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Av. Mitre 946, Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina
-32.891420, -68.845080 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Campo base en Valle Fertil: DO NOT GO HERE
This is a nice enough hostel, with very welcoming host, which soon is explained; he likes to film guests in the bathroom. Do not go here, very insulting!!
Bad, while you have a huge choice
i don't think they care. 1. made a reservation but they didn't register it 2. the four of us were placed in 3 different, extremely cramped, dorms 3. and no bedsheets. All of this is not such a big deal as you can just go to a different hostel in town, there are millions and most have an outside area, sometimes with pool.
Not good enough
CHINCHES/BedBugs and no help in relieving distress and discomfort caused. No customer service offered. Sorry is not the hardest word, help is. I arrived to a great welcome. The social aspect to the hostel was wonderful. I met warm and interesting people. However, the "big guy" behind the counter, who may or may not be the owner, does not like to disturb his internet usage with your petty queries. Bedbug bites take 10/12hours to appear. I am allergic to insect bites and I was in pain by midnight the following day. I arrived back from an excursion tired and somewhat bewildered by this angry rash and insane itch. The 24hr reception did not suggest a 24 hour doctor or pharmacy. I was asked if I was sure it was bed bugs and why didn't they infect anyone else so I fetched bed bug bodies from my sheets. I was told "Sorry, all the beds are full in all the HI hostels.' This information was relayed by telepathy/no need to check bookings on my behalf. A hangdog expression and repeated apologies with no practical help did not relieve the itch. I was not offered a discount or my money back. At this stage, it was too late to move anywhere and I didn't want money, I wanted a rest. I had to spend another night in the bug infested bed with a silk liner, lots of repellent and one eye open. I did not sleep and no one asked me how I was the next day. I was horrified to pay for a bed and end up looking like I had some sort of plague instead. It almost ruined my holidays in Mendoza, a fantastic city full of great people. It is lazy and inhumane to see someone in obvious pain and discomfort and then do nothing whatsoever to help them in any way.
HI - Mendoza - Campo Base Hostel is well located and has large common areas (including a bar) enabling guests to socialise, along with regular theme nights (such as Pizza Party, or the BBQ) to encourage a friendly atmosphere. There is a twenty-four-hour manned reception and plenty of information on other HI hostels for onward travel or activities to undertake during your stay in Mendoza. The Location This hostel is well located being downtown, just across from Plaza Independencia. It is possible to walk to the hostel from the bus terminal (if your bag isn't too heavy!), it should take around twenty minutes. There is an information desk within the bus terminal from which you can obtain a map -- the route is not too difficult to navigate as the roads are arranged in blocks. For those seeking nightlife, bars and restaurants are an easy walk away. Rooms and Bathrooms The dorms are clean but are quite dark and cramped; also there is no air-conditioning (contrary to this being a listed feature of the hostel in the description). Whilst there are ceiling fans, this does not provide much comfort to those on lower bunks, so be warned, it can get very warm in the dorms! Keys are issued for dorm rooms and there are lockers -- unfortunately the lockers are wooden and some appear in a state of disrepair and guests may struggle to utilise designated lockers as some are very high off the ground. The hostel has two co-ed bathrooms which are clean but extremely small -- each bathroom has two sinks, two toilets (the upstairs toilet cubicles are a challenge to get in and out of!), and two shower cubicles. Common Spaces The common areas are large but not especially comfortable as they mostly consist of wooden tables and chairs. The kitchen is kept clean and tidy, although it is fairly small and the cupboard/fridge space for guests to store groceries is not very well organised. Even though it is included as a feature in the description provided by the hostel, there is no swimming pool. Similarly, there is no restaurant (although on certain nights food is offered for an additional fee as part of a hostel activity, such as the BBQ party). The hostel does provide Wi-Fi for those with laptops and for those without there is a computer terminal available for use. Summary The property feels secure, as access can only be gained via the front gate, where guests must be buzzed in by a staff member. Despite some disparity between the features listed on the description provided by the hostel and those actually provided, overall this hostel represents good value for money. The hostel is clean and tidy and the common areas are bright and roomy. This is not a rowdy hostel -- a good mix of people fosters a relaxed atmosphere.
Louise Jones
  The atmosphere was very good, but the administration of the hostel was a disaster. When we first arrived they gave us a warm welcome, but as soon as we went to the room (which I had paid for, a four-person room with a private bathroom) the problems appeared. First there was a guy who didn't want to change his room, so we had to wait until they could find a solution. Finally we had to move to another room! Then we asked for blankets (I had called from to make sure they'd give us towels and blankets). They only had two, but we were four, so they said "the laundry hadn't come today." How can this happen??? Another day they took our towels without putting in new ones, so we came back from an excursion to have a shower and we found at 10 p.m. that we didn't have towels. We asked the guy in charge and he said "I have just arrived, I don't know what you are talking about." I can't believe how bad this place is being administered.
  Brilliant hostel, with an amazing staff and really friendly atmosphere. I can't wait to go again!!

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