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Near Termini
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Pop Inn Hostel Reviews

One of the best things about the Pop Inn hostel is the location. It's directly opposite Termini, the hub for getting around Rome. If you don't have a car (and you'd have to be pretty nuts to want to drive around Rome or anyway) then to get around you either walk or take the buses or Metro which all leave from Termini. However, being opposite the Termini does mean there is a fair amount of noise during the night especially if you have a room facing the road, so if you have trouble sleeping with noise bring ear plugs in the summer when it is way too hot to close the shutters!

The Pop Inn is very clean, they even provide you with sheets and make the beds every day. The bathrooms are new and kept very clean. The showers are great, although more bathrooms would be handy. The common room is very small, but it does have a reasonable library of tourist-type books and two computers that you can use for free internet. The atmosphere is reasonably social, particularly around reception and the common room, but it is nice and quiet in the dorm room areas (apart from the continual traffic and outside noise if you have the shutters open).

There is a big sign outside, so you won't have any problems finding the place, use the buzzer at the door, then head up to reception on the second floor. The staff have to buzz you in to the main door downstairs and you also have to get them to open the doors for the individual floors every time you come in, but this is a good thing for security and there is someone there 24 hours so it isn't a problem.

Breakfast is included. It's a croissant and drink from a cafe just down the street, not a big meal but very nice, if you can handle sweet stuff for breakfast go for the chocolate croissant, it is filled to the brim with chocolate and very tasty!
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer

Not worth it

This place had bed bugs and the bathrooms smelled horribly. There is also only one bathroom per floor and it was always occupied. No wifi in the rooms and breakfast is tiny.

Age 22 | USA

Pop Inn Hostel is located right by the train/bus station!

The Location

The hostel is located about a two-minute walk from the train station and bus station and it is very easy to find. There are lots of restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and shops nearby and the Colosseum is about a twenty-minute walk away. There is also a metro station in the train station and getting around by metro is very easy and the city is well connected by the metro. Even though the hostel is located on a busy street, it is still pretty quiet at night and there is a twenty-four-hour reception and guests must be buzzed in to enter, so safety is not a big concern. Also, there is parking nearby.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are a variety of room types ranging from privates to dorms. The rooms could definitely be cleaner. The bathrooms are also dirty and smell of a horrible mixture of mildew and pee. Also, there is only one toilet and shower per floor, so it is always busy and difficult to find a time when it is not being used by someone. It is possible to go to another floor to try to use their bathroom, but still it is difficult to find a time when it is not in use. Also there are no outlets in the bathroom, so if you wanted to do your hair, forget about it. Some of the rooms do have sinks and mirrors in them and some of the rooms also have a table and chairs.

The rooms also have lockers in them. To get to the rooms you have to pass through two locked doors (plus be buzzed in by hostel staff), so it seems to be a safe place once inside. The rooms also have a fan in them, which is great to use when it is hot.

Common Spaces

There is one large common area in front of the reception area; here you'll find a computer with internet access. There is also free Wi-Fi, but it is only available in the common area and is not accessible in the rooms. There is also a TV, some tables and chairs, a book exchange, free city maps, and a pool table. Typically the common area has lots of people in it so it is a good place to meet new people. The overall atmosphere of the hostel is pretty relaxed and laid back.


Overall, this hostel has a good atmosphere and it is possible to meet people. It is also right by the train station, but it is not the cleanest.


Rooms fine, bathrooms dirty

The staff was friendly and helpful, especially when one night we accidentally left our key in our room. The rooms were clean and supplied with make-shift lockers, but the bathroom was dirty and always wet, I was nervous to touch the walls since they looked like they've never been wiped down! The decorations are a little cheesy ... Mickey mouse?? Otherwise, it's in a great location by Termini station so you can take a metro or bus anywhere.


Near the station

This hostel is really near the Termini Station and has a fine market in front of it. But the bathrooms are shared among four rooms (about twenty people) and the neighborhood isn't so good to see.


Needs sorting out

I stayed here recently for three nights and it really was very poorly run. A lot of people share one bathroom. There was only one bathroom in the whole hostel with hot water. The toilet on our floor did not work though staff insisted it did, though it clearly didn't. The sinks in most bathrooms were cracked. The "cheap" laundry down the road is very expensive and the men in there are rude. The room we were staying in was very hot and the fan on the ceiling did not go fast enough to have any effect. When we saw other rooms were been given standing fans and we asked for one the staff refused as we already had a fan in our room. The rooms are also very noisy. Only good point is that it is right next to the station.


Great location, clean

I really liked this hostel. We were only there for one night, but the staff was really friendly and the place was clean. The give you a voucher for breakfast just down the street, which is nice.


As a grad schooler trying to see Rome on a budget, I decided to give hosteling a try. I was a bit nervous, but even before I got there, the staff was excellent, answering all my questions and concerns right away. The hostel was clean and conveniently located. The staff, for the most part, was friendly and knowledgeable (except for the night guy who didn't really know what was going on and was pretty unaccommodating). And I made friends there to go exploring Rome with -- probably wouldn't have happened had I stayed in a hotel. Granted, it's the one and only hostel I've stayed at, but I recommend it.

