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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Red Star Hostel" at 6, Angel Kunchev str., Floor 3.)


6, Angel Kunchev str., Floor 3, Sofia, Sofia Province, Bulgaria
42.693287, 23.322430 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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(+359)889138298 (+359)888384828 0889138298
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71% Guest Reviews

  Not much that is good about this place. When we arrived, the ladies at the reception/TV room/breakfast room/common area took forever to sort out our booking, which we'd made on the Internet. Our room was right next to to blearing Bulgaria TV/breakfast/common room and was accessed via cardboard-covered glass doors. The whole hostel is obviously just an old apartment that has been fitted out on the cheap. Our windows were covered with a thin white sheet nailed to the sills in place of curtains. The beds were extremely uncomfortable with springs sticking through the blankets. The beds had bedbugs. We were bitten a number of times during our stay. A girl in the next room to ours was covered in bites. The management denied that there were bed bugs, of course. The "free" breakfast was a croissant and bad tea. The hot water didn't exist in the showers (even when you left it running for ten minutes as suggested). The "free" Internet was one old computer shoved in the corner of the dorm room so it was difficult for people not in the dorm room to use. The "nice" old lady running the place charged me for writing out the government-required form that you need to exit Bulgaria. No other place in Bulgaria charged us for this. The only good things about the place was its location and the travelers who stayed there. No I'm not just a complainer. I have traveled extensively around the world and can honestly say that the Red Star Hostel is one of the worst I've stayed in anywhere -- even Southeast Asia.
Russell Blackbourn
We arrived at the Red Star Hostel at around 12 p.m. to get our room. The woman working there was very nice and explained to us that because another group was late, we would receive a better room for the first night for the same pay. The rooms are very spacious, clean, and arranged conveniently. A TV with many channels (most in Bulgarian but few in English) is set in the room. The shower and toilets are clean and tidy (both are cleaned a few times a day). There is hot water all day long. Breakfast is a Bulgarian pastry with some tea or coffee. The hostel offers an free internet connection for everyone that is quick and easy to use. The atmosphere is mostly quiet -- other guests include people of all ages traveling alone and in groups as well as families. People come from all over the world and many of them use the internet to reserve the rooms. The hostel is located very close to the BTK (Bulgariam Telekom Company), where you can call home very cheaply. This is also it's a good reference place to tell a taxi driver to drop you off (from here, it's a three-minute walk to the hostel).
Uri Fishelson
  This is one of the best hostels I visited in Eastern Europe. The hostel location is one of the best you can get in Sofia. The hostel is very clean, with spacious rooms, and it's well heated during cold season, you could say even better from most hotels in town. The staff were very friendly, helping me with information and maps of the city. You can choose your breakfast, just ask them for your favorite.
Marius, France
  The room was cold at night and there didn't seem to be enough blankets to go around. The hot water was not so hot. I was later told it had to run for a bit before turning hot. That was info that would have been useful when I checked in. The place is rather disorganized. When we were trying to check out the manager thought there was one more of us then there actually was, and she argued with us about the price because of it. She was rather rude actually. The locale is convenient, and the place was clean. The bathrooms were nice, just lacking in hot water as I said before, even after running for a bit of time. Don't expect much on the breakfast end, and don't mind when people are allowed to show up at 5 a.m., turn the lights on and unpack everything they have.
  This hostel is totally in the town center, a perfect place. The traditional breakfast was made by the host. The price is average, and the rooms are new. The host is really kind, so I can recommend it. Go and see for yourself.
Dorina, Hungary
  My room was large and airy and well equipped for a dormitory. Rumi and her business partner were very good hosts and both spoke excellent English. The Red Star has a great location right in the center of Sofia. Breakfast, though slightly limited, was good. The hostel has good facilities. Although I am not a young backpacker, it was a great and fun way to meet new people.
Martin, United Kingdom
  Passable. Could be better.
  This was definitely a fun place to stay in Sofia. It was very clean, everything seemed brand new, and the location really is awesome! The only problem was that on my second night, they just crammed a bunch of beds into our rooms (making it almost impossible to make to our own beds!), and the breakfast could have been better. Still, it was a very nice place, however.

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