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117 Pembroke Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
43.660404, -79.372881 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+1 (416) 925-8456
+1 (416) 925-3019
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  Pros -- cheap, close to downtown. Cons -- serious hygiene issues, insects and mice running around, one girl had insect bites all over her body. unhelpful staff -- when the girl complained that she had insect bites all over, his response was, "so do I. it's ok." No, it's not ok! Pretty old and rundown place. There are better bargains around the nearby areas.
  The Downtowner Inn was completely opposite from the info they posted -- rooms are with very old furniture, there was no sign of air condition, ventilation in bathroom was broken, and toilet/bathroom dirty (at the time we came in) and extremely small. I booked twin bedroom private en-suite and I was shocked with how disheveled it is. In addition, the receptionist did not know a thing about Toronto or driving directions to anywhere in and around the city. If you add broken curtains, bare toast bread (they name it continental breakfast), and lack of comforters/blankets as well as lack of clean sheets/linen, the overall experience is extremely poor.
  This stay is located in the Garden District, Toronto. It is a very nice place and is one of the cheapest stays in Downtown Toronto. One pointer though, Do not drive down the street the wrong way as the police will pull you over for it (as this happened with one of our companions). U-turns, however, are acceptable. The atmosphere of this place is pretty decent, especially considering its downtown. The Downtowner is just north of the lovely St. Lawrence, Toronto neighborhood. The perks include cleanliness, fresh towels, and a good WiFi signal in the upstairs kitchen/computer room lounge. There are, however, squirrels or raccoons in the attic who wrestle each other right above the computer room. Another thing to be aware of is that it is impossible to get out of your room without a key. This can be a problem as most people are used to being able to unlock doors from the inside without a key. Overall, I feel the Downtowner is a great place for anyone looking to experience Toronto!
  The downtowner was a real bargain of a stay. I shared a double room with a mate (two single beds) shower and toilet all clean and tidy. also a tv with a few channels. wireless internet free (some of the top toronto hotels had nothing or charged). The staff were perfectly pleasant. about ten minutes' walk from the eaton centre or five minutes' walk to the nearest Harveys burger Joint or beer store. It's right opposite a really nice park and giant green house -- if you get a spare hour i recommend it. we had a great stay here although if you're hiring a car check out the parking with them. we got a ticket for parking outside. the cops are really keen round there. By the way there is a car hire just the other side of the park. I had a great time in Toronto.
Gareth from wales
  This is the cheapest option we could find in downtown Toronto. We paid eighteen dollars per night. I stayed at this hostel in a six-bed, mixed dorm for three nights in June. This hostel is in a very bad and poor neighbourhood. It is very easy to find by car. You don't want to walk around that place at night. They have some parking spaces but they were full when we stayed there. However there are a lot of parking places in the area. We paid six dollars for parking at night about a block further. They were painting the outside of the hostel while we were there. The floors and our room were not very clean. We had our washroom with the room. The washroom was unclean but not totally dirty. Linen and towels were provided and were clean. Beds were confortable. There was a noisy air-conditioning in the room, wich was appreciated because it was very hot during my stay. There is a common area of two tables with about ten chairs. There are three computers with free and fast internet. There is a mini fridge in the kitchen and a microwave. There is a toaster. Breakfast was white bread with marmelade of strawberry jam and coffee.
  This place is cheap and nasty. It is seriously unclean. We had a mouse in our room that raided our garbage every night. The toilet was obviously not cleaned since the last people used it. The hallway and stairs are grotty. We came here from Europe, and therefore have developed quite low standards in the last few months, so the filth didn't bother us too much. I travel with antibacterial toilet cleaning wipes so I gave the bathroom a clean and just got over it, but by Canadian standards this place is a serious dive. We were still happy to be there but I think our judgment was clouded by the fact that it took us two days to get to Toronto due to our plane making a very scary emergency landing!! And because unfortunately we have stayed in worse! We were also happy to have our own room for the first time in three weeks... but the toilet was really filthy. Downtowner Inn, you need a serious spring clean and a new housekeeper.
Tesh and Ben

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