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The Review

Mandala Hostel is a well-run, cozy, warm hostel that offers a quiet, clean place to rest and meet fellow travelers. The hostel was clearly once a private residence turned into a hostel that is in a building that is still private homes, so there is a strict no-noise policy at night. If you are looking for a party hostel keep looking or just head out with the staff or other guests.

The Location

The hostel is on a quiet street about ten minutes' walking to the covered market and river. There is a metro stop less than five minutes away that connects to the western train station. There are ruin bars within walking distance and many others are a few stops away on the tram. There are some lovely cafés one minute away and there are two grocery stores at the end of the street. The ubiquitous pizza and kebab shops are close by as well.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The hostel has two rooms, which have been turned into the dorm rooms. Instead of putting up walls and making small rooms, the hostel has built two additional loft platforms in each room with two single beds that can be suitable for couples or good friends. The single beds on the ground have hanging screens for privacy. There are plenty of lockers to use -- bring a lock or buy one. The beds all have small shelves with a reading light and power plugs.

The hostel has three bathrooms -- two are very large and have a toilet and big shower, and there is one little toilet that, oddly, is basically to one side of the kitchen. There are plenty of hooks to hang towels and clothes and the showers have soap dishes for toiletries. Staff do a very thorough daily cleaning of the hostel and bathrooms.

Common Spaces

The hostel is pretty much two dorm rooms and a kitchen, so it doesn't have much in the way of common areas. There is a big L-shaped couch in one of the dorm rooms, so you can watch people in the room sleep in or serenade them on the guitar. There are a few chairs and a small table outside on a balcony in the interior of the building that smokers can use. In the entry hall, there is a nice-sized book exchange, tour information, and many promo cards with discounts at various restaurants.

There is a small, well-stocked kitchen with plenty of cooking and eating utensils, as well as a free shelf and tea and coffee all day for guests. The kitchen has a two tables where guests can eat. Free Wi-Fi is available for guests to use and is strong everywhere in the hostel.


Mandala Hostel is a homey oasis in a busy city that is run by enthusiastic, helpful staff that do everything they can to ensure you have a comfortable stay in Budapest.
by Grace Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Mandala Hostel" at Krúdy Gyula Street 12, first floor, number 7.)


Krúdy Gyula Street 12, first floor, number 7, Budapest, Hungary
47.490564, 19.069027 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+36 1 799 15 30
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92% Guest Reviews

Only the location is nice
Nice location. but almost all the staff are very rude and arrogant. The only really helpful, kind, and professional one is John. Very dirty place. Beautiful pet, but they never clean the sofa. Somebody stole my sweater. Be careful. They don't leave a receipt for the payment. They should pay the taxes! Wifi really bad. Budapest is full of hostels better than Mandala Hostel.
Age 26, Spain
Feels like home
Arrived there around 1am and still got such a warm welcome from them. Despite looking tired, they still take some time explaining everything to me and even prepared me some coffee. This place really feels like home and everyone who stayed there ended up bonding really fast. One of my favorite hostel in Europe.
Cheap and central location. Good for solo travelers, with good vibe.
Pros -- 10/12 EUR a night is cheap in Budapest. The location is really central, with the hostel located in an apartment complex with high ceilings and lovely big windows. I met a lot of great people in the hostel, that made my stay as a solo traveler really fun. I ended up staying one week and two days. It's nice that the beds are not bunks. Cons -- For the 6 Bed/S Mixed With Private Bathroom, in reality its not a private bathroom, as other guests are using it as well. The floor and the stairs up to the beds closer to the roof creaks like hell when other guests going up and down. The privacy is a bit limited, as there are sofas and social areas in the same rooms as the beds. The showers and shower curtains are poorly maintained and quite dirty. For people allergic to cats and dogs, be aware, as there is one dog, and two cats in the apartment. In the evening for bedtime, they remove the animals from the hostel premises.
Age 36, Norway
I'm in love with Mandala
Yo what can I say. Hands down best place to stay in the central side of Europe. Facilities are phenomenal, I felt like it was my bar mitzvah everyday while I was there, and I'm not even Jewish. Beds felt like little clouds and were an immense relief for my aching backpacker's back. Washrooms were so fresh and oh so clean, with steamy water flowing seamlessly for centuries. Location was immense -- 5 minutes from liquor/supermarket/Hungarianfood/tobacco/tram/metro, and you can walk to the ruin bars/clubs without breaking a sweat. The staff. Jesus the staff. Shout out to Furi, keeping the premises functioning immaculately everyday, while still taking us to the hottest spots in Budapest. Stay here and you won't regret. I'm down with the Mandala Clique. Love from Vancouver. I will be back someday.
Age 20, Canada
Best hostel ever
Never felt so welcome at a hostel! Really it is like a little family. A must-stay in Budapest!
Alexandra Duval
An all around very enjoyable stay.
Friendly, fun, and helpful staff. Very social yet laid-back atmosphere. Clean facilities. Rooms are large and don't offer a lot of privacy, but I felt so comfortable with the other guests that this wasn't a problem.
Age 25, USA
Felt like staying in an apartment with friends
The first impression was perhaps not the best, but that lasted only for five minutes. It's like moving in with a bunch of friends for a while! It's clean and comfortable. I once sat outside the entrance listening to a neighbor practicing the cello, which came to be one of the most magical and beautiful memories of Budapest! Friendly and helpful staff. All good!
Exactly what a hostel should be
I stayed by myself in Budapest for five days, everyone at the hostel was very helpful especially as I had just started traveling alone. The atmosphere is a great mix of chilled and social, Highly recommended!

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