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Rua Paulo da Gama, 551, Porto (Oporto), Porto, Portugal
41.148268, -8.658820 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Not Safe!
Warning -- This place is not safe. Someone came into our private room and robbed all of our electronic devices.
Age 26, USA
Big hostel outside city center, but good base for exploring Porto
The Porto HI Hostel is a big hostel, and may feel a little impersonal. However, beds are very comfortable and every dorm has its own balcony overlooking the quiet street; private rooms overlook the river Douro. The hostel is open twenty-four hours a day, and there is a luggage storage room so there's no need to carry your luggage around until check-in at 6 p.m. Nice -- they have an industrial scale in the luggage room, so if the hostel is your last stop before heading to Porto Airport, you can check if your bag isn't exceeding your airline's weight limitations (not unlikely since there are some excellent bottles of Port wine for sale in this city!). Common rooms are ok -- there are comfortable sofas, internet (not free), and video games in the same room as the bar. The kitchen is a bit small considering the size of the hostel, with only one table and a few pots and pans. Bathrooms are ok, though the light works with a motion sensor resulting in darkness a few minutes after I'd entered my shower cubicle -- a little annoying. However, the great sunset over the Douro estuary from the park just below the hostel makes you forget this little downside. Catch bus #500 from the Sao Bento railway station (stop: Fluvial), or bus #207 from Campanha station (stop, Pousada de Juventude) to get to the hostel. Bus #500 runs until 1 a.m., and then continues as night bus until the following morning. During daytime (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.), tram #1 also runs from the Fluvial stop towards the center. If you arrive in Porto early and don't want to drop your bag at the hostel (fifteen- to thirty-minute bus ride) -- there are big lockers at the Sao Bento railway station (€5 for three to twelve hours).
  At the time, this was the only hostel in Porto, plus there was a lockout until 6 p.m. which meant me trudging around for hours in the wet February rain. At least now the train stations have lockers, so I wasn't lugging a heavy backpack around all day. The hostel is a LONG journey from the city centre (it was at least forty minutes by bus), but the outside scenery very much makes up for it -- it's overlooking the mouth of the River Douro towards the sea and is only a stone's throw from the beach, so I'm sure I'd be a little more appreciative had it been the summer. My experience at the hostel was fine, fine bathrooms and bedrooms and social room, although I arrived late and left early the next day, so I hadn't hung out there for long.
Jim H
  The problem with the Pousadas is that you'll hardly find anyone who speaks English, which can be a problem if you ask them for the directions how to get there. The other problem is that they let you in only at 6pm, so if you arrive early you'll hardly find a place where you can leave your luggage and explore the town (train stations in Portugal rarely have a luggage storage). I'd suggest a hotel that's more centrally located, the prices off the high season aren't that high (I payed 35 euros for a single room, but it was worth after all the complications I had with the Pousadas).
  It was an ok place to stay. The kitchen was pretty stinky though they did serve a breakfast for only 1 euro. Internet access was terribly expensive (prohibitively so). The TV/bar/common room was cool and comfy, and the satellite TV was choice. The bar seemed to open and close randomly for the locals, and the common room/bar/TV room did come with a free local drunken guy! The rooms were ok, but the beds were very noisy and did seem like they might collapse!! Some of the staff were good; some of them weren't that flash. It was a little difficult to find; it's opposite a supermarket up a short hill. It's not hard to meet people there unless you are socially inept; the buses to and from town and the bus station are sweet.
  Well, Porto doesn't give backpackers much of a choice. My suggestion is skip this hostel and get a hotel. It looks like a 1970's mental institution that lost funding. I thought my bunk bed would collapse in the night. My friend was in a different room and got overbooked, so he had to sleep in the lobby, also his pack was ransacked by Portuguese soccer punks. Avoid this nightmare dungeon if you can!
Ross from beyond
  Since the hostel overlooks the river, it has an excellent view. Each room has its own balcony. Rooms are average in size and clean. Beds are in relatively new conditions. Unlike some hostels where there aren't enough bathroom stalls, this one more than adaquately provide enough stalls for the guests in each level. Bathrooms are also is clean conditions and showers are relatively new. There's a supermarket right across the street from the hostel. The beach is within walking distance, about a 15 to 20 minutes walk. It takes about 20 minutes or so to reach the center of Porto from the hostel by bus. The acutal distance is about 4 km. Bus stop is 50 meters from the hostel but beware that buses runs until 8p.m. on weekends. Cost is 10 eurosfor low season and 15 euros during the high season. There is also a 1.50 euro reservation fee.
Lynette Lim
  Good Points: Clean, comfortable rooms with a patio overlooking the sea; a great common room with satellite TV; soft couches; a bar and pool table; it's right next door to the grocery store; and it's well organized. Bad Points: Long lockouts; you need to leave your only key at the front desk when you go out for the night; it's hard to meet people; it's far from town; and it's mostly old folks who stay here.

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