United States

I stayed here twice when I was going to school in Italy. The first time they screwed up our bills and charged me too much and when I tried to reason with them they wouldn't listen. The staff was completely rude. Also my room was disgusting and dirty. There was a pizza box in there that had been left my others that must have been there for a week. The shower wouldn't work properly either. After I was done school I had to get back to Rome to fly home and I decided to give them another chance because they were so close to Termini and I was getting into Rome late and leaving again early. This time it was worse. It was so loud, but that's the least of it. The bathrooms were disgusting. I tried to shower at the one on my floor at 4 a.m. and it was still clogged with water from the day before, so it was like walking into a dirty lake. You could tell the bathroom hadn't been cleaned in forever. Then I went to another floor and tried to use their shower (which was the same one I used last time I was here) and it was still broken, but it managed to dribble out a bit that I could have a cold shower. I would never make the mistake of going here again. I work at a low-rate hotel and know that sometimes there are bad stays, but possible they can be better on another try, but that's not the case for the Pop Inn. It failed both rounds.


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Pop Inn Hostel Reviews from the Web

Liked: The staff was a very helpful and friendless. The rooms are very clean. The hostel has got a desktop computer and cattle and we can use this. Disliked: The rooms haven't got air conditioner and wifi is connecting only reception.
sezer kula
Liked: Easy to get to from the train station, especially when coming from the airport. Disliked: No wifi in rooms, 1 bathroom shared with many guests, toilet and shower in one room, unclean. Hot rooms, slow fan, no air conditioning.
Customer review
Liked: Really good location, nice staff. Disliked: No wi-fi in the rooms, loud doors, dirty bathroom, breakfast is a little snack from a vending machine, no kitchen area.
Katariina Vainio

The location can't be beat for a traveler. The staff is wonderful - attentive, kind, and helpful.

Customer review
Liked: Excellent location right next to Termini train Station. Breakfast included. Disliked: The bathroom was a little dirty.

Wi-fi not available in the rooms.

Customer review
Liked: The location is perfect just at Termini door and the staff is friendly. I liked it. Disliked: Catarina left no negative feedback.
Catarina Baptista
Liked: The location is convenient: right across the street from the side exit of the station. Disliked: I got bitten by bedbugs! Immediately after dropping my stuff off in the bedroom I was assigned, I got these red itchy spots between my fingers and on my wrists. As soon as I got into the room I sat on the mattress to check out how hard/soft the matress was. I pressed the mattress to see if it had springs in it or what. As soon as I walk out the hostel door I notice all these red spots with a little lesion in the middle of each, just like when you get bitten by something. The back of my legs were also itchy! I would never recommend this to anyone. The money you save you end up spending on medicine and doctors. NOT worth it. I still have spots between my fingers. It'll take a while before they're gone.
Liked: The Location Disliked: No Wifi, limited toilets & no kitchen or even a fridge
Customer review
Liked: Good location right next to the train station, helpful staff. Disliked: Thomas left no negative feedback.
Thomas Walsh
Liked: very good lokation, easy to get to. Nice rooms and friendly people Disliked: Doors were loud
Customer review
Liked: The staff is very helpful specially the guy in the mornings. Thanks to his directions we could know all the main attractions in a few days. The hostel is definetaly recomendable Disliked: The elevator is really old
María Isabel Esquetini guerrero
Liked: location Disliked: only 3 showers and toilets for everybody
Customer review
Liked: -Good location, just one block from Termini Station.

-Rooms are average. Disliked: -Lift is very small and uncomfortable.

-TV was turned off in lounge area.

-No Wi Fi at rooms.

-Late Check in (15.30).

-Breakfast: you get a ticket to go outside, to a restaurant about 1 block, you just receive one piece of cake or bread and one cup of cofee / milk / tea, no more, (but they mentioned it at their description).

Customer review
Liked: Very close to Termini Station, had a computer you could use for free. They actually do wake up calls on request. Disliked: It was waayyy to costly for the quality of the room and bathroom that you got. The bathrooms are not the cleanest and the atmosphere of the place is nonexistant. The green lights in the reception/common area are just eerie. The staff are not unkind, but are not the nicest folks.
Sam Krueger
Liked: Our room appeared to be recently renovated, bed was comfortable. Disliked: In terms of a comfy bed in a decent location this hostel is fine, however we had a couple of issues.

With the exception of one staff female member, the rest of the staff seemed to have no idea what was going on.

I asked to print out my boarding pass but this was not permitted, even when I offered 1 euro to do this.

There are no kitchen facilities, not even a coffee cup.

