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Absalonsgade 8, Copenhagen (København), Denmark
55.671770, 12.553169 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+45 33 31 20 70
+45 33 55 00 85
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It's an expensive place with very low quality almost industrial level of accommodation. The location is ok, but anyway overrated.
Age 31, Belgium
I have stayed in hostels a lot but I have never been quite so horrified by a hostel as by this one. There were no locks on the doors to the rooms (which I have seen before) but there were also no lockers to leave your stuff in. As I was only there for one evening before leaving Copenhagen, I chose to spend it in the room rather than cart my things around the city or risk leaving it in the room. There was an unacceptable amount of talking and yelling right outside the window late at night but it was too warm to sleep with the window closed. The most worrying thing was the top bunk I slept in, which had no bars of any kind to stop you from rolling out, and the matress also tilted down away from the wall, so that you automatically rolled to that edge of the bed. You couldn't pay me to stay in this hostel again, let alone pay for the experience.
Worst one I've ever stayed in
I can only concur with the review above, this is the worst hostel in Cph. Not only do they wake you up, you have to leave your bunk at ten because of there's a cleaning curfew at that time. We went there a couple of years ago and I haven't been back since. First night we returned at the hostel after some serious clubbing at about 08.00 in the morning, I can tell you that being thrown out at 10 wasn't all that amusing. Stay away, this is a sh*tty sh*tty place.
Fair price, good, local
Lots of young folks, but not really rowdy. I had a room with 5 other people and my only real complaint would be the beds made loud wines if you moved at all. Everyone was very nice though and helped me whenever I needed it. If you are on the cheap this is a pretty good place.
I stayed in a dorm room (about ten beds?). Room is quite basic. There are some large lockers outside my room and I was lucky I got one, but seems like there might not be enough for everyone. Rooms are not locked though. Guy showers are downstairs and they do have shower curtains on three of the four stalls. However, the ones with shower curtains are really small so I ended up using the one without (I was able to go at a time when no one else uses the showers). Location is not bad though, and staff was friendly.
City Public Hostel is a hostel that most travellers are best off avoiding. Apart from a complete lack of security, it has several unappealing qualities. In particular, the beds are so bad they should not be allowed by the Danish government! The beds are all narrow, squeaky, rickety bunks made of wood and something that looks like the predecessor to springs for a base. The "springs" are covered with a piece of thin and broken particle board and a thin layer of soft foam. The beds are partitioned from each other with more cracked pieces of thin particle board. The beds look like they came from an army camp in WWII and the particle board decor is reminiscent of sleeping in a cardboard box, which incidentally might be a better option than staying in this hostel. There is no linen provided, but you get a blanket and a mattress protector. It is amusing to watch that the first thing everyone does when they walk in the dorm is shake their bunk and see if it's stable. But seriously, it's a shame that the bedrooms are uninhabitable because the rest of the hostel is quite cool. There are several common areas, a kitchen you can use for lunch and dinner, internet, BBQs with free coals, and a lovely courtyard to eat it in. The staff are nice enough and the location can't be beaten. The showers leave a bit to be desired. They have no walls or doors. The toilets could use some serious renovating too, even if it's only to get rid of the graffiti slagging off the hostel beds on the back of the door! If you need a bit of rest and relaxation this is not the place. Firstly, the rooms are big and noisy -– especially with the screeching of the beds. But worse than this is the "wake up calls" every ½ hour starting at 8am to remind you to get your breakfast. They get on the loud speaker and wake everyone up at 8am, but not everyone is even having breakfast because it costs extra. Then the people that think the wake up call means they don't have to be quiet anymore start calling their mums and noisily packing their bags and talking. If you somehow managed to still be asleep you might wake up to the 9.30 reminder that everyone has to get out of bed before 10am and let reception know if they are leaving or staying another night. Or maybe the 9.50 reminder will get you up. Or if you miss that one too, never fear you have no hope of missing the guy who comes around at 10am to make sure those people still in bed are suitably disturbed. Basically you can't ever sleep past 10am in this place because they only let you pay one night at a time and you must re-check in by 10am. So if you are jet lagged or need a decent sleep after too many night trains this is not the place for you.
Tessha Mearing

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