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The Review

All In Hostel - Hotel Berlin looks like some asylum for refugees, with lots of corridors and triple-bunk beds. The hostel might be of a little comfort because it is close to a tram stop, but it does not feel safe, and it has public bathrooms with no separate shower units.

The Location

The hostel is located in the middle of Friedrichshain area of Berlin. We took a taxi to get there from a metro station at nighttime, as the area doesn't look safe -- there are junkies and some immigrants on the platform. However, during the day we found out that there is a big tram stop within a ten-minute distance from the hostel. Near the hostel, there are several cafes and a pharmacy.

Rooms and Bathrooms

When booking the place, they told us that they would put us in a spare dormitory room. The receptionist gave us a key for an eight-person room, but it appeared to be a room for ten people. It is clean in the room, but it doesn't feel safe at all. We had doubts, as in the corridor there were signs saying "No smoking" and "Price-list for the items broken" (it sounds like it is a common practice there).

Moreover, hostel owners try to make the most of the rooms and place inside the dormitories squeaky triple-bunk spring beds, which are not meant for good and safe sleep.

The hostel presents congregative living facilities -- for example, the showers are not separated by the walls, so you can see other people taking shower at the same time. Many sinks are not clean enough, with some hair on them. There is no space to change your clothes in the shower room, and the common shelves are dirty.

Common Spaces

It looks and feels like a communal flat in this hostel. You can hear some quarreling behind the doors and feel the smoke (though smoking is officially prohibited here). It is mainly a place to stay for teenage scholars and poor families. Scholars produce a lot of noise and discomfort in the area. The place smells ugly.

The hostel staff are polite but kind of indifferent to the guests; when we couldn't find the kitchen and asked for hot water at the reception desk, the receptionist told us to go and pour some water in the electric kettle ourselves.

We wouldn't recommend this hostel for you even if you are short of money (besides the room price, we paid a city tax and deposit for a key). However, should you stay there, be ready to spend most of the time outdoors in the city, in order to only see this horrible place at night time only. In addition, be ready to take a taxi to get to the hostel in the evening, so as not to come upon some junkie or some homeless beggar on the dark street.
Check all the details of your booking in advance and ask the receptionist for a smaller room in any case.
by CaVa Staff Reviewer
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All In Hostel from the street
Arriving at All In Hostel
The view from the floor with the reception
The corridor in the hostel
Price list for the hostel items broken
10-bed mixed dorm
Triple bunk bed in a 10-bed mixed dorm
Shelves in the room
Lockers in the room


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "All In Hostel - Hotel Berlin" at Gruenebergerstrasse 54.)


Gruenebergerstrasse 54, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Berlin State, Germany
52.512026, 13.454349 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (30) 288768-3
+49 (30) 288768-58
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Not that budget-friendly
Unfortunately I can't recommend this hostel for those traveling alone on a tight budget ... sheets, poorly working Wi-Fi, and breakfast cost all extra, should have double-checked that, and hallways packed with noisy minors on a school trip. Area was nice, though.
Age 20, Finland
Have to pay for linens, breakfast, and internet
For this price, I expect a bed and internet to be included. That's the whole purpose of a hostel. Incredibly bad etiquette. Also had the nerve to tell me, "Germany is different," I have been living here for years ...
  When we arrived they told us breakfast was not included. Fortunately we had our reservation with us and we checked -- breakfast was included. Then, there is no privacy at all. Employees enter your room whenever they want, even at night, without knocking. They say this behaviour is due to the fact that they have to control that no one brings alcohol. But they sell beer. So it's just that they want to sell their beer. So if you care about your privacy, and you want to sleep or do other things at night, stay away from this hostel.
  I stayed here early December, and it was a perfect way to start off my first backpacking experience. The hostel was a bit of a metro ride out of the way from the city centre, but the surrounding neighborhood is absolutely beautiful, with buildings covered in expressive graffitti and still eminating a sense of the East. The receptionists were very helpful, the rooms were clean (albeit stuffy) with comfortable beds and heaters. Breakfast is included and the upper level of the hostel with the common area and bar are full of character. When I stayed, the hostel was quiet and I had no trouble sleeping, but this might change in the summer. Overall my only qualm with the hostel was that the communal showers were like locker room showers, only without the glass partitions. Not so fun. But, I really enjoyed my stay here, and at the winter special price of 11E a night, it couldn't be beat.
  Real good place, bright rooms, clean and safe. We got a woman's room — excellent. We had a lot of fun. The surrounding area is great, lots of bars and clubs.
Ashra Osmani
  I'm sorry, but this hostel really is damn noisy because of a bunch of school classes staying there. Since there's no one telling them to be quiet, I cannot recommend booking.
Dan Jackson
  great hostel in the heart of berlin east. friendly staff and good breakfast.

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