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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Sun Hostel Cairo" at El Tahrir Square, 2 Talaat Harb St.)


El Tahrir Square, 2 Talaat Harb St, Downtown, Cairo, Egypt
30.044925, 31.236671 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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staff are very friendly, great location, and great view of tarir square. made my trip worth coming for.
Age 37, british
Charming and reasonably priced hotel in central Cairo
I enjoyed my 3 nights-stay in the Sun Hotel for several reasons. first, the staff was always extremely friendly and helpful (even beyond their duty, special thanks to 'William' for helping me with my flight issues!!); second, the atmosphere was warm and familial, with lots of international guests mingling in the lobby area; third, the location is really convenient and you can overlook the vibrant Midan Tahrir (of course it will be noisy but that's Cairo anyway). only drawback was the internet connection, despite their claims that free wifi is available in all rooms it only worked in the lobby area (positive side effect -- even more people met and engaged in activities together). overall impression was very good and the price-performance ratio was convincing, I will definitely stay at the Sun Hotel again next time in Cairo.
Sun Hotel is excellent because his staff is very kind and ready to help you when you need! The hotel is clean. We will come back in Sun Hotel sure!
Staff are incredibly helpful
I was due to fly out of Cairo and into Nairobi when the riots in Kenya began -- consequently I was stuck in Cairo for about four days. I stayed here and with all my worries of having to book extra flights, contact my travel insurance, reassure worried relatives back home, being at the Sun Hotel made it a lot easier. Hosam Ramy gave me his mobile phone to make international calls and would not accept money for the calls I made. When I was now stuck there he organised tours for me to get out of Cairo -- I went to the Bahariya Oasis, white and black deserts for two days. They organised taxis for me and showed me the bus to Bahariya. The hospitality of the staff is not comparable to anywhere else I have stayed. The hotel is located centrally, above a busy square with shops and fast food outlets. The KFC downstairs is handy for those wanting western food but there are many kebab shops locally. Close to an exchange bureau, atm, small supermarkets. It's on the ninth floor so the noise from outside isn't a bother.
Sometimes, I didn't even want to leave the Hostel -- it was more fun!
I was a leader of a team of six who stayed here for several weeks in the beginning and the end of our two-month trip back in Dec. 2005 and the beginning of February 2006! Our experience was only positive. The staff was always friendly, kind, and helpful -- they became our Egyptian friends! The owner even gave us a gift when we left for home! The breakfast we got every morning was fantastic! (I still dream about the breakfast!) They always told us where to go and where not to go! They kept us out of trouble and kept trouble away from us! Now, you have to remember this is Egypt. Not everyone is like them but they were a rare jewel in my eyes. I hope to get back to Egypt soon even if only to see them!
(United States)
  The hotel itself is clean but sadly I relate experiences of a rather upsetting nature with this place that really taught me many lessons. when taking a trip to the pyramids never book it at this corrupt place! Paid too much entrance fee because of a highly aggressive "manager" (how he called himself), never passed by an official entrance but through some dodgy backside approach towards the pyramids. In the end my "friend" the "manager" put pressure on me to pay the "poor guy" who took me to the pyramids as he didn't receive any payment yet and he has family and kids to take care of. of course i didn't pay him any pound. The police that was all around didn't care at all about what was going on. my "guide" the brother from the reception guy in the hotel (mido) watched everything and so he was part of the game. In the hotel i insisted on getting my money back only to get offended by the staff. It was a hard struggle to get my money back and worked only by threatening them. I will never go there again.
Nicola Cordts
  My friends and I were given a very lengthy and unwelcome hard sell on tours / travel for sites all over Egypt by a staff member (Hosam Ramy). We bought a trip from the hotel to view the pyramids in Giza-- however instead of taking us to the main entrance we were taken around the back of the site on Camels through a gap in the fence where bribes were paid to the local police. We were told our entrance fee was included in the camel hire - however no official fee was ever paid. Entering via the 'back door' meant that we were not able to get up close to or go inside of the pyramids like officially paying visitors which spoilt the trip completely. The price we paid for the trip also included visiting 2 other sites - Saqqara & Memphis. When we arrived at Saqqara the driver tried to make us leave after just 10 minutes!! The driver then told us we were heading straight back to Cairo as Memphis wasn't worth going to - DO NOT BOOK TOURS / TRIPS WITH THESE PEOPLE.
Brendan Taylor
  Absolutely the best thing that may happen to a backpacker in Egypt is to visit Sun Hotel!!! It is located in Tahrir Square, two hundred meters only from the Egyptian Museum, and close to the bus and railway stations and every landmark in Cairo. It is clean, the beds are fairly comfortable, service is decent, and the prices more than reasonable. But what makes this hotel extraordinary is what Ramy, the tour operator of the hotel, can offer to a traveler. If you plan to see the most of Egypt, which is what I guess the most tourists want, this is the best choice you can make! When at first he offered my girlfriend and me a tour of Aswan, Abu Simble and Luxor with accommodation, transport, tours and guides included, and all that in only four days and all that for THAT price, we thought he was joking! What do I think about that offer now? It was undoubtedly the best trip of my life! First, Ramy can help you with the student cards, which enables discounts for every public place. In Luxor and Aswan his representatives are responsible for your accommodation and tours, they are accurate and at your service 24 hours. The hotels you're staying in are excellent and have breakfast included. The best guides, e.g. local hero Dr. Hadi in Luxor, are provided. And, finally, they are 100% reliable. Really, it's the best choice you can make! Don't hesitate! You can't make such a tour on your own, and certainly not for that cheap!
Aleksandar Jesic

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