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BK Hostel is located near the center of the city, just off of Karangahape Road (K' Road). It's near the Airbus dropoff; a short walk from the center of the city; and is well-priced, clean, and comfortable.

The Location

This hostel is about a thirty-minute walk from the ferry terminal, so it is only about fifteen minutes from the Sky Tower, which is essentially the center of the city. It is on the corner of Pitt Street and K' Road, which means it is conveniently located by several shops and restaurants, and only one block from Queen Street. It is also only a five-minute walk from the Airbus stop, so it is convenient when traveling from the airport.

Rooms and Bathrooms

They offer dorms as well as privates and doubles. The dorm rooms have four people to each room, and are very small. Despite their size, the beds are very comfortable and the linen is clean and comfortable as well. There are lockers available, both in and out of the rooms, and the doors lock very securely. They also don't get much noise from the street or common room, even when people are watching TV.

There doesn't seem to be quite enough showers and toilets available, but they are of good quality. The shower stalls have hot water and good water pressure, and enough space to change (although they are a bit on the smaller side). The toilets and sinks are clean, even if the space is a bit small.

Common Spaces

There is one large common area with a TV and comfortable seating. There is a DVD collection and a small book exchange. Next to the common area is the reception room, which also has a few computers with video-chat capabilities. The whole thing is comfortable and social, but feels rather subdued.

The kitchen is very clean and modern, with a good amount of space and adequate cooking supplies. It is cleaned regularly and has a small dining table in the middle. This hostel is not a party hostel, since they require you to sign an agreement to do no alcohol, drugs, or partying in the hostel. But it is still social, just on the quiet side.


This is a nice, quiet hostel that's close to the city and near the airport dropoff. It's very conveniently located and well-priced and is a good option for staying in Auckland.
by Tyler-Rose Veguez
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "BK Hostel" at 3 Mercury Lane, Cnr. Karangahape Road & Mercury Lane.)


