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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Citadel Youth Hostel" at St. Marks 20, Jaffa Gate.)


St. Marks 20, Jaffa Gate, Old City, Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel
31.776611, 35.229812 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+972 2 628 4494
+972 2 628 5253
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77% Guest Reviews

A one off!
Can't make better -- sleeping on rooftop in heart of old city for few euros, and decor interior like top Moroccan place. unmissable cool!
Age 53, United Kingdom
Best of jerusalem hostels
a fantastic pick for travelers who are looking for an authentic experience. location is amazing, atmosphere is fun and cozy, and you will have great information of how to go around the country.
Age 36, canada
Stayed at the hostel on the night between April 26-27, 2014. The reception clerk said that they take only cash (nowhere on the website this is indicated. I arrived late. What would have happened if I didn't have any cash?). Gave his 100 NIS for sleeping on the roof (69 NIS). He did not have change for me and said that he will have some in the morning. In the morning he still didn't have change and suggested that I will wait for two hours until his shift is over, maybe the other clerk will have change. He did not suggest any other solutions and it seemed reasonable for him that he had no change and that I should wait. He refused to give me his manager's name or his own name saying that "we are not allowed." I came back two hours later. The new clerk gave me the night clerk's name and the manager's name. She also had a bag full of change. No apology from her. She gave me the silly explanation that "this is a small hotel so sometimes we don't have change."
Age 50, Israel
Great location
Location fantastic if you want feel heart Old Town Jerusalem. People in reception very helpful and nice, beautiful view on the roof but little dirty -- especially bedding. Near Citadel Hostel on Mark St. very good and cheap falafel, shoarma, and very good tea -- very clean and nice place.
Age 38, Poland
Excellent location and romantic roof terrace
My girl friend and I decided to visit Jerusalem as part of our journey to Jordan. We chose the Citadel Y.H. as our second option but it turned out to be all we ever wanted and more than we could have expected. The location is just fantastic with a 10 minute walk from the City Hall tram stop. The facilities offer no real luxury but you will get access to a roof top terrace with fantastic views. We got room no. 12 which has access to its own little roof top terrace from which we enjoyed the staggering views of many world class religious sights and Jerusalem roof tops.
Age 30, Danish
The cheapest hostel in the city, but it's not worth the price they ask
Dorms cost 15€ per night, which is not cheap considered everything -- no keys in the rooms, no breakfast, horrible coffee from the coin coffee machines, cats entering the hostel from the roof and peeing in the rooms (it happened to a couple while I was staying there), wifi only in the hall, not safe at all. The perfect price for this place it would be 5/8€ per night in dorms and 2/3€ in roof (mattresses in the ground with no place to put your stuff). It's not true that you feel observed by arabs (arabs managing this hostel are the best thing actually, even if they should manage it more as arabs and less as hebrews). The staff is quite friendly, they help you with everything and they speak many languages. The hostel is quite clean and central (very well located in the centre of the old city, near Jaffa Gate). Something that I didn't like is that they ask people to work there as volunteers, in exchange of a free bed, but they make them work for many hours (15€ per night would be like 2-3 hours of not well paid work, but they work sometimes for like 8-10 hours) and they give them very uncomfortable duties (like changing the sheets after the cat has peed). I felt like if they were taking advantage from the volunteers.
Age 30, Italy
  If you have a girlfriend or you are a woman you will feel observed in this place. Arabs manage this hotel and they will surveil your every move. When a woman walks in this place, they immediately (as most arabs) assume you are a whore and that you belong to them. They will harass you to the end, and if you have a boyfriend or meet a guy in there they will kick you both out.
Cosy and friendly
staying in a historic old building -- above the sukh like people did since hundreds of years -- was absolutely stunning. I am glad we did not choose a purpose-built hotel or bigger place for when else would you get the chance of really experience life in one of the old historic buildings? everything is narrow and crooked yet so cosy and comfortable with little lounges + cushions everywhere. we slept on the rooftop and the view, the sounds from the market, the muezzin and the churchbells -- all these really made our stay in jerusalem. we did not feel like visitors but rather like we wer part of it all. the friendly staff, the uncomplicated handling when once it rained and we had to be shifted inside ... all very, very friendly. the kitchen could have more cups but it is great and free tea and coffee all throughout the day. My favourite -- the little grey cat (we called her "dusty) on the rooftop -- travellers love her, she's really a loveable little darling. say hi to her, when you see her!

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