Saint Mark's Lutheran Hospice



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Saint Mark's Road, Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel
31.776504, 35.230180 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+972 2 628 2120
+972 2 628 5107
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Great place!
Definitely one of the best places to stay in Jerusalem, especially if you some kind of Christian background. They offer a lot of places for recreation and just having a silent time, which would be in possible in almost all other hotels. Friendly staff, clean, just amazing!
Please don't stay here
Without a doubt the best accommodation in the Old City. Problem is the secret is out. Having stayed here five times in twenty years, I never had to book -- just rocked up and got a room at a great rate. But last time (Sept. '09) they were full! So, please don't go or, if you do, don't tell anyone else about it, please!
David James
A very special place in a very special location!
I stayed here twice in 1981 (I was twenty then) and 1982. Met a very special person there in 1981 and we just met again in Paris (2007) after twenty-six years! Great memories of the hostel which we just learned both of us never forgot. I say it is a very unique place in a very unique location in the world.
  I was here in May. Hostel guests have a curfew, and the posted information claims an age limit of about thirty-five, but it did not seem to be enforced. I stayed in a private room in the contiguous hotel, without curfew, and quite a bit pricier, maybe $65 a night. The entire old town is a ghost town at night, really creepy to come back in late from a club. Almost no one is on the streets at late hours. The place is clean, quiet, has great city views, a manicured garden, and the hostellers seemed to enjoy the outdoor seating and kitchen. The breakfast buffet which comes with the hotel rooms is varied and filling.
  I, a single white female, chose to spend the one night I had in Jerusalem here. I was very disappointed! It is difficult to find, especially after dark. As I descended the stairs, I was accosted by every shopkeeper along the way. Being that I have never visited Jerusalem before, I was not prepared for their aggressive ways. After finally finding their sign (a local helped point me in the right direction.) and ascending the stairs, I rang the doorbell twice before I was allowed inside. Upon entering the hostel, I was greeted by the manager of the hostel. He was kind but I was put off by his crotch-adjusting during the entire check-in process! It was bad enough that I had second thoughts about staying at the hostel. After signing in, he gave me a quick tour and my bed linens. I descended to the cellar, passing the bathroom along the way. The bathroom was at the top of the stairs and was fairly clean, although a bit smelly. This smell carried itself all the way to the door of the dorm room. The dorm room, too, had a smell. Of course, it is located in the cellar of this very old building! The dorm room was very unique with its stone walls and cave-like setting. Not much to the beds -- typical bunkbeds laid out in haphazard fashion. As for the kitchen, decent facilities and plenty of open space in which to sit. I favored the garden terrace. It had great views of the Old City. This hostel is in a great location but there are many that are and I'd like to be able to compare this to the others.
  The Lutheran Hostel in Jerusalem was one of my favorite places to stay in all of Israel. Located within the walls of the old city, it is quite an experience and the view was magnificent! The hostel is within walking distance of the temple mount and the western wall. The help was very friendly and helpful, and the food was delicious.
  The best hostel I stayed ever! Everytime I visit Jerusalem, I stay in this hostel. Not only it is clean, is safe, and has a lovely terrace to view the Old City. Staff is also very helpful.
  Stayed here on our first visit to Israel about four years ago -- a real gem of a place -- a very quiet haven after the bustle of the souks. Magnificent views over the old city from the roof garden and balconies. We are staying there again this year. I would highly recommend it to anyone. We stayed in the Guest House and had a room with en-suite -- almost a luxury hotel.
Creina Penfold

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