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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Greci" at Borgo dei Greci 13.)


Borgo dei Greci 13, Florence (Firenze), Tuscany, Italy
43.769096, 11.259146 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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349 3600709
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Worst hostel -- rude owner and lack of security
This is absolutely THE WORST hostel we have ever stayed in. The owner is one of the rudest women we have ever come across, shouting that we had 'disrespected' her and her hostel due to our late arrival (despite us having notified her a day prior, as soon as we were aware of issues with our train-line). She made us feel intimidated, was entirely inflexible in comparison to other hostels we had visited and seemed very much set in her ways ... she also seemed to intimidate her receptionist who attempted to act as a mediator whilst we were being shouted at. The hostel felt unsafe and we were not told about the reception times. The rules of the hostel were placed on every wall, and made the hostel feel unfriendly. we felt we were unable to approach anyone had we had any problems or queries. Overall, I would definitely not recommend this hostel to anyone.
NIce Hostel
Our stay at Hostel Greci was absolutely marvelous. The location is incredible, the staff was amazingly helpful and kind and the accommodations were incredibly quaint and beyond our expectations. We had two adorable rooms on the same floor, each with their own bathrooms, so it was as if we had rented a private apartment for our stay. I cannot say enough good things about this hostel. Absolutely book it for your next trip to Florence!
Hostel Greci is a different hostel in the very center of Florence, close to many important points in Florence, like the Uffizi Gallery, the Ponte Vecchio, and the cathedrals. The Location Despite the central location, the hostel is not so easy to find. It takes around twenty minutes' walk from the central station, and when you reach the street, no plaques indicate the hostel. Only a small button on the intercom shows that is the right place. Nevertheless, the hostel is spread through a few buildings, and you find out your final destination after checking in at the main address. Rooms and Bathrooms Many different types of rooms are available, from double to seven-bedded. The quality of the mattresses is something to be improved, because in many beds people sank. Pillows are good, though. Heating is not very efficient, but the blankets keep one warm enough at night. Lockers are not available in every room. It is possible to close the windows and get the room really dark, so you don't wake up very early with the light. The toilets are new, and the warm water is good for a shower. There is enough space for everything -- a place to hang the towel, put shampoos and soaps, and hangers for the clothes. Soaps and towels are not available. Common Spaces There are several common spaces, like a living room with sofas and TV. As the hostel is not entirely in one building, the free Wi-Fi signal may be very weak in the other buildings, requiring some juggling with the computer, and therefore the connection is slow. But you are also invited to the reception in case the connection is not good enough. Other than that, the city is all around, so not many people gather in the hostel, as there's so much to do outside. There is a kitchen with fridge and a stove for cooking something easy. Don't expect much from this, it's best to try typical Italian food somewhere nearby. Summary The hostel is difficult to find the first time, but from that point its location becomes ideal, as everything in Florence is reachable by walking from that point. The beds are not in good shape, but if you sleep easily, this problem will be easily forgotten because of the location.
Vinicius Tragante

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