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Warmoesstraat 75, Centrum, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
52.374927, 4.897679 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+31 62 66 74 562
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Awful and awful
The only good thing about this place is the location. That is the only reason for one star. Otherwise, it would get a zero.
Age 36, Srbija
Terrible place
Not clean at all, saw mice in my room for 2 days. Way too expensive.
Jonathan Vazquez
Age 20, American
Horrible, dirty, disgusting, not worth a pence of your money
STAY AWAY!!!! This was by far the most disgusting accommodation I've ever been to. I cannot describe it better than people before me already did. There's mould on the wall, the sheets and blankets aren't clean at all. There's urine on the toilet after the staff cleaned it!!! Don't use the "bathroom" without shoes or if it is not avoidable!!The shower curtain is so dirty and covered in mould that you aren't able to pull it !! But hey if it' was not enough that there was mould and dirt and strange insects on the wall the most terrible fact was that two of our group got bedbugs after sleeping one night in there. Wonderful nice itching red insect bites all over the body that will keep you scratching all day and night!!! Oh and don't forget you'll bring them with you when you come home. There's a lot of work to do after your super relaxing holidays at this hostel by cleaning and washing every singel thing you had with you, and still hoping that these nice funny animals wont breed at your home than! But does thios interest the staff or at least the owner of this hostel? No not at all! They are going to yell at you and tell you you got it from Mc donalds if you dare to complain! Serious don't go there!!!!! They wont have cleaned the rooms after we told them there were bugs! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unreasonable chargement for my cancellation
When I came to Amsterdam central station, I made the ticket reservation first. Unfortunately, there is no seat reservation for my Eurailpass for the day I planed to leave. So I had to change my schedule and left AMS one day earlier. Then I went to the hostel and talked with the staff there. I wanna cancel the reservation for the third night, but the staff told me it was not allowed unless I did that 72hr before or I called them before I arrived at AMS. I still need to pay the bed even I was not there. However, the confirmation letter from Hostel Croydon for my reservation showed that it was allowed to make cancellation 48hr before. But in fact, here even 60hr was "unreasonable" and I still need to pay their "opportunity cost".
Hell on Earth (The Hostel Edition)
1 star is too kind as this place deserves a rating in the negatives. This is, without question, the worst hostel experience I have ever had while on holiday in Europe. I wish to God I would have found reviews of this place before deciding to stay in this toilet. For starters, the staff was rude, dodgy, and far too interested in the injection of hard drugs to be bothered by the needs of guests. We stayed in room #8 after climbing a staircase designed for Olympic athletes that creaked like it was about to collapse at any second. The rooms themselves were utterly disgusting. dark carpet riddled with assorted stains, a bathroom that was flooded with piss, beds that were failing apart, wool sheets that had taken on a "crusty" texture, and a rank smell that makes me upset to my stomach to even think about. The showers made this odd (and loud) ping and "gurgle" sound that never seemed to stop and served as a warning to all those who would dare use it. I had been on the road three days and after I turned the handle on the shower a dark an semi-liquid substance began to slowly ooze out. I am not sure what that was but it sure as hell was not water. Even more comical (although it was not at the time) was the assorted graffiti warning people to get out now. Trust me and heed the advice, get your arse out of here before its too late. Unless you are looking to ruin your holiday DO NOT STAY HERE.
(Australia )
This is the most unbelievably horrible dump you can imagine. Filthy floors, walls, bathroom. Ridiculous, dangerous stairs. Would have been easier to climb a rope to our room. We mistakenly reserved an 8-bed room instead of a 4-bed room. They made us pay for all 8 beds. Woke up with 4 roommates each night, but we were only refunded 40 euros. Rude, unhelpful staff.
It was like faulty towers without the comedy
this place is the most awful place i have ever stayed in. there was graffiti on the wall out of the two rooms we looked at. this one was the best -- the other had no window. there was a hole were the window was. though the TV was not working. it smells to high heaven or hell. even the doors didnt lock or unlock properly. the door handle was almost falling out. the stairs are so steep i actually thought it was built by Paula Radcliffe. and you would probably die from whiplash if there was a fire. we were in room #9. #8 had no window and the carpet was so disgusting i thought about buying asbestos socks just to walk around.
Andrew Booton
  Can it be as bad as all the reviews say? Yes it can. After a weekend stay there I can tick a box next to every bad thing that has been written. Two bits of graffiti stand out. Room 1: "Your silly for trying to sleep in here." Room 5: "Abandon all hope ye who enter here." Enjoy your stay. (It's an experience.)

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