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The Review

The InnCrowd Backpackers Hostel 2 is located in the Little India neighbourhood of downtown Singapore.

The Location

It is a five-minute walk from both the Little India MRT Station and Bugis Street Station. It's location on a quieter side street near busy shopping centers and a close walk to nearby MRT stations is a good mix. Little India MRT station is a fifteen-minute ride to the major attractions of the city (Sentosa Island, Aquarium, Universal Studios, The Singapore Flyer) or a forty-five-minute ride to Changi Airport.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorm rooms are comfy and large enough to accommodate the six to ten beds per and their occupants' bags. The beds themselves are fairly new, sturdy, and comfortable. One downfall of the rooms, however, is that they do not have electrical sockets in them and therefore you must do all your charging in the downstairs common room, which is often busy and crowded. Although the rooms are fairly hot during the day, they are air-conditioned during the night time.

The bathroom is large, but with only three toilets and four showers, there is often a short line-up. The toilets and showers are in separate cubicles, which helps keep the toilets dry; however, the shower cubicles are quite small and you have to shower carefully to not soak your awaiting clean clothes. The bathrooms are often dry and clean during the day, but by the evening they are usually one big puddle.

Common Spaces

The downstairs common areas are one of the highlights of the Inncrowd. Here you will find the free make-your-own breakfast from 6 a.m. to noon, plus free tea and coffee all day. The kitchenette has a free guest fridge and freezer, but with no stove or hot plate cooking your own food will be tricky. There are a few tables, couches, and chairs for twenty or so people to relax or surf the free Wi-Fi comfortably. The room has plenty of electrical sockets, but remember you may need an adapter for Singapore (the hostel sells them). There are also three free house computers with internet. The common area does sell beer at market price and it's social but it is by no means a party hostel.


The InnCrowd is a good choice for Singapore if you're looking for a relaxed, social, affordable hostel in downtown Singapore.
by Fro Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "The InnCrowd Backpackers Hostel 2" at 73 Dunlop Street, Historic Little India Conservation District.)


73 Dunlop Street, Historic Little India Conservation District, Little India, Singapore City (Singapore), Singapore
1.305071, 103.853352 (accuracy not guaranteed)
(65) 6296 9169
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81% Guest Reviews

Great; friendly, helpful staff, and good crowd
loved it. the variety of guests/crowd is great and staff are friendly/helpful, location is central, real butter for breakfast and wholemeal/brown bread would be a good addition.
Age 45, australian
Gone Downhill
We stayed here 3 years ago and thought this place was great! So we came back again and oh dear what a shame. The Staff are to be polite boring, unfriendly, and dont have a clue about running a hostel. The pictures on this site are so over the top that they are misleading. We never saw a cleaner in 3 days. The location is fine but you may as well be at a funeral -- this place is BORING! no music -- nothing. You ask to read a book from behind the counter, they want a deposit, their attitude is BS not backpacker style. The Breakfast is not worthy of a cat let alone paying humans. Sadly look somewhere else.
(New Zealand)
Do not take the windowless, stinky double room in the Annex building!!
My partner and I booked a double room after having spent a night in a dorm because there were no double rooms available. Well, I tell you, after being led out of the main hostel building where all the facilities are located (internet, fridge, cooking facilities, comfortable sitting area with a TV and lounge area with big pillows) we were taken a block and a half away to their Annex building which had none of the facilities that their main building has. We were welcome to use the main building's facilities all we wanted, but this was not my main complaint. The room we had was miniscule with absolutely no windows and it it smelled of sweaty feet!! Later I saw it was located right next to a storage closet where the cleaning personnel store towels and dirty laundry. There was a flat screen TV and video machine that did not even work, and no shelves attached to the walls to put or hang stuff! The double bed was actually attached to a single bunk on top, so three people could sleep there. The ventilation was noisy as well. BUT here is the most unacceptable thing yet!!! In the morning when I went upstairs to take a shower I noticed another room at the very top of the stairs that happened to be open as it was being cleaned. It was a REAL double room!! Not the "cell" room we had!! This room was almost twice as big as ours, had a skylight window!! Yes, a window with light pouring through illuminating and airing the place out, as well as a nice double bed (no bunk-double!!) with a pretty painting on the wall above the bed. I was appalled when I found out that this other room was the same price as the dumpy room we'd stayed in. When I complained about this the staff were very curt with me. The dorm room we'd stayed in the previous night was better than this horrible hole in the wall because it had proper ventilation, windows and it did not smell bad!! I would request not to be put in the ground-level room next to the storage closet in the Annex building if you ever book a double room. Ask for the room at the top of the stairs with the window!!
Shaydel Chayka
Looks good but staff was very arrogant
I was searching for a room in Little India and went into The InnCrowd Backpackers Hostel. I inquired about whether there were any private rooms available and the woman said no. I thanked her and left and had a look around to see if there was anything else available in another hostel. I couldn't find anything so I returned to The InnCrowd and politely asked the woman if she was sure that no one would be checking out today. She got huffy and rudely stated, "Nothing is available and there won't be anything available." I said, "Ok, how about a dorm bed?" She continued to be rude and turned away from me making it clear that she didn't want to speak with me. Finally the other guy next to her answered me and agreed to show me the dorms. I didn't have a good feeling about the place after the way I was treated, so I never checked in. I guess the folks at the InnCrowd think they are too cool for their own good. Pretty pretentious for what they were offering. The dorms looked ok but nothing spectacular.
  Ok enough place when I stayed there in 2004, however I agree 100% there was an element of arrogance coming from some of the staff, along with an insincere vibe. Nothing special, but I do admit it's in a great location, and well constructed/furnished. Breakfast was a joke.
  I stayed at The InnCrowd during March 2005 and was happy with my stay there. It was my first stay in a hostel and I stayed there for one night. The place looked reasonably modern and the staff were really friendly -- there was a good social atmosphere there if you wanted to be part of it. There was a bar there with Tiger Beer on tap -- apparently the cheapest prices in town! There were no real negatives that I can think of to be honest. There was only one computer so sometimes a wait to use it. But there were plenty of cheap internet cafes in the area anyway. Having only stayed there for one night I can't compare the area, Little India, to other parts of Singapore. But I enjoyed my stay there and would happily stay again in the future.
  I was really surprised when I arrived. It's a nice and clean hostel in little India. Especially little india is a really good place to stay during the stay in singapore. After coming back from sightseeing trips it's good to relax. I would come back next time in singapore!
Julia ( May 2006)
  I stayed in this hostel recently and it is not that great. The common areas like lounge, kitchen, bar, and computer area are nice and clean enough but rooms are not. I got a 'private' room which had another door opening into a very noisy alley with street vendors screaming at all hours, and the dorm bathroom was right above the bed so everytime someone flushed the toilet I could hear the water rushing through the exposed pipes beneath the ceiling! The bathroom was filthy and the hot water was lukewarm at best. Maybe the dorm rooms are better, but I would definitely not recommend their private rooms. Breakfast was not that great either. I spoke to other backpackers staying at other hostels around the area and it seems like much better value is to be had elsewhere.
Maddie from Sydney, Australia

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