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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Astoria City Hostel" at Rákóczi út 4..)


Rákóczi út 4., District 7, Budapest, Hungary
47.494663, 19.060645 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Located in the heart of Budapest city, this hostel is perfect for walking around and exploring the city or catching public transport to other areas. Locating the actual hostel may be a bit difficult at first as it's hidden away and doesn't have any front signage. Here's a few suggestions if you find yourself a bit lost. First one is that it's diagonally opposite the Astoria Hotel. Secondly, you can go underneath the street where the Astoria metro station is and above each flight of stairs, there are signage indicating the names of the street. Look for the "Rakoczi" street, and once you re-enter street level, you're literally there. It's only one flight of stairs down and one up so having a bag shouldn't be too much of a problem, and if you're struggling, the friendly Hungarian folk may even lend you a hand. It's not obvious still where the hostel is when you alight, however, it's in the inner corner of the "L" shaped part of the building. You'll know you're there only once you reach the intercom. Press "27" only and it should ring for the hostel. There are funny instructions for paging people there which didn't work. Once in the building take the left lift. There aren't clear signage but the right lift can only be used with a key and won't go up. Otherwise you'll be lugging your bag up three or four flights of stairs. The hostel itself is clean, relatively small and home-like place, which is ideal for the budget traveller who just wants a nice place to sleep without too much noise and partying. They give clean sheets and towels, your own locker which will fit 2 to 3 back-packs into. The shared rooms are bunk-beds. They have two computers where you can have access to the internet at any time. The communal TV is located in the lounge/computer/reception area and there is a kitchen for you to use. This area in particular makes it have a welcoming feel to it as it's easy to chat to the receptionists and other guests if you wish to. Breakfast is minimalist but good enough to fill you up and start the day with (cereal and bread). The showers flood after you use it, however, they provide you with a mop for you to mop it down after you're done. Just ensure you don't have anything on the floor while you shower. Security wise, the place seems secure as it's essentially a residential apartment block with the bottom front door which needs a key and another for Astoria Hostel itself. The lockers are locked with a padlock and key. Relatively near to a supermarket (5 to 10 minutes walk) and there are takeaways/restaurants nearby. Should you arrange for a transfer to the airport and need to be picked up. Ensure that you are clear that you are being picked up from the Astoria Hostel and not the Astoria Hotel (perhaps add in the comment when booking) to avoid any misunderstandings/delays. Overall this hostel is recommended and is excellent in terms of having a friendly and quiet atmosphere, cleanliness and a great location.
Kathryn Foong
  This hostel is generally well located. It is on the fourth floor (not the third like the directions said) so it can be a bit hard work constantly walking up all the stairs. They offer free breakfast that I never had because it is between 8 and 10 and I am never up that early. The bed linen doesn't fit the mattress, so you can't make a bed properly. They offer a free towel which is actually a decent size (unlike most hostels who give you a hand towel). The staff are generally friendly. Free internet. It's cheap but you might be able to get something nicer for the same money.
  The worst hostel ever! I have travelled all over Europe and this was by far the worst! We didnt stay at the main hostel but the main hostel didnt look great anyway. Our room was in an apartment across the street. It was so dirty, it was disgusting. I dont think anyone has ever cleaned it or emptied bins or anything. We arrived at ten a.m. in the morning and the room was dirty from the last people that stayed there then he said someone would be by to clean it but no one came. It was also on an extremely noisy street. I would never stay here again.
  Not a good choice. There is a free computer with the internet but it is always busy. There is free breakfast but it is one or two loves of bread for fifty people. There is a filthy kitchen that you can use! And there is a no noise policy after ten p.m. that the staff at the hostel break nightly. Which is not too bad, unless you have to get up at five a.m. for a flight or something like that. Rules are rules come on! The beds are not too bad though. They are soft and have clean sheets. I would not stay here again. You can find better. There are tons of places in the city and tons of people offerng you rooms when you arrive at the train station. Just take one of theirs, it must be better then this.
  This hostel was the best part of our trip! The friendly staff and cozy, home-like atomasphere was much needed after days of weary travel. The wine tour with Accosh is a must!! There are only two bathrooms, so you must plan accordingly if you have someplace to be. It didn't prove to be much of a problem while we were there in November. I will definitely be back and recommend this hostel to anyone!!!
  I like this hostel! It's very close to the center of Budapest. The rooms are very clean and the showers are good. The staff are very friendly and welcoming and they do everything to make you feel at home — thank you, Krisz!
Willem De Graeve
  I got a little lost trying to find the building the hostel was located in, as I stupidly missed the sign at the door. It would be better if there was a bigger sign for backpackers like me who need gigantic billboards with flashing neon lights! Otherwise the location of the hostel is excellent, being very near the Metro. The staff member was friendly and I really appreciated the help when I was looking for a place to catch a cultural performance. The bed was a little uncomfortable but overall, the hostel was clean and cozy and above my expectations. Good job!
  We stayed with a large group in the hostel. Excellent central location. Only drawbacks: there are only two bathrooms, each with one toilet and one shower, and it's located along a street with heavy traffic.

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