Al-Arab Youth Hostel, Jerusalem

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Al-Arab Youth Hostel Reviews

Fabulous place steeped in history

If you're looking for clean, ok, it's not the best. If you're looking for great conversations and wonderful hospitality, this is the place to go. I've not been there since 2007, because I can't get back into the occupied West Bank, but I highly recommend it.

Greta Berlin

Al-arab -- wonderful memories

I enjoyed my visit sometime late 80s. at the time if anyone could beat Abu (I think it was) at ping pong they could stay a night for free! & we all took him out one night to a large Israeli bar in the new town one evening for a happy hour session (buy one pint get second one free) -- he couldn't believe it! Ah, wonderful traveling memories.


Pleasant life experience

about 1989, loved it.


Wonderfully unforgettable!

I too worked there, it was around 1989. Never a dull moment and the owners were the kindest people you could meet. I remember Abu hassan, Imid, and Joseph and the pictures of their family members held in prison. Always remember the announcement "Great news sheep meat for dinner tonight "(they used to feed me) was a sheeps head with eyes/brains! Only advice bring flip flops for the shower and toilets. You learn to do your business very fast! You'll love every second there.



The Al-Arab youth hostel is the central point of the most important trip of my life. And for many other budget travelers, who once there, tended to stay for weeks or even months. One couple even had their pregnancy and gave birth there. I did the cooking in late 1999 and had immediate success with the guests, and people started coming from other hostels just to eat my dinner. The atmosphere here was one of joy, love and trust. I didn't even notice the dirt. And Flea the cat was everybody's darling! Without this experience, I would not be the same person today. I was "homesick" for Al-Arab and Jerusalem for more than two years after coming back home. I still have very emotional dreams about it and spend the whole next day longing to go back. Abu Waheed has been wonderful to me and now that it's ten years since I saw him last, I might actually go back.


No Place Like It on Earth

I have known Abu Waheed and his family at the Al Arab Hostel since 1970. I lived there during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. The hotel is unique in that it allows the visitor to share in the details of the everyday lives of normal Palestinian people and affords many insights into their plight and suffering. This is a hands-on experience for travelers that you are not going to get anywhere else in Jerusalem and I highly recommend this hostel to you. It is an experience that you will never forget -- and yes, posh hotels can be had later on in life!

Abu Waheed's Biggest Fan


I was in Al Arab hostel in 2001 only one night, but today it is great memory for me, because what happened that night in jerusalem will be never forgotten. it is amazing place -- (it was) very dirty, I believe since last crusaders no one tried to clean up there, but listening sounds of eight mosques in the morning is better than Dolby surround. and permanent shooting at night -- no problem. i hope, i will go there again.

stanislav Komarek
czech republic

It was something else

I was there in '96 and '97. i had so much fun there. it's the only place in the world that you can work for an arabic hostel, a jewish bar, and a christian petza place all at the same time. And thinking of going back at xmas to see what it's like.

english john

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Sorry, this hostel has closed.

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