3 Mercury Lane, Cnr. Karangahape Road & Mercury Lane, Auckland, New Zealand
-36.858017, 174.758931 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Worst Hostel exerience EVER!
My partner and myself stayed there for almost 2 months. We had to share a twin room, as no long term price is available on double bed rooms! The location is ok, but be ready to be waking up by police and emergency, as well as night life! Showers and toilets are in the same bathroom, and always pretty dirty! The kitchen equipment is poor, and angry notes are placed everywhere, in a regular basis, to make you feel like poor kids who ve been told by their parents! Every single corner of the place in under video surveillance, and this is not only for the fun. The owner and her employees are spending their whole day looking at what YOU are doing! Notes are also placed under your door for any reasons, and sometimes to ask you to come at THEIR convenience for any unvalid reason, and once again I believe, to make you waste your own time! If you make friends during your stay, and then decide to leave, you will NOT be welcome to come back at any time, even to visit your friends during the "allowed" visiting hours! To say good bye to one of our friend, we popped up for less than an hour, and have been EXTREMELY RUDELY asked to leave by one of the "friendly" staff. That was humiliating and very disrespectfull, but this how it works in BK Hostel! We could spend a long time listing all of the bad sides of this place, but I will resume by saying that the owner is simply a control freak, if she decided she does not like your face the first day, she will do anything to make you leave! As customer, I have never been treated that way anywhere in my whole life!
Clean, Comfortable and Very Secure.
I stayed three nights in a single room without a window, 15th to the 18th of February, 2014. Air-con into the room. Auckland Nines were on and Saturday Night was busy in K Road. My room was very quiet and the residents in general were all very courteous and friendly to each other. The kitchen was small but in proportion to the rest of the building. Only a few people at a time cooking, eating. No problems. Management of this facility is the best I have seen in a Backpackers. Parking around the Hostel was available. Free from 6pm to 8am weekdays and Saturday. Free on Sundays. I would stay there again.
Age 60, New Zealand
Good Location, Clean but Strict
The place is quite clean and located in the heart of the city. Two steps away from major pubs and dance places. It's also a good price. Rules are really strict, I've got some angry notes "reminding" me of this and that. Of course this keeps the place clean but it really feels like a mom nagging you all the time. The owner (or manager) looks at the CCTV all the time! It actually feels a little creepy. Sadly, during my stay the exterior is under renovation -- just outside my room. The workers starts at 8:30 and is making a huge noise (chattering/ singing even) while they are at work. When I asked for a change in room, i was refused (despite that I never quite see many other people). When I ask her to remind them to keep the noise down, she said it's 8:30 and everybody should be up (meaning that I should wake up too). While it's not unreasonable, but there are times i wanna sleep till late in a holiday and I think it makes sense. She is really working like a mom.
(Hong Kong)
This hostel is lovely, very clean, and modern. There is an entertainment room room with a widescreen TV and DVD player, books/magazines, and a pool table. You can rent DVDs for a $5 deposit, which you can get back. Kitchen is quite a good size, bathrooms are clean, and there are laundry facilities. Staff are friendly and willing to help. Area is ok, about a twenty-minute walk from harbour and along the way there are plenty of shops and fast-food places. Hostel is also across the road from a Starbucks! There's not a Subway there anymore!
This hostel was really nice and cheap for Auckland. The rooms, kitchen and bathrooms were nice and clean, the staff really friendly and stayed up for our very late arrival. We were staying in a double and paid a bit extra for a window and the room was nice. However, we were there at a weekend and I have never stayed in a hostel so loud. Some kind of nightclub seemed to be right underneath us and it went on until 6am so loud that I could even hear it with my earplugs shoved right in and the duvet over my head. A room without a window might help thi but for this reason I would not recommend staying over a weekend. A shame becasue it was a nice hostel, and walking up and down Queen street into town made you very fit!
Best Hostel Ever!
So far this is one of the best hostels I have stayed at, it is clean, safe, the staff are completely friendly. I have stayed at this hostel twice this year, and if I am going back to Auckland I wouldn't doubt that I would stay there again. The rooms are really clean, you can choose either with windows or without windows, which will have an effect on the price. The only bad thing you might find, which I did not mind at all, is that it is close to a fire station therefore you might hear the Sirens every once and then. The kitchen area it is a bit small -- it has two kitchens one on each floor, but I have never had problems to use it. every time I went into the kitchen I was able to use it and there was no one at that time. I would completely recommend this hostel to stay for a few nights or even for a few weeks. They have a pool table in the common areas, an lcd TV, a great collection of DVDs as well as a shelf for book exchange.
Simple, clean, and safe
We stayed here for two nights in September 2008. This hostel is quite centrally located, albeit in a "shady" area. There is a pub downstairs, and further along the road there are many adult-shops. It does not look safe for a single lady traveler to walk along the road at night. The setup is quite old and shabby, but the rooms are clean, with new paints. The bathroom is clean with a separate shower door in each shower cubicle that keeps the outside area dry, for changing clothes. In the third floor where we stayed, the ladies washroom only had two wash sinks, which I think is too little. Security here is good because you need to have an access card to go into the building. I hardly see any other guests in the hostel, except for a few when we were entering the building, so there is a lot of privacy here. Con -- There is no free parking available.
Kim Ling
Not even slightly sterile
This is a very good hostel. The manager has obviously taken the time to listen to guests comments and the place is constantly improving -- decor is now very colourful and homey. We stayed in a double for 4 nights and moved into a twin (because of the excellent weekly rates) for 2 weeks also. You have the choice of rooms with or without windows -- the windowless rooms are surprisingly nice. The windows are huge in the other rooms and open so you can get plenty of air if needed. There are two kitchens but they are very small -- only can accommodate 2 or 3 people cooking at a time, although they are small they are well-equipped. There is a very cosy huge lounge / tv area. It has loads of books, a MASSIVE tv, and really comfy couches. The bathrooms are clean and the showers are great. Staff are awesome -- highly recommended, they'll go out of your way to help!
Paula & Steve

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