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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Base Auckland" at 229 Queen Street (Corner of Queen St and Darby St), Level 3.)


229 Queen Street (Corner of Queen St and Darby St), Level 3, Auckland, New Zealand
-36.849718, 174.764695 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+64 9 3584877
+64 9 3584872
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Not the best Hostel
This is a really big Hostel. Lot of people living there. The kitchen was alwalys full and no place on the fridge. Internet is really bad and free only from 7 am to 7 pm. Rooms are really dirty like the showers and toilets. Base Hostel do not have parking area. The positive aspects are the location and convenient price. Base Hostel is in the middle of city center.
Not the best Hostel
The only good thing about this Hostel is the location. They took forever to check us in, this was the last hostel we stayed in New Zealand, and they have never asked so many questions. They have no Parking, no free Wi-Fi, and the help desk is completely incompetent. We reserved for a room with 6 persons and they gave us one with 8. it was a really unpleasant experience.
Base Auckland is located minutes from the bus terminals and the airport bus stop as well as the port and other attractions. It has one of the largest number of beds in the city, and definitely caters to a more party-oriented crowd. The Location Base is located pretty much in the middle of Auckland. The airport bus drops off right across the street, and both the Intercity and Nakedbus stops are just a short walk away. It's also minutes from other attractions, nightlife, and shopping in the city. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are pretty tiny, barely managing to fit all the bunks and luggage. The beds are relatively comfortable, but some of the pillows are covered in a strange plastic material, which is kind of annoying. The doors use card keys, so the room is pretty secure, but there are no lockers for your things. They have several options, from privates to large dorms. The showers are large, made up of rows of shower stalls and toilets. The showers are pretty obnoxious -- you can't adjust the heat, so they stay just around warm, and you have to push a heavy button to keep it running every other minute. There's also no soapdish, and only a couple of hooks on the walls. And since the shower curtains end about two feet off the floor, water gets everywhere. Common Spaces This place has tons of common spaces -- two TV rooms, with modern couches and chairs; a giant computer room, with about two dozen computers using Global Gossip for internet; and a massive kitchen and dining room. Everything is modern, clean, and comfortable, and everything has enough space to fit a ton of people. This is definitely a party hostel. The reception area gives you deals on drinks at the bars downstairs and in the area, so if you like to party, this is the place for you. The rooms seem to be away from the partying, so they're pretty quiet. But since it's such a big, corporate-feeling hostel, it isn't very social if you aren't into partying. People are friendly here, but there are just so many people that it actually makes it a bit difficult to meet others. Overall, it feels pretty impersonal. Summary This hostel is great for people who like to party, or for people who are just looking for a convenient location for exploring the city. But its large, impersonal feel may turn off people who are looking for a more cozy experience.
Tyler-Rose Veguez
(United States of America)
Don't book BASE
Stayed here after Christmas and it was the worse place I've stayed in New Zealand/Australia so far. Sheets were not clean, the double bed was just two singles pushed together, and the mattress was like sleeping on lumpy bricks. Would have put up with all this for the money but we requested a private double (no cleaning service) and this was ignored so that while we were out one day my DVD case and about 12 DVDs were stolen. When we inquired about them, no one could tell us who had cleaned the room or had a key. Not cool. Don't book it, the internet cafe and great location did not make up for the below par bed, theft, or invasion of privacy.
Big hostel, but in a good location
This hostel is huge, always has people coming and going, no matter what time of day (or night). I was staying in a private room, and though it was nothing spectacular, was comfortable and the in-room mini fridge was a nice bonus. The noise from the street/bars and other rooms is a bit loud at times, might want to think twice about this hostel if you want to get away from everything and rest, but it's fun if you're in the mood for that kind of thing. The internet area was very convenient, I never had to wait for a computer, and there's lots of space on the main floor to just chill out and read or watch TV. The hostel is in a good location as well, I never used the bus to get around and just walked everywhere. You can get to all the major attractions in the city from the hostel and the university and parks are a bit farther, but still within walking distance if you want to get away from the main part of the city for a bit.
Clean but unfriendly staff and uncomfortable aspects
Stayed here one night in a private double. The travel desk was very helpful in making some travel arrangements for us -- highly competent help, though not particularly friendly. The front desk staff were extremely unfriendly and rude to us and made our stay very disappointing, particularly as it was our first night in New Zealand. They ignored us, gave short answers without explanation, wouldn't let us get our luggage out of the storage closet (had to wait a half hour). Our room had continuous cold air blowing in through the air vent, which we could not control -- the room was quite cold, and I do not know why there was AC on a cold day out. The front desk said there was no way to change it. The bathrooms were clean, but with a very bad arrangement. There was nowhere to put your dry clothes or glasses or anything, and the shower curtain did not go down far enough to keep the things on the floor outside the stall dry. Also, the water would only stay on for about thirty seconds, so that a shower consisted of pushing the water button frequently. At least there was good water pressure and plenty of hot water. The facilities were old and greatly in need of renovation, but were ok and clean. The room had a small fridge.
(United States)
  This Backpacker was definitely the worst accommodation in which we stayed during traveling in NZ. The cards which we got instead of keys didn't work for several times. We had a room for 4 people with en-suite. The bathroom was broken and dirty so we had to change the room in two double rooms which weren't really better (they smelled bad, were also dirty and there was hair from other customers in the shower). To make things worse, the kitchen seemed to be cleaned ages ago. The backpacker is located in the city center -- that's the only advantage!!!
Patrizia, Sabine, Kaori, Rebeka
  Imagine you arriving tired after traveling and finding out that your expensive accommodation (because they charge you an expensive rate for double en-suite room) is a mess, with rest of food in all room, dirty linen, and clothes spread in all room. And all this mess was made by the previous couple that had left the place three hours before. Terrible. The staff explained that they just had two housekeepers -- how is it possible for that size backpackers? The room smells bad and to complete, the window makes you see a wonderful wall! To complete this all the kitchen is ridiculous -- small. At dinnertime you can't move inside there. the fridge is terrible (small, obvious) and dirty. a mess, once more. If you want to stay in an en-suite room look for a hotel. you will pay less and you will be happier!

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