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362 Momijicho Higashinakasuji Shomen-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan
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Traditional Rooms were fantastic
We originally reserved the three bed room. The front desk showed us our room (bunk beds + one extra bed) and then the traditional room with the three futons. We upgraded for the extra space even though we had apprehensions over the traditional futon beds. The beds turned out to be very comfortable (better than some of the western style beds I have slept in) and having our own bathroom in our room was wonderful. The futons easily fold up to become a chair, freeing up more space in the room. There was even a TV in our room. It was our only chance to watch Japanese TV. We watched it in the morning as we were getting ready. The hostel is a quick walk from the JR station which is a bonus and there are lots of stores around. I felt very safe walking around at night.
Age 32, Canada
We were completely impressed by Tour Club. The staff were friendly, everything was clean, and it had a great social atmosphere. It was only a very short walk to the "good" side of Kyoto station and the main bus stops. I would definitely stay there again!
The Location Tour Club Kyoto is located very close to Kyoto Train Station. It is an easy, ten-minute walk if you print out the directions and follow them -- if you do not pay attention, you might walk by since the street on which it is located is a very small side street with not much traffic. This makes it great for a good night of sleep, since there is no traffic noise. Besides to being very close to the train station you have a supermarket, a 100-yen shop, the central post office, plenty of places to eat, and a few temples and shrines around that you can walk to. And several bus routes go around the corner of the hostel making it very convenient. Rooms and Bathrooms The hostel provides with rooms with four to six beds. The rooms do not have lockers or a key for the room itself, but it is safe. There is a curfew at 11 p.m., and the doors are locked at that time, so you should be back by then. The mattresses are very thin but comfortable and they have feather duvets so they are really warm. The room also has an air conditioner for summer that works as a heater as well during the wintertime. The place only has two toilets and two showers so the showers can be a bit crowded around 7 p.m., when everyone is trying to get on, but there hostel is small so it is about enough. Common Spaces There is a kitchen, a TV room (Japanese style with tatami mats), DVDs, and a library, and there are a also couple of computers at the reception area. They provide free sake every evening. As well as the dorms, these common rooms are closed at 11 p.m., so the hostel is very quiet -- perfect for resting after a long day. Summary The hostel offers a homey feeling and is a small place, very clean and tidy. They have a very nice zen garden in the hallway on the way to the dorm. There is a policy that no shoes are allowed inside -- they provide slippers in case you do not have your own. If you want more independence with no curfew, you can book for a private room -- in those, you are able to come back anytime you want. They have a luggage storage in case you arrive before check-in time and also a coin-operated laundry, plus free coffee and tea.
  I find that this hostel is very excellent and the service and cleaniness is wonderful. You can't imagine that you can find such a wonderful and cheap place to stay in Japan, which is an expensive country. But, some of the staff members are not very friendly. Fortunately, only some, others are very helpful and nice and friendly. I highly recommend my web friends to stay.

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