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HI - Copenhagen City Hostel - Danhostel Copenhagen City calls itself a five-star hostel. Although at first this claim may sound like an oxymoron, our short stay proved that it is indeed possible to have a five-star hostel. The hostel is furnished with designer furniture, making your stay comfortable. It is also located near some major tourist attractions and famous museums. The staff members are very friendly and helpful, willing to provide you with information you need about the city.

The Location

The hostel is located within ten minutes' walk from the central station, making it easy for guests to commute within the city and to the airport. From the central station, it only takes about a twenty-minutes train ride to the airport. It is easy to find from the central station if you follow their instructions. Danhostel Copenhagen City is also located near two museums -- Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek and the National Museum. It is also within walking distance to Copenhagen’s most famous theme park, the Tivoli Gardens.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorm rooms are very comfortable, spacious, and clean. However, bed linens, including quilt cover, are not provided, and guests have to rent them. There are some lockers provided in the room, but locks are not provided. However, the hostel itself is very safe and thus the use of the lockers might not be necessary. The rooms have a good card-entry system, making sure that only people staying in that room can enter. The dorm rooms are ensuite, with private shower and toilet included. Showers and toilets are very clean, although there is only one toilet per dorm room, so you will have to make an arrangement with your roommates regarding shower time.

Common Spaces

This hostel has a lot of common spaces for you to meet new people and interact with each other. There is a bar at the lobby area on the ground floor and TV rooms, table tennis, and common kitchen in the basement area. Free Wi-Fi is provided, but it is only accessible in the lobby area. The kitchen is big and is well-furnished. In the lobby area, there is also some information and brochures provided for guests to plan for their visits in Copenhagen. Bikes are also available for rent.


Danhostel Copenhagen City indeed lives up to its claim as a designer hostel. Besides the great facilities and comfort it offers, it is also situated at a convenient location. This hostel may not be a fun, party hostel, but it definitely offers a comfortable and quiet place to rest and sleep for those who are planning on intense, whole-day traveling in Copenhagen. We would certainly recommend this hostel to anyone visiting Copenhagen!
by Leonny
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Danhostel Copenhagen City Hostel" at H.C. Andersens Boulevard 50.)


H.C. Andersens Boulevard 50, Copenhagen (København), Denmark
55.671026, 12.576522 (accuracy not guaranteed)
None (if you know the URL of their website, tell us and we'll add it)
+45 33 11 85 85
+45 33 29 80 59
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

I was afraid of hostels after a bad experience in Paris, but I had no choice. I am so grateful for danhostel. It was a cheap price an super clean. A whole bunch of people staying in the hostel but plenty space for everyone. There was major construction going on, but still plenty space. I am excited to see how it looks when finished.
Age 26, american
Professional managed Hostel, for every needs you are helped!
I Was there for one night, had a Flight back home and I was impressed by the Building. The Guy on the reception was very smart and loved to help me to have a pleasant stay. The Rooms are in a good condition and the people in my 4 Bed room were nice n gentle! Every time I m in Copenhagen, I can image to visit this Hostel!
Bruno Lienemann
Age 56, German
Fantastic view
great view of the city centre, clean & new dorm, nice breakfast buffet.
(Hong Kong)
Pretty dirty
On our Europa Trip visiting standard hostels, this was by far the worst hostel we stayed at and by far the most expensive. By reading this site, you already can be prepared for the 'hidden' costs of no hostel card (only hostel needing that on whole trip, so naturally no one has it...like they don't know) and bed lining. Contrary to the review of hostelz, this place / our room was exceptionally dirty and didn't get cleaned once in our 3 days stay. To its defense, just to show how old the review on top is, It does offer (expensive) breakfast and the kitchen is not just microwave nowadays. I would not go back or recommend it, though the limited offer of hostels in kopenhagen makes it difficult to select anything else. Definitely don't book to many nights here! It may also be worth checking out other dealers than the hostel to rent a bike (which I recommend for this city!).
Not Great
I would not choose to stay at this hostel again for the price they ask. While the beds were fine, the rooms were clearly not regularly cleaned. The floors were covered in hair and huge dust bunnies. The bathroom, while ensuite and having a very good shower, was constantly wet from people showering and even just using the sink basin. The hostel is huge, and as a result there were constantly large queues to speak to staff, who were also not friendly. There were 4 elevators for the 17 floors but they were usually busy, and on one occasion a cleaning lady had propped on open one my floor with a bag so I couldn't even call another one until she finished cleaning. The location was at one edge of the city, not far from most things, but not as good as the more central Danhostel Copenhagen Downtown.
The biggest and feels like it.
The only good thing was the view. elevators can be tied up for a long time if your on the top floors, as with all HI hostels there are school and tour groups everywhere. Bedsheets are 60kn extra so beware. receptionists are cold and down to business. most people are just passing through and i cant blame them. after a night you will want to change hostels too. i only give this two stars because it's clean and the bathroom isnt shared, at least on my floor.
Ok, but suffers from design flaws
Folding beds which flip up against the wall are fine if you are in a railway carriage, or live in a tiny trendy flat where saving space matters. But this a youth hostel! Beds are the very reason for its existence. It doesn't need to save space, there is nothing else to go in the space left by a folded bed. Yet instead of proper bunks, it has folding ones. People were leaving bags by folded beds, only to find someone had come in later, moved their bags, and folded out the bed. It is tricky to stash stuff on a bed to "claim" it. The metal ladders needed for the top level have thin rungs which are painful on the feet. There is also nowhere for occupants of the top bunk to put their watch or spectacles, or anything else which isn't much use stowed away in the lockers in the ante-room. At least the location isn't too bad, and it's easy to find.
Modern and Central
The location can barely be beaten. My dorm was in the best corner (on HC Andersen Boulevard facing Tivoli) and the view was fantastic. No money needs to be spent on public transport because you are so close to the station and to most of Copenhagen's sights. I got quite a pleasant surprise seeing how nice the dorms were. Very, very modern (the bathroom, although I guess it would be quite crowded when the dorms were full, was excellent, sure there were some hairs in the shower, but remember you're sharing the shower!). My dorm was split into three rooms -- "foyer" with lockers and attached bathroom, plus two bedrooms with four and six beds respectively. For me that was a nice touch. Ok not the best place to meet people (although it's by no means impossible!), and maybe a little pricey (although not in comparison to British hostels, but bring sheets -- it's 60 DKK to hire them!), but it is modern, clean, comfortable, and right in the centre of the beautiful city of Copenhagen!

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