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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "HI - Berchtesgaden Hostel" at Struberberg 6, Strub.)


Struberberg 6, Strub, Bischofswiesen, Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany
47.623860, 12.979860 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (8652) 94370
+49 (8652) 943737
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  This hostel is not exactly for individual travelers. I felt merely tolerated. They seem to be interested in providing for groups, maybe families. There is no "help yourself breakfast" buffet, this for groups only. The ordinary breakfast is minimal. The kitchen offers only minimal equipment, forget it. Friendliness does not exist in this place. When we asked to let us store our luggage for a day or two (most hostels let you do this) we were told no way. Unfortunately this is the only option in Berchtesgaden.
Bart Simpson
  Absolutely perfect for families. We were on a journey to italy -- perfect for that purpose. The breakfast is superb for being a hostel. I've never had that calm around me in a hostel before. I'm going there again even if it's thirty or forty minutes' walk from station.
Andreas Lindholm
Expensive, touristy Berchtesgaden has an HI hostel -- Jugendherberge Berchtesgaden. Gee, but it is far from town. Be prepared to wait long for the (few) hourly (and expensive) buses available or to walk about forty minutes along a beautiful alpine creek from the train station to the hostel. In the evening, last bus leaves the station at 6:15. The hostel is a big building, with two stories and plenty of room. It often receives big school groups with their teachers. The groups are usually located separately from individual travelers and, as they have their own program of activities and schedules, they do not bother much. The rooms are very large and comfortable, with good comfortable beds, and the bathrooms are too, with excellent showers. Room lockers work with coins that are returned when you open them again. Some rooms have nice vistas to the snowy peaks that surround town. The country landscape around the hostel is magnificent. A huge help-yourself breakfast is available, where you can find fruit juice, several kinds of bread, and ham. There is also abundant coffee, tea, and chocolate as well as fruit salad and yogurt. The hostel serves dinner at a fairly good price, but there is a kitchen in the basement where you can also cook your food at ease. Pots and dishes are available. The reception personnel are very good and they speak excellent English. Reception is open all day long and they're at your disposal to inform about bus schedules, hiking activities, and every tourist information. This is great because the tourism information office downtown is located inside a private hotel and there are not always people to attend to you. The hostel has a large outside recreation area, indoor meeting and playing rooms, and table tennis and table soccer games. It is closed from midnight to 6 a.m. and no alcoholic beverages are allowed. There are a lot of attractions to see in Berchtesgaden (and also in nearby Salzburg, which is forty minutes by bus). But you should allow plenty of time, because bus schedules never fit when you must change and it might take you a whole day to visit but one attraction.
  a little bit far from the station and you have no choice but walk there, for the bus may last longer than the walk. On foot it is about twenty-five minutes. The view on the road in the autumn is great and I recommend you all to visit berchtesgaden in autumn! The hostel provide supper and it is not bad with a reasonable price, it is quite cheap in my mind comparing with the restaurants. The staff's English is good and the house is large. The room is clean and shower is good, except the light could turn off itself in the bathroom. We feel the house and the room is large because there are only two people -- me and my friend live on the third floor! We are a little scared.

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