Customer review
Liked: I liked the location Disliked: Cold showers.
Customer review
Liked: Clean, modern and comfortable room (we stayed in a private double). Excellent location for walking around Rome and getting there and away (right next to the main train station). Friendly, helpful staff - we arrived early and very tired and the staff prepared our room first so we could check in early which was really lovely of them, thank you. Disliked: A bit noisy (mostly due to building works and central location), TV and WiFi not working in our room.
sian clarke
Liked: The bathrooms, although shared among floors, were private an not dormitory style. Proximity to Termini is exceptional Disliked: It was very hot, the beds very hard, looked a little dirty, the staff is not as friendly and helpful as described. All to be expected at this price point however.
Customer review
Liked: Very well located, just beside Termini- the central station. Beds are confortable and the showers are good. Good price. Disliked: The wi-fi didn't work in the rooms, just in the reception. The ambiance is not quite good, but it's a satisfatory hostel to stay a couple of days in Rome.
Liked: Perfect location. Probably the closest hostel to Termini train station and airport shuttle bus station. Easy to reach the staff via email if you have any wishes or questions. Breakfast is not much, but as they serve it in a nearby caf, you can kikck your day off with real italian coffe. Getting up late? No problem, breakfast is served afternoons as well. Disliked: Safety lockers can not be closed unless you have a padlock with you. Buying one will cost you EUR 5 extra.
Customer review


Pop inn guys! We want to give you good reasons to choose the Pop Inn Hostel, which is one of the most popular hostels in Rome.

First of all our price covers all:

- 15 minutes free internet per day in an internet cafe around the corner PLEASE NOTE: due to a new Italian terrorism law, there are new strict rules for hotels & hostels to be allowed to provide internet to clients in their property, so temporarily we are forced to not offer this service in the hostel anymore, but everybody receives a voucher for 15 minutes free internet per day at the laundry place around the corner.
- Free 24hr Italian breakfast available (Do you leave too early? Do you wake up too late?)
- Free hot showers 24hrs (you can enjoy Rome until late!)
- Free security lockers (please bring your own padlock)
- Free city maps (you don't need to buy one, we provide it for you!)
- Free luggage storage (the day you check out we take care of your luggage until you leave)
- Free linen and blankets (…& you don't have to make your bed because we do it for you!)

All the services above are included in the rate, plus with us YOU SAVE MONEY & TIME getting around the city, eating & drinking:

We have no curfew and a 24 hours reception - you can check in at ANYTIME. Rooms are ready and cleaned by 15:30 (if you check in earlier you can use our free luggage storage or hang out in the common room). We give you a map, we show you the best way to enjoy Rome & we give you discount cards for restaurants, pizzerias, laundry nearby, pubs, rent a scooter & bike, exchange money, garage & +.

There is a Security videocamera-system in the building.

We have no curfew & no lock-out, so you can stay out as late as you want, sleep in as long as you like & we will be happy to party with you in our nice, spacious & comfortable common room with plasma screen tv.

In our hostel each room is taken care of down to the smallest particulars, here you won't find sterile white walls surrounding your bed, but a rainbow of colours and pop art prints that are sure to brighten your stay. We offer dorm & private rooms (Please note that we have an age limit of 35 years for shared rooms only) in a very clean & comfortable environment, & all our bathrooms are kept spotlessly clean so that you don't have to be worried if you want to book a room with shared bathroom. All of the rooms are freshly cleaned everyday & the beds made. We have fans in the summer & in the winter heaters keep the rooms warm and cozy.
Towels provided for private rooms.
-Hair-dryers in the rooms or available at the reception (so you have extra space in your luggage for gifts)

Here you really feel as if you are at a friend's house.
We're backpackers as you are & we're definetely happy to party with you!

...and of course we will be happy to help you anytime you need to book:
- Taxi from & to the Airports (Good rates & no taxi driver's games!)
- Tours of Rome & surrounding area (free pick-up at the hostel- G.L.T.)
- Excursions of 1 or + days outside Rome (free pick-up at the hostel- G.L.T.)
- Walking & bike tours (enjoy RomeJ)
- Pub crawl (The party knows no language!)
- & if you ask for more? No problem!!! That's why we're here 24hrs!

Location and Contact


• Our Hostel has a really convenient location: directly across from the main train station, in the city center (as soon as you leave the station you can see our hostel sign). The area is safe, well lit at night & the close walking distance to most of the major monuments in Rome help you save money you can better spend on enjoying your nights here, instead of paying for transportation.
• Directions from termini train station:
• VERY EASY! Leave the station from the side exit by track n°1, you can see the Pop Inn sign from there. Cross the street, walk 50 meters to the right and you have arrived at number 80!
• Between 5-10 minute walk:
• Metro and bus station are located just across the street from the hostel.
• Between 10-20 minute walk:
• Between 20-40 minute walk:



Address: Via Marsala 80, Near Termini, Rome, Lazio, Italy

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Website Pop Inn Hostel Rome www.popinnhostel.com
Phone Number: +39 06 4959887
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Facilities and Amenities

Solo Traveller



City Tours

Lockers in Lobby

Safe Deposit Box

Air Conditioning

Concierge/Info Desk


Entirely Non-Smoking

Hot Showers

Lounge Area

Credit Card Payments

Wheelchair Accessible

Wi-Fi in Lobby/Commons

Service Animals

Checkout: 10:00 (10 AM)

Curfew: No Curfew

Lockout: No

Maximum Stay: Unlimited

Minimum Stay: 1 night

Open Dates: All Year

Reception Hours: 24 Hours


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