Berri Backpackers Resort



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Sturt Highway, Berri, South Australia, Australia
-34.268109, 139.799320 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (8) 8582-3144
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Loved my stay at Berri Backpackers
I stayed at Berri Backpackers for 7 months back in 2013. After spending my first year staying in various hostels around Australia and getting more fed up with the living conditions i couldn't quite believe what i'd stumbled across, Berri Backpackers. My memories are of great atmosphere and that everyone was part of the communal life. I made some great friends while staying there, an extraordinarily wonderful place, and benchmark for all other Hostels.
Age 31, Denmark
The best place to stay in Oz
We stayed there from October 1996 until January 1997. An amazing place to stay, and a difficult place to leave. Life was so good. I always recommend people to stay there if they find themselves in that part of Australia -- Wiggo and Frankie were fantastic, and no doubt still are the hosts with the most.
Lynda and Erik
I arrived at Berri in Jan 1997. Being completely skint and broke I headed to the Riverlands in search of work and money. Never was I able to imagine what an oasis in the desert I was to find when knocking on the door to Berri Backpackers. Kelie and Kevin were the first people I was to meet (congrats on your marriage folks) and right away you could sense the special atmosphere. And no wonder because Wiggo and Frankie have taken backpacking to the highest level. With a swimming pool, Jacuzzi Bath, Games Room, Full size Tennis Court, A gymnasium, Tree Houses, a Sand Volley ball court, Sauna to name but a few. It really was a big family living the Australian life. Who can forget the amazing BBQs on a Saturday night, where Wiggo would showcase his culinary talents and serve us the most delicious food, with the choice of an Oz twist, with Crocodile and Kangaroo featuring on the menu. The bond and commonality shared by all is what made it so special, its an education in itself getting to live with many different nationalities and getting along so well. I couldn't fail to mention Milo, the best dog ever. Many happy memories, make sure you visit!!
Colin MacLean
My australian home
I was there for about 5 months in 2004 and I worked as the place ever! Six years later, I still think about it and I wish I could be there again. Thanks to Wiggo and Frankie, I have wonderful memories that will last my whole life. I'll be back someday!
Truly Amazing
I stayed at Berri for three months back in 2000. After spending nearly a year staying in various hostels around Australia and getting more fed up with the living conditions i couldn't quite believe what i'd stumbled upon, arriving in Berri. My best memories are of the great atmosphere that everyone being part of the experience together. Also the BBQ's and mystery can in the vending machine are something i will always remember. I made some great friends while staying here, an extraordinarily wonderful place, and benchmark for all other Hostels.
Nick Hurt
1997 -- that's a long time ago but it feels like yesterday. wish i was there.
Six-star, unmissable
Back in 1992 just before I left, Wiggo told me he wasn't going to be there much longer. I cannot sum up how not just me but everyone I was with at the time felt about Wiggo and Frankie and the greatest hostel in the world (I think). Truly amazing people. He used to leave his own money as a change float for people every day. It went missing once in five months while I was there. He called us into the lounge and expressed how disappointed he was with us and not long after that, the money made an amazing return. He had respect for you and everyone gave him great respect back. So amazed and please Wiggo and family are still there. What a place. What people. And you can't beat the atmosphere the place holds.
Karl Roberts givoor.
Absolutely breathtaking!
This place is what dreams are made of. We arrived there in may '95 and left again feb. '97. As previous travelers have experienced it is impossible to leave! In fact we loved it so much we got married in the gardens. We had a wonderful life experience in Berri Backpackers -- I've been back a few times and improves every time.
kelie and kevin

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