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477 Kent Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
-33.873273, 151.204973 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 2 9267 7718
+61 (2) 9267-7719
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Pretty Nice Hostel
It's a pretty nice Hostel. Bedrooms get cleaned once per day and the people I've been with were tidy and so were the rooms. Bathrooms get cleaned once or twice per day and are also generally clean. It's pretty central, 1-2 minutes to the Townhall sub-station & Woolworths; 7-Eleven and a Bar are right next-door (thus it could get a bit loud at weekends, but normally it's not too bad). The Staff is really friendly and helpful. I can't say anything about the kitchen or the TV-room simply because I haven't been there, since there are plenty possibilities around to get food (7-Eleven next-door; subway ~1min; 'Asian noodles' ~1min; KFC 3-4min; McDonalds or Hungry Jack's 3-5min). WiFi is 4$/Day or 20$/week and depending on your rooms location/floor and how many people use it at times, it can be somewhat bad and frustrating to use, but in general you can do pretty much everything with it e.g. Streaming TV-shows.
  Fantastic place. enjoy now.
Age 32, Sri Lanka
hostel located very close to the city and supermarkets, which is good! i was more satisfied with my mattress in sydney. but the bathroom situation in sydney was annoying. you had always to have your keycard with you to enter the bathroom and i couldnt find toilets on the ground floor or even on the kitchen level! base sydney was very clean and quiet and you can enjoy nice drinks in the scary canary bar next to the hostel. and also the receptionists were very friendly and helpful.
Base Sydney is a very lively party hostel situated in the heart of Sydney. Their claim of being "more central than central" is certainly justified, however, it is a fair distance from the train/bus stations. The Location In terms of location, Sydney base is perfect for those looking for cheap accommodation within the busy city life of Sydney. The hostel is located next door to its resident bar, the "Scary Canary," where cheap drinks and meal deals can be found before a night out in the city. As a result of this, the major demographic of residents at the hostel is very lively, with a constant party atmosphere. We did, however, find that a large proportion of guests (eight out of ten in our dorm, for example) are long term visitors to Sydney looking for work, rather than travelers. In addition to this, the hostel is located less than five minutes' walk away from Darling Harbour, where a cinema as well as numerous bars, restaurants, and shops can be found. It is also only half an hour's walk away from Circular Quay where the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House are located; as well as being the main ferry port for trips to other areas of the city such as Manly, where quieter beaches can be found. The hostel isn't, however, ideal for those looking to visit the busier beaches such as Bondi -- use of public transport is required to get to these. Rooms and Bathrooms Overall, the standard of the rooms is very average, with the cleaning of these seeming to be restricted to large-scale yet irregular spring cleans. Under-bed lockers are available in each room, however, these require the use of personal padlocks in order to secure them and are a very tight squeeze for those with larger backpacks! The bathrooms and showers, however, are very clean with plenty of toilets, showers, and sinks for everyone -- even during a time of full occupancy, which was the case when we stayed. Common Spaces In terms of common spaces, Base Sydney's kitchen and laundry facilities are very large, giving plenty of room for everyone to cook and do the washing without getting in each others' way. Cooking equipment is limited to hobs and microwaves, however, and you must rely on the washing up skills of fellow guests for clean cutlery and dishes. The hostel does seem to lack common areas for guests to relax, with these being limited to a small TV room which is almost constantly full, and table tennis and table football equipment, which is almost always being used. Summary Overall, this hostel is very good for people looking for a party atmosphere in the heart of Sydney. The proximity to Darling Harbour also allows for an escape to a more upmarket area of town if desired. However, if you are looking for a more relaxed hostel or a base for Sydney's beaches, this probably isn't the place!
