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The Review

Hostel Baccarat is one of the cheapest hostels in Nice, but if you prefer a bit more quality you may want to spend a few euro more.

The Location

Hostel Baccarat is only a two-minute walk away from Nice’s railway station and the airport bus, while the stop for the local bus that passes the airport is a ten-minute walk. Both buses run four or more times per hour and take up to thirty minutes. The hostel is located in the northern part of Nice’s city centre, a few steps from the main street Avenue Jean Médecin, with many shops. If you walk down the main street, you will reach the Old Town and the boulevard in about fifteen minutes. The hostel is situated on a quiet street and outside noise won’t disturb your night rest. Note that the sign on the building says “Hotel Baccarat,” while it actually a hostel.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Hostel Baccarat offers both dorms and private rooms. The rooms have an electric door lock and you will receive a pass on arrival. Dorms come in different sizes. All rooms are en suite and have air conditioning. The rooms could use some maintenance. Old chewing gum sticks on are the beds and the bathroom is smelly. Underneath each bunk there are cages where you can stock your valuables. You will need to bring your own lock. However, you can still lift the top of the cage a bit and those with bad intentions could take out small items such as laptops, even when you locked the cage.

Common Spaces

When you enter the building, it will feel like you enter a hotel instead of a hostel. The hostel has a few common spaces -- there is a computer room, a party room, and a garden. The computer area may come in handy if you need to research or book something online, as the Wi-Fi in the hostel is unpredictable and drops frequently. The party room is a very promising name for a room where you won’t find any others most of the times. The furniture is also falling apart and should be replaced. Then there is the garden, which is actually nice. The garden is shared with Hostel Antares, which is on the other side of the garden and is run by the same owner. The garden is a great place to meet other travelers any time of the day. If you want to cook something you can use Hostel Antares’ hostel, which is attached to the garden.


While the quality of the rooms may differ, Hostel Baccarat could use some maintenance in both the rooms and common spaces. The indoor common area is also not a great place to meet other travelers, although the shared garden with Hostel Antares is.
by Martin Straatman Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Baccarat" at 39, Rue d'Angleterre.)


39, Rue d'Angleterre, Nice, French Riviera, France
43.704879, 7.264624 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+33 (0)4 93 88 35 73
00 33 4 93 16 11 22
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80% Guest Reviews

Not the best
The staff was very friendly and the common spaces were excellent. The rooms however, were pretty awful. They weren't clean, the window was broken, and the bathroom was gross. On the positive side, it was a great location.
Age 21, USA
Good stay
Good friendly staff. It was not cramped when we stayed, got placed in a room with 1 other person and 5 empty beds out of 6. Decent internet, was able to torrent latest TV shows. Close to food, train, shopping, and beach.
Age 23, Canada
It is lovely and the staff are helpful.
I hope to return this summer for my third stay here. I love the hostel, made lots of friends with other travelers and the staff at the hostel, and I found the amenities excellent.
Ellie Ridge
Hostel Baccarat is a mixed bag, as many hostels are. Proximity to the train station, daily cleaning of the rooms, and an ever-helpful staff add to the pleasing atmosphere they hope to provide. But availability of bathrooms, location in the dodgy part of Nice, and a lax room security may turn away savvy backpackers. The Location Hotel Baccarat is easy to locate due to its proximity to Nice's main train station and a large vertical sign directly above the doorway of the hostel itself. The walk to the train station is five minutes, to the beach is twenty-five minutes, and to the olde towne is thirty minutes. Unfortunately, the ease of location doesn't mean that the neighborhood feels safe. The areas near train stations in Europe are usually to be avoided in the evening and Nice is no exception. The area has a general feeling of being the dodgy part of town and right across the street are the peep shows and adult stores. We recommend that, ladies in particular, be wary and travel in groups if you plan on staying here. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms, including ten-bed-dorms, are fairly spacious and daily well-cleaned. The bathrooms, likewise, provided enough space for changing, showers, etc. The problems that we encountered, in regards to the rooms, are a lack of bathrooms (one bathroom for a ten-bed room), and a lax door-security system. The front desk has a limited number of keys for each room and these keys must be left at the front desk when any guest exits the hostel to be picked up again upon returning. The problem with this system is that the staff does not verify the validity of each person taking a key. When someone says "room 100" he or she is given the key with no questions asked, even if the staffperson on duty has not seen them before. While this did not cause any thefts or significant problems during our stay, it is something to note and be careful of, particularly as there are no lockers in the rooms. Common Spaces A kitchen, dining area, and computer center are available during certain hours of the day and internet access for guests is free. This, we found, is the best way to meet people in the hostel--standing in line for the computers or sitting in one of a couple chairs in the lobby. Not many people use the dining or kitchen area, but it is available to them and everything appears to be very clean. Summary In summary, this is not a hostel we recommend. While the rooms were clean, the staff kind, and the internet access free, it is never a good idea to stay somewhere with lax security in a bad part of town. During our stay there quite a few guests canceled their reservations and moved across town to other hostels. This may be the best idea. by Gigi Griffis
Gigi Griffis
Skip this place
I was somewhat mislead and booked this hostel last summer. I booked into another hostel, but at the reception, they placed me into this one. Total Bullsh*t. I get into a room shared with like eight other people, which I don't mind, but i paid for a four-person room to get a bit more privacy. Then i get into the showers and it is seriously barely dripping water. This however is not a problem since I am pretty chill. What ruined this hostel for me was that I came back at 3:02 a.m. and the curfew was 3 a.m. They didn't let me in and I had to sleep on a bench beside a bum at the train station. F***ing bullsh*t. Never stay here.
Randall Bishop
  The rooms are small and we had eight in ours which meant virtually no room to move. The shower sucked and with seven other guys lining up to use it was a nightmare. The area is not that great but not too bad either and close to the train station. The breakfast was not bad for a hostle but just being so squashed up ruined it for me.
  This place was horrible. The rooms were cramped, hot, and faced a very noisy street. It looked like a great find from the outside. The lobby is very well decorated, but once you get into the rooms it was a let down. It wasn't dirty or unsafe... just not nice.

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