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The Review

Baxpax Mitte Hostel is a great place to stay in Berlin for a cheap price. The beds are comfortable, the rooms are spacious, and the atmosphere is good. It also has a cool art vibe; the hallways and each of the rooms are painted according to a different theme. The Baxpax chain of hostels also has two other locations in Berlin -- Downtown and in Kreuzberg.

The Location

Baxpax Mitte Hostel is located in the convenient and central Berlin district of Mitte (meaning "middle" in German). The hostel is right next to the Naturkundemuseum U-Bahn station, which will basically connect you to wherever you need to go. It is also within walking distance to many of Berlin's main sites and attractions, such as the Brandenburg Gate, Alexanderplatz, and Museum Island, which are all about a thirty-minute walk away. Sites of note that are even closer include the Berlin Wall Memorial, the Neue Synagogue, and the Natural History Museum.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Baxpax Mitte has private rooms as well as four- to twelve-bed dorms, including a four-bed female dorm. The twelve-bed dorms are spacious, with bunk beds lining the walls and a small table and four chairs in the middle of the room. The twelve-bed dorm has a map of Berlin and its districts painted on the ceiling, which gives it a bit of character, though other rooms appear to have much more elaborate art work.

The beds are comfortable and each have their own individual light. Guests must pay a one-off fee for their bed linen and are instructed to make their own beds. Unfortunately, the room is lacking in power points and most guests have to use the multi-plug power strip located next to the door. The room also has medium-sized lockers that are not big enough for larger luggage, but more than spacious enough to keep any valuables. Frustratingly there are only nine lockers in the twelve-bed dorm and not all of these are functional because previous guests in the room have lost their keys.

Both floors of the hostel have separate male and female bathroom blocks. In total there are four female showers and four female toilets. It is not uncommon to have to wait to use the shower, but generally for no more than about ten minutes. The bathrooms are kept nice and clean and the showers have space to get changed and to hang your clothes. The showers themselves aren't great, though -- they are push-button showers without a proper shower head that shoot out a lot of water, which is usually pretty cold at the beginning. The women's fifth-floor showers are quite inconsistent, but the fourth-floor showers are more consistently hot.

Common Spaces

The lounge/common area at this hostel is small, but that is ok, because the close quarters encourage more people to be social and talk to each other. The main lounge area has couch space to sit about ten people and people can also sit and eat at the kitchen bar. On that note, this hostel also has a kitchen, which is quite a rarity in German hostels. The kitchen is small so really only one person/group can use it at a time, but it has all the important stuff, including an oven.

Other common areas include the lobby, which seats about four or five people and a small seating space outside in the hallway of the fifth floor, where guests can sit, charge their electronics and use the Wi-Fi, which is quite patchy in the dorm rooms.


All-in-all, Baxpax Mitte is a great, funky Berlin hostel available at a very reasonable price. Visitors to Berlin will have a hard time finding a better place to stay in the city for such low rates.
by Cat MacGregor Staff Reviewer
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Chausseestrasse 102., Mitte, Berlin, Berlin State, Germany
52.532054, 13.380027 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (30) 2839 0965
+49 (30) 2839 0935
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78% Guest Reviews

Not a bad experience
The staff were friendly and helpful. Bathrooms were clean. The rooms didn't have outlets so it was difficult to charge my phone and the wifi was rather weak in the rooms. However, it had a nice lounge area to hang out, with cheap beer available for purchase.
Age 28, Canada
Awesome hostel
It's really clean but with limited shower and toilet. The room is comfortable and awesome. Plug sockets is limited too.
Age 24, Malaysian
It's good
Very good staff.
Good location
Fairly standard hostel. The rooms feature good power outlets. The location is really nice. It's right outside a U-Bahn station and is two stops from the major Friedrichstraße (which multiple U-Bahn/S-Bahn connections. As well there is a cheap grocery store 200m away. The common area was a little small, but other than that it is a fine hostel.
Age 25, USA
Stay somewhere else
A few problems I encountered at the Baxpax hostel here during my first couple of nights here in Berlin. When I first walked into the dorm room after checking in, I wasn't sure which bed was mine as there were clothes strewn on every bed, so I had to get the reception guy to come in to the room and show me which bed was mine. Later on, as I was getting ready for bed, a Brazilian woman came into the room and told that my bed was actually her bed. I told her reception had actually come into the room to show me which bed was mine, but we went back to reception to sort it out. By this time, a different person was working the desk and when we told her about our situation, she seemed delighted (?!) at our predicament and stated that this was the third day in a row this has occurred! It turns out the Brazilian woman had extended her stay an extra day and the bed was in fact hers and I had to move to a neighbouring room that featured less beds (one of the few positives of my stay there), but not enough lockers for the amount of beds in the room (one of the locks was also broken, rendering us with four secure lockers for eight people). This might seem like a small detail, but I've been the victim of hostel robbery in the past, so it would have been nice to have been able to securely store my stuff in the room and not in the luggage storage by the front desk. I also encountered these other inconveniences during my stay. They don't even serve any kind of breakfast (only coffee), which is usually rare in European hostels. To make a quick local call I still had to pay one euro for less than 4 minutes of talk time. The hostel is also located above a tango studio that blared their music until at least 1 am. The beds are cheap IKEA beds that squeak like hell every time you move a muscle (although this is pretty common in hostels). The lights in the showers are movement-based and on more than one occasion I was plunged into total darkness while taking a shower. I almost had to exit the shower room completely (buck naked) before the motion sensor activated the lights again. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed. For the same kind of money, there are much better hostels in Berlin with better services.
Bland and Expensive
Was charged much more than the prices online, even though the internet booking system was down. Very bland and commercial place.
This place was very clean, nice people who worked there, and very understanding about last minute people coming in late. No complaints other than people's alarm clocks going off early in the morning, but it's understandable if people have to make train times.
  Walking distance from/to the main train station and well priced. The 32 person room though is a little much if you're not used to hostels. All night you listen to people snoring and snogging. The bathroom for that room is only a one shower, one toilet, and one sink bathroom, for the guys anyway.

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