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The Review

Nomads Westend is probably one of the biggest hostels in Sydney with the biggest dorm -- "the church," so-called for its church-like windows. The building is a small skyscraper with about fourteen floors.

The Location

The hostel is located centrally in Sydney, just next to the Central Station, the World Center, and several parks. In the World Center you have a Coles supermarket and other stores, post office, and ATMs -- you won't have a problem finding a place to eat out around the hostel. For sightseeing, you can catch the free city circle bus -- the next bus stop is five minutes away.

Rooms and Bathrooms

All dorms we checked were clean and contain comfortable mattresses with soft-plastic covers against dirt and bedbugs. The rooms are air conditioned and contain enough power points for the guests. The twenty-eight-bed dorm room with church windows contains nothing other than the beds, but it's also very clean and the guests are very quiet (not loud, as we expected). The shared bathrooms are also clean, but the water in the shower doesn't get very hot, just warm. The bathrooms (toilets and showers) on the second floor (where the church is) are shared between male and female!

Common Spaces

There are plenty of laundry machines you can pay to use, as well as an ironing facility you can use for free. The hostel offers free luggage storage before check-in for arriving guests -- after checking in, you can store your bags underneath your beds in lockers (bring your own lock!) and if you check out, you can rent big lockers. You'll have to pay for the Wi-Fi and there is no free breakfast, but you can get free rice and pasta all day. The kitchen is very often crowded but is well equipped. There is a dining area and living area with TV attached to the kitchen.


For your money, you get clean beds and all the basic facilities you need but extras like Wi-Fi and breakfast cost extra. The church is not as bad as we expected and we can recommend a stay there -- it's a nice but quiet atmosphere with friendly guests (and most importantly it is clean). The atmosphere overall in the hostel is a bit anonymous because of its size.
by Armundo Staff Reviewer
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Public Lockers
The Church - 28 bed dorm
Reception Area
Dining Area
The Front


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Nomads Westend Backpackers" at 412 Pitt Street.)


412 Pitt Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
-33.878841, 151.207458 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+ 61 2 9211 4588
+61 (2) 9211-5312
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Rundown but you get en suite bathrooms
It's rundown. The rooms are ok but it takes ages (like a good 2-3 minutes) for the hot water to turn hot, and the stairwells are just really rundown. Only one lift was working and you can't access the stairwell from the entrance because the security swipe doesn't work (meaning you have to wait for a lift). Also you can't access level 1 (common room and kitchen) from reception except via the lift, unless you want to go down to the luggage storage at basement level, exit out to the back which is very ordinary, and then go up another flight of rundown stairs (yes, you've gone down a level, changed stairs, and then gone up two levels!). If you're not a stair taking person it'd probably be fine, but if you do like taking stairs, or just not waiting for the lift, be warned the surroundings aren't crash hot! On the upside though, it's en suite bathrooms to each dorm, so less chance of waiting. Also they have an inbuilt hairdryer for the ladies, so that is nice (I didn't use it though as my hair's too short, so can't comment on how well it blow-dries though).
Age 25, Australia
Not the right place if you're traveling alone
This hostel is so big that everybody is already in groups and if you are traveling alone it is hard to mix. The rooms are alright but the windows can't close, the aircon has to be on the entire time for the room to have a nice cold temperature (I was there in February 2013). The rooms I slept in were all en suite and therefore you don't really have to go out of your room, only to eat. Very big building, elevators stop working and you have to take stairs, if you sleep on the 8th floor that's kinda annoying. Kitchen is ok but tv is bad and has only one channel and faulty sound system with low volume. Communal area is ok but no place to smoke but outside on the sidewalk. All in all if you are in a group it's ok but alone I wouldn't go there.
Age 26, Netherlands
Very good!!!!!!!!!!!!
good location, clean, good staff, nice building, next all the most interesting things to see, very close to the railway station. in few minutes you can be in the city centre. in other words go there!!!
Be careful!
This is not the worst backpackers I have stayed in. You need to be extremely careful, though. The staff are (although friendly) often trying to make you pay for something you didn't book or you already paid for. Before I arrived in Sydney I booked this backpackers for me and two of my friends. We clearly stated that we wished to stay in the six-bed room. When we arrived a staff member told us that we had booked the family room (this room is more expensive). I told them that we did not book the family room and that we wanted to stay in the six-bed room but the staff member said that there were no free beds there and that we had to stay in the family room. We were very tired and exhausted so we just agreed to stay there and went to sleep. A few hours later the staff member woke us up and told us that they had made a mistake and that the family room wasn't available and we should move to the six-bed room (and what a surprise they now had free beds there and not only three but five). Later they also told my friend that she hadn't paid for one of the nights even though she did (good thing she kept the receipt). Our bathroom door was broken as well (you couldn't close it properly and had to lift it up to close it). We asked for it to be repaired about twenty times before they finally sent someone to fix it. This is not the worst backpackers to stay in but be careful! Keep all of your receipts! You may need them.
very basic
the hostel was cleanish very basic we had a double room with a bathroom opp which was cleaned everyday. only problem was the bathroom door was for some reason was slatered so u could atually see into the bathroom from the hall which was quite werid and i spents lots of time checking if people were walking past before jumping out of shower! i was a good hostel to meet people tho as theres something to do everynight. when we stayed there there was a school group of about 20 kids and was not happy when they had to get up for whatever trip they was going on at 5am and was running and screaming along corridors.... so be aware they book in schools!!!
This was by far the worst hostel I've stayed in Australia -- and I've stayed in a lot of hostels. Our room had cockroaches crawling all up and down the wall, the ceiling was covered in mold, the bathroom was absolutely disgusting, and the staff was extremely unfriendly. "Legend has it -- this place sucks!" Do yourself a favor and stay anywhere else in Sydney.
  Was booked in here as part of our Visa package -- reading reviews on way out left me v concerned. Overall though this is not as bad as some reviews would have it. Our room (private twin) was clean, but tiny and one double bed. Also had air con which was needed in Jan!! Had private bathroom (though this was across hall). Kitchen was large and well stocked, with the breakfast reasonable for the money paid. However, the hostel is HUGE and so has no atmosphere. Front of House staff are rude and do not help to sell the place to you -- and considering the number of guests, the presence of only 4 computers -- one of which was broken -- was poor. Also the bathroom doors have metal slats in the central panel, meaning that you have no privacy while in there as it is possible to see through -- unacceptable. There are MUCH better hostels in this area. Some major refurbishment and change of staff are required to make this the great hostel it should be. Ok for a night's sleep but not much more.
  just terrible, feels like you've been condemned to serve time. you do anything to avoid going back to the hostel, so you spend lots of money in the surrounding areas as a reprieve, which is bad news all round for travelers.

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