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Miri Waterfront, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
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62% Guest Reviews

Stay away.
This place would be amazing if it wasn't for the crazy lady that runs it. The rooms are very clean and comfortable but the manager is the rudest person I've met in 6 months of traveling.
(USA )
The place itself is ok but the lady who runs it is terrible when you're a male! She will make your stay as uncomfortable as possible. Avoid the pace is my advice. The bar downstairs is good.
Excellent, clean
we found Joanna to be very helpful and a lovely person. We recommend this hostel very highly, it feels like a home away from home. Emery was definitely the highlight (Joanna's favourite cat). The facilities are scrupulously clean and Joanna has helped us to arrange transport, often arranging us good deals. The pilot and his wife are very gentle people.
Georgina Hewlett
(United Kingdom)
Really good but poor manager.
Joanne is rude, unapproachable, and you do feel like you are interrupting her. She is the manager not the owner. I know the owner is a Kelabit lady and her pilot husband and they are well respected people. But, if you can cope with the manageress' attitude or if only after a base for a few days, or in fact if you are in a group, this pace is very clean and tidy and in a great location. If this woman ever leaves the place will be much much better and receive very good reviews.
Hostel ok, crazy cat lady runs the place
The hostel is ok -- pretty basic, but with comfortable beds and decent showers. The beds however have bedbugs. This has been confirmed by everyone who I have spoken to that has stayed there (ten people). The main problem with the place is the crazy cat lady who runs it (along with her eight cats), who is not the slightest bit helpful and who likes to insult the guests.
Dave Jones
Hostel is nice, but the owner isn´t.
The hostel itself is very nice, the rooms are clean, as are the bathroom and common area. There are always some cats around -- so it is not suitable if you are allergic to cats. There are some breakfast facilities and you are free to make your own breakfast (but no kitchen or cooking facilities). The only thing is that the owner (or one of the owners, a lady) isn't very nice, in fact she is quite rude sometimes. Other guests also told us that they are afraid to ask her something (if they could use the telephone, for example), because she reacts quite unfriendly. In fact, you always feel like you are disturbing her and that she doesn't want to have anybody around at all. Be prepared that the owner is going to tell you (in a very demanding tone) how to spread your toast -- that is what happened to me. Also notice that the private taxis she orders for you might be a little more expensive than those you could get by yourself. If you don't mind that -- then it is a good place to stay.
The Highlands is a central, river-facing hostel run by the owner and full-time manager. Both are personable, knowledgeable and helpful -- they run tours, arrange transport, and have even translated menus for the nearby restaurants. The hostel is newly decorated and furnished, the building in good repair, and is cleaned thoroughly everyday. The communal area has internet access, stereo, DVDs, TV, books, and lots of comfy sofas. It has a very laid back, friendly atmosphere and attracts travelers of all ages. There is a laundry service (ours was ready within two hours of arrival!), breakfast is included in the room rate, and throughout the day there are baskets of fruit, fresh coffee brewing, filtered water, and daily newspapers. All rooms are spacious, five out of the six private rooms (double/triple) have air-con, although one private room is a windowless fan room. The large, very spacious dorm has safety lockers and its own seating area and toilet. Arriving from certain directions it can be tricky to spot the hostel's sign, high up on the side of the building. Look for the doorway to the left of Wheels bar, adjacent to the river. There is a paper sign at the entrance, and the hostel is on the third floor. A taxi is necessary from the long distance bus terminal. We found the intimate nature of this hostel one of the best we have stayed in. David, the owner, drove us around the city at no cost to help with some errands, and we were presented with a full size cake on a birthday to share with the other guests. It's highly recommended and for obvious reasons, extremely busy -- so do book ahead!
Richard lee
Great value for money and great source of information!
We came through many places throughout our Borneo trip, but Highlands was clearly the best (backpacker) hostel and Joanne was a great source of information and very helpful with arranging trips for us. For jungle trekking trips I can recommend another guide for your travels to the Mulu National Park -- Mac Mampang, local mobile is 012 872 8306. Speaks good English, knows his treks, and is a nice guy to spend a few days with in the jungle.
Eric Hansen

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