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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Dioskouros Hostel" at 6 Pittakou Street.)


6 Pittakou Street, Plaka, Athens (Athinai), Attica, Greece
37.971174, 23.732338 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+30 2103248165
003210 3219991
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Value for money, highly recommended
Hostel Dioskouros is of prime location just a few minutes walk to Plaka, Temple of Zeus & Acropolis. Cozy environment and clean. Definitely highly recommended.
Peter Chan
Age 40, Malaysian
Very pleasant stay! Terrific location.
I stayed here for about ten days last summer. I have suggested this location to several folks since that time and will absolutely return next time I am in Athens. My room was in the ladies dorm. It wasn't anything fancy, but for such a low price in such a great location it was certainly sufficient. It does get a bit chilly on cool spring nights, but there are plenty of blankets. Breakfast is sufficient, though it won't pacify the typical appetite of an American guy. It was enough for me, though. It's coffee, juice (Tang style), boiled eggs, bread with jelly/honey/butter, tea if you want, and sometimes olives or fruit. Be early, though, as some folks seem to think it's an all you can eat buffet and pile up plate after plate. (When food runs out, it's gone for the morning, though there is usually plenty of bread and you can always make coffee and tea.) If it's not enough, stop at a street market or stall and pick up a bit of fruit to round out your breakfasts. The manager was very easy to deal with, so long as you understand you aren't staying in a five-star tourist class accommodation and don't demand the amenities of a $150 room. The place feels very safe -- the outer doors are locked at night and you have to ring the bell to come in at night. The courtyard is kept quiet at night, so if you want to party big time, stay somewhere else. The courtyard is a really pleasant place, though, to sit and read or write in a journal during the hot mid-afternoon. Best of all is the location. I can't stress how wonderful this is. You can leave the door and be at most of the major sites within a short walk. I felt safe walking alone (female) even at 9 and 10 at night in this neighborhood. Do take a small keychain size flashlight, though. Backstreets won't have the lighting that most Americans are accustomed to seeing. I want to mention again how helpful the staff was. When I left this hostel, I was headed to reservations at another hotel in Athens. (I was meeting friends and had made plans long before.) It turns out that hotel wasn't in such a hot location. The manager was really concerned about this and gave me cards for twenty-four-hour taxis, an English speaking tourist agent, and his own card so I could get back to the hostel if I needed to do so. He called my cab and arranged my cab fair so I would have fair rates, and even arranged for me to share with another hostel guest going to a nearby location so we'd have cheaper rates. They also stored my luggage for free after my long stay. Be reasonable and polite and you'll have a nice stay here. Be an "ugly American" and you may not like it so much.
This place is a scam. My friend and I arrived after traveling for about ten hours overseas exhausted and ready to call it a night, and we found, to our surprise, that our reservation for a private, two-person room didn't exist, the reservation we had made through email, and received confirmation for two months in advance. When we showed the owner our confirmation email, he gave some stupid excuse about how he was blameless but he would "help us out." How kind of him. He sent us to a different hostel across town which he apparently owned also. This hostel was right down the street from Omonia Square, which from everything I've read, is crack and hooker central. We then were charged 20 euros each (the discount price for all our trouble) to carry our huge suitcases up five flights of stairs with no help, and to stay in what I'm certain used to be a broom closet, no exaggeration. The room was so tiny, it could barely fit one bunk bed in it, it had a huge ceiling though and an industrial fan up at the top of the ceiling, it was very bizarre, and our only window looked out onto a landing and a cement wall which was four feet away, so there was no air flow at all. Plus, I'm pretty sure I got bedbugs from this place, I remember seeing specks on the sheets, but they weren't moving, so I figured it was fine, and then when I was all itchy a week later, I read that specks on the sheets is a sign of bedbugs. Unfortunately, we had booked this place twice, one night before we went to Mykonos, and the night we returned from Mykonos, and the owner even tried to swindle us upon our return when we were on guard for scams -- unbelievable! We had reserved a two-person room and he tried to put us in a four-person room. I really don't know how this place is still in business, I imagine only because it relies on the naivete of weary travelers. Do not stay here, this was the worst experience I've had with any hostel and I've traveled fairly extensively around Europe in the last four years.
Decent value for the money
If you're looking for anything other than a place to sleep, this isn't the best option. The reservation system is pretty interesting, and it just seems that they put you wherever they want you regardless of what type of room you reserved. The owner was very helpful and he was able to give us some good tips about the area, though he seemed a little to eager to recommend the hotels and restaurants owned by his friends. Half of the rooms in the place are horrible and dark, but the other half (facing the street) are bright, clean, and cute. The bathrooms left a lot to be desired as well. But it's a great location in Plaka, close to everything you would want to see, so it's definitely worth it for the price.
  The staff at this hostel were not very helpful. All they cared about was to sell their packages, and they knew nothing else about Athens. I tried to ask them some simple questions about the ferries to the islands, they said they only knew about their packages and nothing else. I stayed there for only two nights. They did not tell me that I needed to change rooms when I checked in, so my plans were disrupted when they told me that I had to switch to another room as I was stepping out from the hotel on my second day. They also pre-charged all two nights on my credit card (I booked through a hostel Web site and I was told that only a 10% deposit would be charged), which was fine because I arrived in Athens as planned, but what if I changed my plans? They didn't even plan to give me a receipt. I asked for a receipt and it took them the full two days to get me one (because they claimed they didn't have a fax/photocopying machine in the hostel). I needed to check out early to catch a ferry. The night before, the staff promised me that the breakfast would be prepared for me to take away. Turned out that nothing was prepared when I needed to leave. The front desk was not open 24 hours, either. There was only a caretaker who slept in the hallway to collect your room keys. So don't expect any kind of services from this place.
  OK, so first things first. This is a good, cheap option for your stay in Athens...BUT!!...that's if you can find the place! The guesthouse is tucked away in a back street of the old Plaka area. It's well within walking distance of the Acropolis (probably about 20 minutes to get to the foot of the site). Like I say though, I found it very hard to find my way back to the guesthouse at night and I got lost on three separate occasions. I'd be walking round in the vicinity for hours. And I'm normally quite good with directions, too. Luckily, it's a nice area to explore. The accommodation itself was very simple. The room and the shared shower were clean enough and the prices were very good for Athens. Nothing really to rant and rave about, but then again there was nothing to complain about either. I guess the price is very much in its favor. Just remember to leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind you when you leave the place....
David W.

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