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The Review

Toni's Guesthouse is more a little town of its own than an actual hostel -- several nicely restored houses, set in pretty garden surroundings, make up this lovely retreat. Add to that excellent service and very low prices and you have found yourself the best stay on Tongatapu.

The Location

It's a bit out of the city, which is a good thing. It is quiet (if you ignore the dogs and roosters) and green all around. It's also easy enough to find once you have figured out at which of the Chinese shops you need to take a turn. The last bit once your off the main road unfortunately is a bit rough. Or actually a lot. But it's only for a few hundred meters. Cars can be parked on the premises. They also offer a very cheap shuttle to and from the airport as well as shuttles into town. Shuttles into town leave roughly every two hours from half past nine in the morning until nine at night. The transfer takes about five minutes and will drop you off/pick you up at the main post office of Nuku'alofa -- all that for a small fee per way per person. Transfers to town at other times or to other destinations are also available but at higher costs (still very affordable though).

Rooms and Bathrooms

There is quite a wide range of rooms available here, most of them dorms. There is the green house, which is the oldest of the bunch and thus also has the cheapest rooms. The yellow and the blue house have newer and nicer rooms for a bit more money and also have larger gardens surrounding them. The dorms in the newer houses are all airy and bright and spotlessly clean. They are equipped with about six single beds each, all having their own mosquito nets. The beds are rather close to each other, not leaving much room for privacy or luggage. Apart from the beds there isn't really much in terms of furniture.

Bathrooms are shared and unfortunately there is only one bathroom per floor. Shower and toilet are in the same room, so waiting times for either can be quite long if the place is packed (which it rarely is). The bathrooms themselves are spacious and clean with plenty of hot water for the showers (powered by rainwater).

Common Spaces

Each house has their own common room and they slightly differ in size and furnishing. There can be a separate living and dining area or a combined one. Each house has outdoor seating. The living areas have TV and bookshelves.The kitchens have all the necessary utensils but no salt or oil. All spaces are kept clean at all times. There is also plenty of garden space in the form of outdoor tables and chairs or lawn areas to chill out on. For those in need of internet the reception offers Wi-Fi connection and two netbooks for those without their own devices. The reception can also help with all kinds of information on the island or onward travel. The hostel also organizes their own island tours (highly recommended) which can be booked here.


This is a very nice place with rock bottom prices for those who prefer a calm environment over the hustle and bustle of the city.
by gagalichen Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Toni's Guesthouse" at Tofoakoloua Tongatapu.)


Tofoakoloua Tongatapu, Nuku'alofa, Tonga
-21.155878, -175.230861 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+676 21049
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Depends what you are looking for and where you stay
Toni's is a large, clean, cheap, friendly guesthouse full of like minded travelers of all ages. We stayed in the blue house where we had full kitchen facilities, television, and private or shared bedrooms. Toni himself is a mystery, some days ridiculously friendly but others not so much! The location is good for getting into town and those who don't like walking can get the guest house shuttle bus for just a dollar a trip. One of the highlights of this guesthouse is that tours of the island can be arranged through Toni and trips to the cultural show are also commonplace.
Katy Allchorne
It's an excellent place to stay!
We traveled around Tongatapu and Ha'apai for more than four months and this is definitely the cleanest and best budget place we have seen. Yes, there are insects in Tonga, but they are everywhere. But Toni's is the only place we've seen where e.g. the mattress and pillows are put into the sun regularly to prevent bedbugs. It wasn't a problem for us that the guesthouse is not "downtown" since you can get a lift in and out of town anytime for 1 Pa'anga. It wasn't a problem for us to get to talk to the staff in English either. We can only recommend the place. In total, we spent almost four weeks at Toni's guesthouse.
The A-Team
Toni's Guest house is an ideal place to stay as a first stop in Tonga. If he knows you are coming, Toni will pick you up at the airport -- he runs an excellent transport service and charges very reasonable rates for the service. The Guesthouse is located in a suburban area and it's a short ride into town. Toni can also help you book the next place you want to go and take you to the wharf if you need. The atmosphere here is very relaxed. Nobody rushes about anywhere in Tonga. The dining/sitting room at Toni's is a great place to meet other travelers and get tips on what to do and where to go. A great place to start is one of Toni's famous island tours. It's very reasonably priced for a whole day tour and you will learn a lot about Tonga so it's ideal to take the tour in your first days in Tonga. Toni has comfy double rooms and dorm rooms, which include linen. Doubles and dorm beds cost the same price. All rooms have shared bathrooms. The showers are ok -- they are the electric "power shower" type which never seem to have too much power. The bathrooms are very clean, as is the rest of the place. It is always clean and tidy and extra little touches like fresh flowers on the table are lovely. There is a kitchen for self-catering that has basic cooking equipment and a fridge. Toni's rooms are in a few different buildings on a residential block. There are nice tropical gardens and a fish pond. When it's busy, guests can also stay in the house across the road. It's recommended to book your first nights with Toni before you arrive -- that way you can get picked up at the airport, and arrange any return visits once you get there. There is always a bed for you at Toni's. He will give you his own bed if he has to!
Tessha Mearing
An Experience!
This is a funny place. A mate and I stayed here for a couple of nights when we arrived in Tonga to go surfing in 2005. The worst thing is that it is in the middle of a village that is miles away from anything! It is nowhere near a beach and is fifteen-minute drive from the town centre (although there isn't a lot happening there either!). But, having said that, it's cheap and is probably most appropriate for your first night in Tonga, just to figure out what you want to do and where to go (be forewarned, however: nothing ever goes to plan in Tonga!). Toni is an interesting fellow from Manchester who has lived in Tonga for God knows how long! He has a very dry sense of humour, can seem abrupt at times but, all in all, just seems a little tired of having people stay with him and showing them around. For what the place costs, I suppose it is adequate -- although the kitchen has only very basic facilities (no toaster, no can-opener). Do not stay any more than one or two nights here or you will be absolutely bored out of your brains!
Just awful
The room was in a disgusting state. The linen was all stained with holes in, the mattresses were like wood, and it stunk. The shower was like standing under a drip, and it seems you share the shower room with half the countries insects. On the topic, there were cockroaches in the room along with millions of mosquitoes. Other than Toni, the staff cannot speak good English, which can be a little confusing when telling them where and when to pick you up from the town. One or two of the staff are particularly unfriendly and Toni himself is not exactly a ray of sunshine. He made it seem as if I was more of a bother than a customer. The tour of the island that Toni offers is poor but it's something to do. The main event seemed to be the three-headed coconut tree -- that says it all! Overall it was a very unenjoyable stay yet I don't think there will be anywhere else to stay in Tonga that's much better.
(United Kingdom)
  This place is very different from what you might be used to, but I have given it 4 stars because, for Tonga, it is good. It's very friendly, laid back and helpful. I loved it and would stay there again for sure. The bedrooms are small and have fans. There is a kitchen, and they will drive you places nearby if you pay.

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