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The Review

Babelfish Hostel Würzburg is a modern, mid-sized hostel, conveniently located between the city center and the central train and bus station. It caters mostly to students who stay at the hostel whilst they look for long term accommodation and has a generally calm, friendly atmosphere.

The Location

The location is excellent -- it is directly across the road from the Hauptbahnhof or HBF (central train and bus station). The area is safe and comfortable to walk around in at night. It's also great for people traveling on a budget, as it is a ten-minute walk from super budget discount supermarket Lidl and about a five-minute walk from Aldi, another discount supermarket. Parking is available on any nearby street.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms and bunk beds are nice, new, comfortable, and clean. There are lockers available in each room for valuables, with locks provided for a deposit. The rooms are safe and secure and can only be accessed via keycard provided by the hostel. There are also private rooms available for those preferring not to share.

The only thing that you might find irritating is that guests must fit their own bed sheets to the beds and then remove the linen as well. This would be ok if a lot of effort were not required due to the linen being slightly smaller than the bed and awkward to fit around the mattress.

The bathrooms are less than satisfactory. The toilets and the wash basins are in a separate room from the showers and are clean and in good condition. The shower room, however, is perhaps one of the most badly thought out, stingy arrangements you are likely to come across in a hostel.

There are no windows in the shower bathroom, so the lighting provides all the light and is based on a sensor and a timer. The sensor sits just above the entrance, which is not close to the showers themselves. This means that if you are showering and no one else comes in within a certain time period, the lights turn off entirely and the room is completely pitch black. To turn the lights back on, you have to walk out of the shower naked and cold and walk in pitch black towards the sensor, hoping to not trip over anything along the way.

If that is not impressive enough, the hostel owner does not seem to trust that guests have the capacity to turn off the water after showering and has installed timers on the shower taps, meaning that a guest who is showering must turn their shower back on every thirty seconds.

There are no hooks or places to leave clothes whilst showering, and you must change in the shower, as attempting to change in the area in front of the door will mean that if the bathroom door opens, everyone in the corridor will have a direct view of your behind and then some.

Common Spaces

The common areas are spacious and well maintained. There is a clean kitchen, a few tables for guests to sit and eat food they have prepared, a free computer with internet, Wi-Fi, and an outdoor area overlooking the town. The only negative point is perhaps the music, which is a rather depressing buzzkill, with the same sad songs being played again and again.


In summary, the location is excellent, the staff are kind and polite, and the rooms are clean. If you are looking for a conveniently located, generally low-cost place to stay whilst in Würzburg, and don't mind the shower issues, this place is adequate.
by Dave Staff Reviewer
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Common Area
View from one of the dorms.


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Babelfish Hostel Würzburg" at Haugerring 2.)


Haugerring 2, Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany
49.800087, 9.936077 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (931) 30 40 430
+49 (931) 30 40 632
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88% Guest Reviews

Could'nt be closer to the train station
I often choose hostels as close to the train station as possible, and this one is the closest I've seen. Just across the street. Nice staff. They let me take the breakfast before the fixed time. Instead of a luggage room, they keep the luggage behind the desk, which feels safer. Common areas are nice. I have nothing to complain about.
Age 36, French
Exceptional Hostel!
Don't believe I've ever awarded 5 stars before but now is the time! Can't think of a single criticism of Babelfish and indeed you can tell within minutes of arrival that these guys have it nailed. Location is perfect being opposite the train station, and the town centre isn't a long walk away. Staff are open and friendly and the rooms are plain but fine. The kitchen/common room is ideal for meeting people and also has 2 free internet terminals. There is also a lovely terrace area to enjoy the good breakfast (costs a little extra) or some of the cheap in-house beer. Finally, security is as it should be so nothing to worry about there. Simply a winner all round!
Age 40, Ireland
Great hostel, great staff!
I really liked this place. The guy at the front desk was super, very friendly all of the time. This hostel has an awesome kitchen/common room. It is very well stocked and I met a lot of friendly people there. This is what a hosteling experience is supposed to be about! Near the train station and a bit of a trek from the city center, but that was ok. I didn't bother to learn to use the public transportation here because this is a walker's city. Wurzburg was fun to be in.
  The hostel is a new place that comes with a spanking clean kitchen that is well-equipped with even dish-washers. The common area is a nice place to chill out. The internet access is up 24hours a day. Although there is only one computer, but being operational 24 hours means you definitely will get a chance to use it! There is an in-house laundry service and the people who runs the place are very helpful and friendly! It is located near the train station and can be located ratehr easily. Although it is a little walk to the town area, it provides the chance to take in the beauty of Wurzburg. The only drawback is probably the toilet- where the only complain is the creaky doors! Without a doubt, anyone who goes there will definitely return.
June Qiu

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