Sam Hopkinson
Not the worst but aint the best
Done two stints at this hostel, first time I ended up staying here for nearly 3 month. I managed to get set up with a good job in the city, which was only 10 minutes walk away from the Hostel. So I ended up staying here till I had enough to rent an apartment. This hostel has a bad habit of making people turn into w@nkers though, it was harder to make friends here for some reason, and if other backpackers find out your working in a good job they hate you even more. But I just got on with it and met a good bunch of people here. Always found the toilets to be clean think they get clean twice a day. It aint uncommon to hear the guy in the shower next to you jerking though. Kitchen could be a bit nightmarish at times had food go missing a few times here bought 12 eggs on the way home from work once, woke up next day to find that all but 1 had a gone. At least the thieves here are kinda considerate like that (but thats still not cool guys). At one stage I remember trying to find a folk, but it would have been easier finding the secret to eternal youth. That went on for about 1month or so. My advice is to get a food bag you can put a mini padlock on. t.v room ok, you get the usual no hopers hanging around here. The internet is pricey but always up and running. Laundry here is good, washers dryers, iron and ironing board. Like said before though people staying here for long peiods of time tend to form cliques and move all into one room, and if your unlucky enough to get put into that room were they have all know each other for awhile it can be hard work make friends or getting a good night sleep, as on 1 occasion some1 had the speakers blarring out at 2:30am. But If you move rooms you will eventually meet some cool people (it a lottery half the time who you get, thats not the hostels fault.) But you will notice that a alot of backpackers camp down here for quiet some time, the longest was a guy who had stayed there for nearly 10 months. At first I thought they put some sorta nerve gas in the air con as people always seem to tired on energyless to leave. I'd do a whole day at work, come home and at least 3 of my roommates would have still been in bed or gone back to bed. Always stuff going on a the bar next door, looks a bit lame at first but once you go, you will have a good time, pub quiz is always good, they use to give you free pizza as well, when you bought a beer on quiz night. Overall its a decent place, its clean comfortable, and kinda grows on on ya after a while. There are worst places to stay in Sydney.
Overall pretty good
Stayed here for five nights in January, in their "Sanctuary" section (for girls only -- a little bit extra for which you get a towel, free small bottles of Aveda shampoo and vouchers for free drinks, don't believe them when they say "hair straighteners and hairdryer" -- the only hairdryer I could find didn't work!). The rooms were fine, good to have a security drawer beneath the bed (you can buy a padlock or bring your own), shower facilities were some of the best I've come across. The things that let the place down were the size -- it's a lot more difficult to get chatting to people in a hostel bar that's absolutely rammed with groups of people, despite the Scary Canary actually being quite a good laugh. I have never had such a problem with inconsiderate people stealing food as I had here. I went through three bottles of milk -- I only needed one, but they kept being used or going missing altogether. Not cool guys. The kitchen, although big, is not big enough for the amount of people staying there, even at 9 p.m. it was busy. Other facilities were pretty good, it's nice and central -- two minutes' walk from QV Building -- and the staff were friendly enough. I would probably stay here again, but won't be using the kitchen.
I stayed in a couple different rooms, the first one was small and cramped and stunk. The second one was larger and nicer. The place seemed pretty clean and nice, the bathrooms were also nice and clean. The kitchen was pretty good. Internet was $1 per fifteen minutes. Laundry was $3 per wash and $4 per dry. Located right in the city but on a relatively quiet street. A few of the staff (the very late night) were friendly and helpful, but the rest of them were rude. Has a common area and a TV room also.
Dirty and expensive
With all the advertising raving about this place, your expectations are high. Alas, when you get here, you'll be very very disappointed. A good point is that you can often get rooms here when all the other backpackers in Sydney are booked out. Alas, just three years after opening, Base is falling apart. Bad points -- Room locks don't work, the bathrooms are really tatty, and there are no windows with a view. Just a bit of new paint would brighten the place up. The staff have started charging $10 for a key deposit again (why? The keys rarely work!) but if you look behind the check-in desk you'll see a long list of things that are no longer offered. No lockers. No Solarium. Even the original bar at Base (called Transit [on level -1]) closed pretty soon after opening (it's now a camping shop) and so Base has taken over the bar next door, called the Scary Canary. Alas that has been forced to close for a while by the licensing authorities (a look on the SMH website will show you why -- there were a number of violent fights in there). Base has a very impersonal feel, and it's very difficult to meet people. The staff don't help things much -- they give an impression of not really caring. And finally, either a good or a bad point, the location. Base is stuck in the middle of the CBD -- this means shopping is a short walk (try walking over the road to the Town Hall mall. You can walk underground to Pitt Street or to the cinemas underground from here), alas the area is dead come 6 p.m., and it's a long walk to "backpacker central" where all the backpacker bars (Sidebar, Scubar, the really foul "Scruffy Murphies" [avoid the bouncers there -- they are really bad!]), are. Would I stay here again? Not unless I was desperate!

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