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The Review

Citystay Mitte Hostel is a chilled hostel with a good atmosphere; unfortunately, it's one of these hostels where you are charged for all the extras.

The Location

The location is decent, just a twenty-minute walk to Brandenberg Gate and the touristy centre of Berlin. It's only about five minutes' walk to the Museum Island -- where all of the big museums are located. The closest S Bahn station is Hackesher Market, only about two minutes away. There are two supermarkets located in close proximity to the hostel.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are clean and some have en suite shower areas. There are private and dorm-style accommodation available. Each bunk bed has a lamp for reading and there is a communal powerboard in the room for charging electronics. The beds are comfortable, but in addition to making paying for sheets, you have to make your own bed! Lockers are available for small backpacks and valuables, but you have to supply your own lock or rent one from reception. The showers are good, with decent pressure and hot water. Although there are no shelves inside the actual shower for soap, there is plenty of room in the shower cubicle itself, with a little stool and plenty of hooks. The best thing about the showers is that there is an actual glass door, and not a dirty shower curtain as is the case with most other hostels.

Common Spaces

This hostel has a really great common area and courtyard. There is a bar that sells drinks at fairly normal prices, and when the weather is good, the hostel puts on a BBQ, which comprises of meat, bread, and sauce only (a cheaper alternative is the Hackescher Market area, where you can get some nice food). The hostel advertises on its website that there is a kitchen, but it appears to have been closed to guest use for some time and they haven't updated their website. Don't stay at the hostel expecting to self-cater.

Laundry service is available for a price, and the staff do it for you. Unfortunately it takes twenty-four hours, so don't leave it until you have no clean clothes left to consider washing. Snacks and sandwiches are available at the bar. Breakfast is not included, but a decent buffet is available for an extra charge. Surprisingly, Wi-Fi is included, although it really only works in the common areas (it appears to work sporadically in the rooms). In any event, it's not particularly great Wi-Fi, so don't expect to be able to have a Skype conversation.


Be mindful of the fact that tourist tax will be changed on top of any booking made, as well as a charge for linen (even if you have your own sleep sheet/sleeping bag). If only these things were included in the booking charge initially, the whining of the travelers at the hostel would be silenced!
by LeLe Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "CityStay Hostel Berlin Mitte" at Rosenstrasse 16.)


Rosenstrasse 16, Mitte, Berlin, Berlin State, Germany
52.521310, 13.405460 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (30) 23 62 40 31
+49 (30) 23 62 40 31
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82% Guest Reviews

Large, expensive but central and clean
Location could be better -- it took a day to realise that Mitte is a waste of time and the hidden gems of this city are in Kreuzberg, Neukoelln, and Friedrichshain. Staff impersonal but polite. Everything clean and plentiful but bar has crap atmosphere and is very expensive and it seems a bit of a rip-off in general.
Age 29, UK
Not Bad
Really great location. Staff was friendly. The bathrooms were a bit dirty and there were blood stains on our blankets that you put into the duvet covers. Overall not a bad hostel but there is room for improvements.
Age 24, USA
Very poor
There are some fundamental things that I believe a hostel should provide in order to deserve the title of good. This place falls well short of good. Upon arriving at midnight, we provided the necessary identification and booking confirmation to check in. After reaching for my credit card, I was told that they didn't accept any cards debit/credit or otherwise -- cash only apparently! So ducked across the road to draw cash out of an ATM. On returning, he handed the cash to the receptionist who promptly put it in the register and then put a sign on the counter stating that a shift change was taking place and to wait five minutes. In the middle of the transaction. Can you believe it! Fifteen minutes passed and the new cashier couldn't balance the till as the bright spark who had taken the cash from us, but not issued a receipt to us -- therefore putting the register over. After the penny dropped and he realised what he had done, he promptly gave us a receipt and key to the room. In the meantime about fifteen people had walked into to check into their rooms. We went up the elevator to our room, and as the lift doors opened we discovered the wonderful wooden floors in front of us. I knew this would be a problem. We arrived at the room with two stark beds with complementary tinea spray on the beds. That was so reassuring -- not. Then a group of girls walked along the corridor in high heals, which I am sure most people would have been able to hear back in England. Great! After a very broken sleep -- mainly due to late returnees clomping their way down the hallway -- I got up to go to the toilet in the morning. I then went to wash my hands to find that there was no soap dispenser -- in any of the bathrooms. Just water. Disgusting! We decided to try the breakfast (as there was no kitchen to use) and we were completely appalled by the slim offerings of stale cereal, warm milk, and the dregs of coffee and tea for the bargain rip-off of 7.50 euros. We attempted to tolerate another night in this place, but given there was nowhere to cook, nowhere to lounge other than the bar with very loud music, and not a very relaxing atmosphere and a complete disregard for hygiene, we cut our losses and booked ourselves into a hotel elsewhere. Wouldn't recommend staying here if you wish to remain disease free.
  We booked for an ensuite double room and we have been accommodated in a double room with only shower and lavabo. The guy at the reception could give no explanation for such mistake. The lavabo was so small that you can't even wash your face or teeth without flooding everywhere. There's no kitchen and no breakfast. Apart from all this it was an hostel with a good atmosphere in the lounge/bar, with clean linens (seemed new ) and a most of all with a great location close to Hackescher markt station. If you have INTERRAIL ticket you can use for free S trains to and from there to go around Berlin.
Davide & Michela - Chiavari ( Ge ) Italy
In dire need of a place to sleep after our plans fell through for the evening, we came across this lovely hostel. The hostel is located right by the Hackescher Markt S-Bahn station and is right next to Alexanderplatz in the Mitte/East Berlin. The hostel, with its friendly staff, is clean and modern with lots of space. Our main problem with the hostel is that the access card they give you to electronically open doors sometimes stops working. Not that big of a deal, unless you are on the third floor and in your underwear with your toothbrush in your hand. So be careful on the day you leave! They might lock you out early, so don't close your door! Also, the showers and bathrooms have motion sensors lights that aren't that sensitve. This can lead to some interesting moments in the dark trying to get the lights back on. The showers are also on really short timers so you end up having to push the button every five seconds to keep the water flowing. Price does not include linens, so add another couple of Euros or so. Breakfast is not included and internet is quite steep. But there is an easyInternetcafe one block away in the Dunkin Donuts building on Alexanderplatz where internet costs roughly half what the hostel charges. All in all, it's a decent hostel in a quiet neighborhood. There are no car noises, a pretty courtyard, and enough people staying at the hostel to keep you occupied.
Nick Vivion
  This hostel was extremely clean and secure. You need a key to access the elevator, your hallway, and your room. There were five or six computers in the lobby for Internet use, so there was rarely a wait to use one. The bar and reception occasionally seemed understaffed at night, but I found the staff to be very friendly, hospitable, and helpful.
  Definitely the best hostel that I've been to in all of Europe, and I've been to quite a few. Great location next to Alexanderplatz, clean, spacious, excellent staff and a good atmosphere. Citystay is a must-stay!
  I can't believe how good this place was for only 12 euros! I had one of the best weeks of my life staying here! Pros — Fantastic location, close to the train station and within walking distance to many sites. — Rooms are spacious with big windows and nice linen. — Great courtyard to chill in and meet people, with decent dinner specials served each evening. — Elevator. — Clean, hot, high pressure showers (although they are push button) — Separate showers, vanity basins and toilets, and plenty of them! Cons — It's a big and busy hostel and seems rather understaffed at times, often with only one person to serve at the bar and reception. The staff are really friendly and helpful, however. — The breakfast, which costs extra, is not worth it. The bakery around the corner does a huge breakfast for less.

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