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The Review

Located on the side of a beautiful mountain, Hostel Vista Serena is a beautiful place to spend a couple of days. The road to the hostel is a two-lane road, which is also pretty winding, but it is all paved -- which is very nice, compared to some of the other cities in Costa Rica.

The Location

It's the perfect distance from Manuel Antonio National Park, which allows for a perfect day trip. The town is very pretty and a wonderful place to spend a few days near the beach. The weather is generally hot and humid year round; the rainy season occurs May through November. The dry season is from December through April.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms and bathrooms are very nice and well kept. There are many room and bathroom options. There are full bathrooms with showers and half-bathrooms with only toilets available. The half-bathrooms are separated for men and women. All the bathrooms are very clean. There are dorms and private rooms available. Some dorms are equipped with air conditioning, which is very nice due to the humidity in the area. They also provide fans in rooms that do not have air conditioning.

Common Spaces

With the deck/patio overlooking the beautiful ocean horizon, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in the morning while swaying in a hammock. The hostel provides free coffee and toast in the morning. The kitchen is very well organized and clean; plates and utensils -- as well as some seasonings and communal sauces and such -- are available to use. They have a clean fridge and freezer available where you can put any groceries. There is also a small book exchange with a couple different guide books in a few different languages. It’s helpful to look some things up if you don’t have a guide book for the country. Parking is available right along the building for anyone driving or renting a car.


The staff are very friendly and available for any questions about the facilities or local area. The view is breathtaking at any time of the day, and the vibe is very relaxed, just like any other part of Costa Rica. It is a really cool spot to spend a couple of days.
by Veronica Staff Reviewer
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Common Area
Full Bathroom
Dorm with A/C
Common Area View


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Vista Serena" at 150 mts north of Escuela de Manuel Antonio.)


150 mts north of Escuela de Manuel Antonio, Manuel Antonio Road, Quepos (Manuel Antonio National Park), Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica
9.412581, -84.155845 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+506 777 5162 +506 777 5129
+506 2 777 5162
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88% Guest Reviews

Bugs, Iguanas (not gekkos), and sketchy housekeeping
When I first arrived I was impressed. Who wouldn't be with such a view. By the time I left I wish I slept in my car instead. Huge cockroaches filthy shared bathroom. Huge Iguana living in the ceiling of the private dorm shared bathroom and hand size cockroaches (I totally expect cockroaches and such at a place like this so no surprise there). What I dont expect is to roll up in my rental half hour before check out to see one housekeeper standing at the back of my building and quickly dash around the corner. When I rush to my room two housekeepers are walking out of my room with the quickness. I asked why are they in my private room 30 minutes before my check out. I worked in this industry and you always wait until a room checks out before cleaning unless they are long term. I only paid for one night. Sure enough missing about 30,000 Colones. Everyone plays dumb when I make a fuss of it. They also left the private room across from me open when they rushed out. I looked in and nobody in the room just backpacks. They were going through our sh*t and our neighbors. They aren't used to people rolling up with a car so fast and were not ready for it and had to scramble. I assume usually the lookout housekeeper would see walkers coming or a bus unload and have time to re-lock everything back down. Almost caught them red handed. Do not stay here!
Age 28, United States
Enjoyed the stay
I stayed in the 4 bed room in the main building. Excellent staff,(Conrad and Alex are good eggs) views, and met people from all over the world. Hope to return soon!
Age 48, USA
Good Views, Caring Staff
I stayed in a 4 bed room with A/C, first week of December. I'm glad I did as it was hot outside. The food was decent for the price, the view was absolutely stunning (best of any place I've stayed and better than most hotels), and the internet was the fastest I had in Costa Rica. The shower can be described as slightly warm, but this was the norm through many of the hostels I stayed at. The staff made sure you had everything you needed and answered any questions about the area. My lock was permanently locked on my day of departure (internals busted), they were ok with breaking their locker with tools so I could catch my bus and only asked a reasonable $4 to fix the now broken locker due to my crappy lock. Bus ride to Manuel Antonio beach or Quepos only 50 cents (250 colones), very easy to get to. I recommend this place.
Great view, nice common area
A nice place to be, close bus ride to the National Park, which is a must see. We stayed in the private room, which was clean and sufficient. We got bitten at night, not sure why, but it was not so great.
Ute und Helga
Not as great as they say
I don't recommend staying in the Barn, fourteen beds sharing one filthy bathroom and a filthy kitchen. No A/C, just a small fan. No hot water anywhere, actually no water, I showered all three days with just a small drip of cold water. No free internet. Free breakfast is just bread. The balcony with the hammocks is pretty cool, you'll meet some cool people. I guess my review would be much better if I had stayed in the smaller rooms with A/C and better bathrooms.
Loved it!
The whole V.S. crew were great. They make sure you are comfortable, having a good time, and they help you out with anything that you need whether it's questions about how to get around, insight on which tours to do, and just overall making sure that you have a great time in Costa Rica, which I did. The hostel is clean and insect free. A traveler that arrived from another hostel commented on how great it was to be there because they ended up staying the night before in a disgusting hostel where they had huge cockroaches. V.S. has quite the reputation for being an awesome hostel and hosting the fun. They have a very chill atmosphere and do not tolerate loud, disrespectful, and crazy drunken behavior. I will definitely recommend anyone that is staying in the Manuel Antonio/Quepos area to stay at Vista Serena. This is my first time staying at a hostel and I've been told that I've been spoiled because they are all not as great as this. Many people have extended their stay since you have such a fun time here, including myself, and I will be coming back!
Noisy, rowdy, no rules
My wife and I have stayed in many hostels and most have some rules for guests. Not SV. Parties til late at night and management does not care. It advertises a beach down a path. It is a trek through private property, down a road. Beds are nice with communal kitchen and facilities. Avoid this hostel.
Thom Foote
Big Disappointment
Bedbugs -- These two words sum it up. The dorm had so many bunk beds crowded into it that one could barely move between them. People who stayed in the dorm complained of being bitten by bedbugs, and my legs too were covered with bed bug bites -- and that was in a private room! I even had to pay $50 for the room despite showing my bites the following morning. I became ill the next day due to all the bites. Until the owners debug this hostel, it would be good to avoid it.

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