Yadoya Guesthouse



1F Ikko Building Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
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A serious avoid
place was filthy and staff were disinterested in any comments about same, they are very pleasant when there is a prospect of taking your money, but after that ... this place was unsanitary (pee aroma mattress, old rotting food in the "kitchen", which has no fridge, very dirty floors and trash under beds and in corners), and with all the old clothes and items discarded by previous visitors is basically a firetrap waiting for a disaster. I stayed two of three planned nights and had to threaten to blog my pics and comments to get a refund for the third night. there are better and cleaner options in Tokyo, any one of them would be better than this dump.
They are so helpful and good location
They open new hostel and it is very nice and cozy. And also they are very helpful if we had any question, like translation into Japanese or any kind of questions. They are so friendly. And the facilities are ok for the price. It's reasonable with this kind of hostel in Tokyo. And the location, Nakano is perfect to go any places in Tokyo. So I recommend if you are looking for a place near Shinjuku or west part of Tokyo.
Friendly staff
I crashed into the Backpackers branch, where is clean and all wood worked (nice smell and environment). Ok it's a new open but the staff is coming to check if everything is ok (toilet paper, dishes), and to provide plants with water, and to clean. The best is that If you need any help they never piss you off, they will do all them best to help you (to find you in the street, search some informations on internet, advice you some places, help to organise your journey) even when they are busy. The managers even took me to some nice traditional Japanese restaurants to have a dinner together, because alone it's impossible (I don't understand Japanese menu). Sometime there is some party at the office (café) what you can join, sometime for free, sometime for a cheap participation fee (include drink and food). Friendly staff and warm atmosphere, I built some great memories there.
(Bordeaux, France)
First off, the place that you will stay in is not where they indicate on the map on their website. They give you detailed instructions on how to get to their cafe, which is where they collect the money. We got there expecting to stay there and were told that we're staying a 15 minute walk from there. So the guy was nice enough to take us there, but we weaved through so many sidestreets and alleys that we kind of lost track of our positioning. We went out that day and returned to the nearest station at like 11 p.m. tried to find the place, but couldnt. I wrote down the number on the mailbox because no one i asked had an address of the damn place. To make a long story short, with the help of some very nice locals, we finally found out guesthouse at like 1 a.m(2 hours of walking through alleys and stuff). They don't label streets in Japan. The people staying at Yadoya were all right, and the rooms were so-so. Asked for two singles -- they were in separate buildings and shared bathrooms and toilets. Worst part was the confusion. The instructions on the website for how to get to the cafe are so clear and detailed, but when the man took us to our guesthouse through a maze he was like so remember this building, yeah, and then we turn here, then we turn here, then here. the staff could have done a better job with explaining things or at least giving an address or map, but they're just into getting your money and you're on your own. oh forgot the main part. there's an emergency number on their business card, but the phone was shut off so when we tried to call them, nothing.
Avoid at all cost! I had to leave after one night
We were given a tatami room for two and we were three, the linen was grey with age, and the futons really thin and dirty. We had to pay for air con, which had never been mentioned in the emails. Funnier, when you do your laundry the dirty water evacuates on the floor of the bathroom so you have to cross that to go to the toilet. We started looking for somewhere else in front of the guy who didn't give a sh*t when we protested about the room. I had paid before my friend so I had to get my money back. they refunded us 300 (yes I mean three hundred) yen each for the aircon and that's all! The staff obviously never cleans the room because we had to hoover the room ourself and they didn't know about the state of the so called "private room" which is not private since everybody leaves the room door open to try to use the air con from the kitchen. Avoid!
Yadoya is a group of four properties located around the Nakano train station. Nakano is one stop on the Chuo Express JR line from Shinjuku. (or three stops on the regular Chuo line) This is a place for travellers/backpackers as well as long term cheap stays for Japanese people and foreigners working in Tokyo. As such, your dormitory will likely have some Japanese people staying there, which can be fun conversation and a unique experience hanging out with young people in a culture that is otherwise very private. The dorms are small and the beds are not extremely comfortable, although they vary by location. One location which is a bit of a walk has a wider space arrangement and cable tv. One location is in a very interesting spot in the middle of a block full of tiny 'Izakayas' (traditional Japanese-style bars), which is a lot of fun, although cramped and a little dirty. The beds at their office location are OK but the window is right across from the train line, which can be noisy. All facilities also are equipped with small kitchens and are near supermarkets. The main office can be a bit hard to find for check-in. Make sure to have a good look at their website. The staff has been there for a long time and are quite friendly, helpful and relaxed.

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