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The Review

Inverness Tourist Hostel is conviently located, quite cozy, and has a relaxed but safe atmosphere. Note that neither the hostel nor the city is within reasonable walking distance of Loch Ness.

The Location

It's easy to find if you are arriving by bus, as it is right next to the bus station. There is a parking lot close to the hostel as well. It is pretty centrally located within the city -- nightlife and shops are all within close walking distance. There are a few nightclubs nearby, and many grocery shops as well as a large shopping mall are all in the local vicinity. There are some nice walks along the River Ness, and there is the Cathedral and a large marketplace.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms can get a little crowded, as there isn't a lot of space in between the bunks, and the mattress are a little lumpy, but other than that lodging is decent enough, by hostel standards. There are small lockers, but you will need your own padlock. There are individual showers, but no hooks or racks to hang clothes or towels on (one or two of the showers has a hook on the door). There are no private rooms.

Common Spaces

The common room is comfortable enough, with lots of couches and a piano and chairs. There is a small book exchange, and a large-screen TV (although it doesn't always work ... the staff usually have to fiddle around with it to turn it on or change the channel). There is one computer with free internet access, also in the common room. The kitchen is very clean and there are lots of cooking utensils as well as free tea and coffee and free sugar and milk. There is plenty of storage space for food in the refrigerator and in the cupboards. There are chairs and a large dining table in the middle of the kitchen, which means that during breakfast and dinner times, the area becomes quite crowded.


Inverness Tourist Hostel is fairly small, but the atmosphere encourages friendly conversation in the evening. It's a grand place to be in Inverness, especially since there isn't particularly much to do within the city itself after dusk, and gathering a group of hostelers to go out for some live Scottish music at the pub is a common happening.
by Emily Schreiber Staff Reviewer
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24 Rose Street, Inverness, The Highlands, Scotland
57.481068, -4.225905 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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01463 241962
01463 243574
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72% Guest Reviews

Decent building, poor staffing
Kitchen was well equipped and the facilities were pretty clean. Desk not staffed 24 hours. Asked the staff for the door code for the day and they said they didn't know what it would be yet at 9 am, they ended up not changing it that day, but if they had changed it, there would have been no way to get in after the desk was closed. Only three showers and four toilets for whole building. No laundry. Came back at night and there was only one bed available in our room when we reserved two, had to double up on a twin bed. We couldn't ask the desk about it because the desk was closed.
Age 22, USA
Filthy and Unfriendly staffs
We are visitors from London and booked the rooms for 2 nights at Inverness Tourist Hostel, 24 Rose Street as we saw in a booking website as its rating is 80% positive reviews saying that the rooms are clean. However, when we arrived, we found that the rooms are filthy, they didn't change the bed sheets as we saw hairs and chocolate stain on our bedding and all beds are full of dust. The floor is dirty. There is mold on the wall near our beds. The windows cannot be closed. The shower areas are dirty. Moreover, we can see food on the kitchen floor. We took some photos as a proof. We think this place is full of germs and may cause disease. Therefore we decide to find the new hotel for us. As we informed the reception that the rooms are not what we expected, they are not clean like in the website and review. The hostel's reception doesn't accept that the rooms are filthy and told us that there is no refund except for 72 hours cancellation. So we didn't get any refund for 2 nights while we have to pay for new hotel at higher rates because we didn't book other hotel in advance.
P. Jenner
No heat in room, dirty sheets, smelly/dirty kitchen
the pictures are deceiving, as the kitchen is really rundown, there was no toilet paper anywhere for the first day we were there, the showers seems to haven't been cleaned in ages as well as the fitted sheets and comforters on the beds. the only great thing about this place is its location because it is so close to the bus station.
not impressed
  The owner talks with the customers pretty loud. Always cold in the rooms and in the shower rooms too. The owner did not get good education when he was a child because he just open the room door without knocking.
This hostel had a fairly good location, short walk to restaurants and some pubs. They have a comfortable TV watching room with good DVDs. also have internet but when i was there it was broken the whole time, with no one caring to get it fixed. The Australian guys who ran the place when i was there were fairly creepy, so girls watch out. The rooms were small but adequate, bathrooms were also ok. I would probably stay here again.
The Inverness Tourist Hostel is a comfortable hostel. The hostel has a very good location and great facilities. The Location The hostel's large, yellow signs are immediately noticeable on one side of the outdoor bus station. Any passengers arriving on Megabus, National Express, or Scottish Citylink will be arriving here as it is the main and only stop in Inverness. From the train station, fallow the signs to the bus station. The hostel is approximately only three blocks away from the train platforms. A public parking garage is located next door, and there are several lots around. These do all inflict hourly or daily charges. Bicycles may be allowed in the hostel or parked under the nearby parking garage overhang. You will not have a scenic view from the hostel, as in some of the other Inverness hostels, but it is much more practical for catching transportation. Nearby there is the city center which includes a shopping mall with a large Morrisons grocery store. Rooms and Bathrooms The dorms are moderately sized -- around eight to ten beds, although smaller rooms are also available. The rooms are very clean and functional. The beds are comfortable bunks. Each room has a door that must be locked again when you exit. There are no lockers in the hostel rooms, or anywhere in the hostel, but luggage may be locked in the office. The bathrooms and showers are spacious and clean. There is some mildew growing in the shower rooms, but that seems to be a product of the damp climate in northern Scotland. Common Spaces There is a large kitchen for guests' use. The kitchen has plenty of fridge and storage space, two ovens, two stoves, two sinks, and two tables where you can eat. In the other common room there are numerous black leather couches and a large flat panel TV. Also there is a computer with high speed internet (for a charge), and a small library of books and guides. Near the main entrance there is tourist information galore. The hostel is friendly but not wild at all. There is, however, one of Inverness's most popular clubs located below the hostel. The music can be heard on some nights and does keep some guests from sleeping very well. Smoking is not permitted in the hostel. Summary Inverness Tourist Hostel is a decent place. The location is convenient and there are basic, clean rooms as well as plenty of common space. This hostel is best for people who want to stop through on a short stay.
Nice, clean, modern, convenient location, a bit noisy.
Right next to the bus station and a two-minute walk from the train station and town centre this hostel may look a little dodgy or depressing when you approach it's entrance between two car-parking buildings. This impression completely changes once you get inside and are met by excellent staff, clean modern facilities (great kitchens, plasma TV, and nice couches); good bathrooms with lockable doors; and clean, comfortable coed dorms. On one night the lounge was quite lively, and there are couches spread around the building also for those who'd rather read or relax. Try get a dorm facing away from the bus station as there is a loud club nearby.
  Just stayed there last weekend, it's an excellent hostel, very good facilities (the plasma in the lounge is class!), excellent kitchen, nice wooden floors, and small dorms. The location is also perfect, it's right next to the bus station and the train station, less than five minutes walk to the nightclubs if you want to go out as well. There's also a pay and display multi-story carpark right next door if you need to park the car, which is only three pounds for twenty-four hours (you can come and go as you please) so don't get ripped off by the open air car park outside! Would highly recommend this hostel and would stay there again.

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