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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Nomads Capital Backpackers - Wellington" at 118-120 Wakefield Street.)


118-120 Wakefield Street, Wellington, New Zealand
-41.289710, 174.776830 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+644 9787800
+64 4 978 7810
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Ok but not great
I booked this hostel for one night and i think that's enough. My 6 bedded room was small and really loud at night (window to backyard). But i think that was only because of the beer pong that night until 1 am. They provide complimentary dinner and breakfast (pancakes). I missed the dinner and the pans for the pancakes (which are more european style ... crepés) are really bad. there was like one or two coated pans you could use. If you dont want to wait get up early because theres always a long line (after all it's free!) On my check-in the staff wasnt really nice. Seems like she was in a hurry. On Check-out however the other girl was pretty nice. The location itself is really good. The i site is just a short walk away. Theres also a car park nearby. (Parking in wellington isn't that cheap!)
Age 25, Austria
Great location, good facilities
Very convenient for my stay in Wellington -- close to iSite, Te Papa the City Gallery, Cuba street. Little coupons to restaurant next door were a nice touch.
No refund after you've paid
As many backpackers know, your schedule can change from day to day. Nomad in Wellington takes advantage of this by not offering refunds after you've paid, no matter how much notice you give. This this a very sketchy business practice and I will never book with a Nomad hostels again. I guess this is how they pay for the "free" tea and coffee.
Clean, party friendly and excellent location!!!
It's located right at the city center, just a few minutes walk from the awesomeness that is the Te Papa museum (a real must) and just a short stroll away from most shops, cafes and restaurants your little heart can desire! It is cleaned regularly, and the rooms are nice and minimalist, while the hostel itself has its own vibe; it's a cool place to stay at for a few nights.
Age 27, Mexico
Great staff and location
Great location and staff were really good and knowledgeable. Beds, while comfortable, werent the best built and moved making a lot of noise whenever someone moved in their sleep. The two different showers I used during my stay both had drainage issues slowly filling the shower up with water.
Age 28, UK
Nomads Capital Backpackers Wellington is a refreshing departure from your run-of-the mill hostel. Mix one-third cool café, one-third B&B, and one-third college dorm and you have this hostel. Clean and comfortable with a great location, Nomad’s is a good place to choose for your stay in Wellington. The Location If you're armed with a map, you'll have no trouble finding this hostel upon a first visit to Wellington, even though the sign is kind of small. The airport shuttle usually stops only a few blocks away. Furthermore, the hostel is a nice walk to the waterfront, the Te Papa museum, and many yummy cafes and restaurants nearby. Plus, there are some cool shops nearby the shop that are worth a browse. When we did end up taking the bus, we were able to get another map from the hostel staff, who also were able to point us to nearby bus stops. Rooms and Bathrooms The double room offers a bunk bed and enough space to do yoga if you wanted to. The outlets are activated by your room key card -- no wasting electricity at this joint! The rooms are plainly decorated, although the colored walls and large windows do make it feel a little more like a college dorm/home rather than a naked, transient hostel. You can even change the temperature of your room, but be warned -- the vent is right next to the top bunk and if your roommate does not want to be overwhelmed by heat, you’d better have extra blankets on the lower bunk. The bathroom feels awkward and small, although it is definitely a plus to have your own rather than a communal one. Common Spaces When you enter Nomads, you’ll immediately see the computers, hostess desk, and noticeboards with information about Wellington. Be sure to grab the list of “100 things to do in Wellington.” While we were there, there weren’t many people around but we left rather early. Still, the staff are extremely hospitable and could answer all our questions. Summary A brief stay at this hostel leaves a lasting impression that sets a bar for other hostels. It's clean and comfortable, so you spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the city of Wellington. Nomads is definitely worth it.
Lonyae Thomas
Nice new Hostel
It was nice staying there even if I thought it was a bit expensive. The rooms were so nice and new, the building itself is really nice and in the centre of town, only the common area and the kitchen are a bit small and could be cleaner. But we had a really nice time there!
Nomads Capital is quite centrally located close to the waterfront, the Wellington Information Center and the famous Te Papa museum. It is located approximately ten minutes' walk from the Wellington Railway and Bus station. Be warned, however, that it can be difficult to spot. The only sign of the hostel is a small doorway with "Nomads Capital" above the door. From the Railway Station (also the long-distance bus station), upon exiting the front door, turn left and then continue until you reach Customhouse Quay. Turn right and continue along Customhouse until Victoria Street, and turn left onto Victoria. Keep an eye out as you walk along Victoria, as the road will split with Wakefield on your left. Take Wakefield and walk along the right hand side of the road. From here, continue along the sidewalk until you see the doorway that says "Nomads Capital." The hostel appears to be brand new, and the living areas smell slightly of a new carpet and paint aroma. Everything is in immaculate shape, and the bathrooms are very clean and new. The kitchen, dining area, and adjacent commons area are all very well-stocked and modern-looking. They do have a DVD library available at reception (which is open twenty-four hours). During the day, the common areas and reception are pretty quiet. But at night it really picks up and there are lots of people around. It helps that there is a bar directly adjacent to the hostel, so you can come and go as you please. The big-screen LCD television is also a bonus. This hostel also has six computers that are internet-ready, but they are right in the reception area, so they aren't very private. Laundry machines are available in-house. The accommodation itself is also very good. The ceilings are high and the bunks are tall as well, so it's less likely you'd hit your head while on the bottom bunk. Bunks do not have individual lights. Each set of bunks has a nightstand, but it is so small that it's probably not good for much more than an alarm clock. Each bunk has a small lockable compartment, big enough for a small rucksack or large purse, but certainly not big enough for a backpack. There is about a foot of towel bar for everyone and a hook on the wall each. The Nomads Capital is a slick hostel that is very new and modern. The reception staff are helpful and cheerful, even in the wee hours of the morning. Best yet, the location is great.
Julia Cox

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