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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Ostello di Perugia" at Via Bontempi, 13.)


Via Bontempi, 13, Perugia, Umbria, Italy
43.112533, 12.391461 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+39 075 572 2880
+39 075 573 9449
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Best place to stay when in perugia
i loved ostello di perugia! the location is perfect, in the center and very easy to get from the train station -- mini metro from the train station to the final stop and then 5-10 minutes of walking. the staff are really friendly and helpful, the rooms are great, with beautiful view, the kitchen is clean, there's a nice common room and a lovely library. great price for what you get. i will definitely return when in perugia!
Age 27, israel
The best possible location you could ask for at a basement hostel price. Kitchen is huge and terrace gorgeous. Helpful staff, although some know limited English. Perugia is a lovely city and this is the best place to stay.
Decent Hostel In a place with few hostels
Stayed here one night in February. Great location right by the Duomo in Perugia and right by a couple bars and restaurants. the hostel is separated men and women and they make a big deal about the guys not being on the girls side and vice versa. Price is 15 Euros plus 2 Euros for sheets. rooms weren't too bad and there is a great view from the window in the hallway and the bathroom. they do come and kick you out at around 9:30 a.m. so dont plan on sleeping in. they do have a common room with a TV and a huge kitchen, which is nice for cooking and meeting people.
Creepers and creepy!
I got bedbug bites from that place! I was there in june '07. I found the 9:30 a.m. kick-you-out-no-matter-if-you-are-sick-puking-or-if-it's-hailing/stormy- outside very inconvenient, to say the least. the daytime lady -- who could barely speak english and would roll her eyes in contempt if you didn't understand fluent Italian at the drop of a hat -- would come banging on the doors in the morning at 9 to make sure everybody was up and getting ready to be out at 9:30 sharp, or you'd get more of her famous eye rolls. Very inconvenient also, if you had food in the kitchen and didn't feel like carrying your lunch all day until they bother opening the place in late afternoon. I had my food stolen several times by some people who were camping there, caught them with their hands literally in my bags, and management would not address the situation, except when I almost punched the girl in the head when she denied taking my stuff. Why the lockout and strict hours? I mean, I've been to much, much better ostellos all over Italy. the Perugia hostel certainly doesn't take all day to clean! The worst was the creepy old man who works there, forgot his name, but he would take any excuse to walk into the rooms or even the shower area, and bust in while the girls were changing -- disgusting, he made me feel very uncomfortable. he'd be sitting in the stairs before midnight, waiting for the girls to come back for the curfew, and pass snarky comments about our male Italian friends, saying to watch out for them and all that. The place is well-located, there is a nice terrasse and kitchen, and the rooms are ok (not very big), with shaky bunk beds. If they took care of the hygiene issues (bedbugs, filthy old blankets), were open all day and evening like everywhere else, and especially changed the staff to friendly young locals, that hostel would be really outstanding. No wonder it's not even mentioned on Perugia's official tourist map!
  The hostel was great. Staff are friendly, the rooms are huge with heaps of bathrooms, and the massive kitchen is a huge bonus. The only bad things are the curfew and the lockout — but is not too much of a problem if you are travelling around the place during the day. I would definitely recommend this place.
Ostello Perugia is conveniently located in the heart of the centro storico. It's a bit of a distance from the bus or train arrival point but easily enough reached by public transport. From the train station, take a local bus up to Piazza Italia and it's only a 10 minute walk from there up past the duomo in Piazza Priori. Take the right hand road past the duomo and continue to veer right. You will find Via Bontempi there and it's another 200m down to the hostel. Buses seem to arrive very close to the centro storico. Take the elevator from the bus stop up to Piazza Italia and then walk through to Via Bontempi. The hostel is very spacious. The reception is beautiful with a frescoed ceiling. There's a fantastic terrace with views of the city and the rooms are large and clean. They also have a living room with a TV and a kitchen with ample facilities, although the fridges were packed with food. There are usually two bunks to a room and each has cupboards, and even a table and chairs. The bathrooms are common but again clean, with plenty of hot water. The only unfortunate thing about the hostel is it's opening hours. It's only open from 7.30am-9.30am in the morning. And during this time you can not check in, although you can leave your bags. The receptionist seemed to be there up until 11.30am some mornings and you could ring the bell to leave your bags but the door was officially closed downstairs. In the evening reception runs from 4pm-12pm midnight. At this time you can check in, but it can take a long time. The staff are friendly but quite disorganised, and if it's busy they seem to get distracted with everyone's questions instead of getting people into a queue. Checkout is 9.30am, although sometimes you can leave your bags until about 11am with the reception. Ask nicely in the morning. Many guests found the whole timetable very inconvenient for arrival and departure. To access rooms you had to get a key from reception that you also leave for others to access the room. During festival times they were more lenient with the midnight curfew and during the Jazz festival were opening also at 1am, 2am and 3am for a few minutes to let people in that were waiting.
  This was the BEST place we stayed at while in Italy. It was easy to find. After arriving by train we took a bus to the top and got off in Piazza Italia and then walked down the main street, Corso Vannucci, toward the Duomo. At the fountain veer right onto via Bontempi, go down past a cistern, and look for #13 on the right. It's marked with a sign out front. Staff were extremely helpful, adept at several languages, and took credit cards. The price is a BARGAIN. We had a terrific view from our dorm window. The bathroom is down the hall, separate ones for guys and girls. We had a family room, which had its own bathroom. The kitchen was well equipped and we saved on eating out. Also, there was a COOP grocery store close by. Only drawback: lockout, 9:30 until 4. This didn't bother us as we used the hostel as a base for day trips to Todi, Assisi, and Gubbio. Local train and bus stations are easy to walk to from the hostel.
  Stay here simply for the view from the tranquil terrace; little red rooftops tumble away from you down to the Umbrian valley below. The terrace is perfect for enjoying a glass of wine. The hostel is lovely in itself, with an interesting mix of people, spacious rooms, a good kitchen and it's located in a side street off the main square. It's an utter bargain, too. You will probably have to book in advance when the chocolate festival is on. Mmmm.

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