

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