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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hobo Hideout Traveler Hostel" at Jr Putumayo 437.)


Jr Putumayo 437, Iquitos, Peru
-3.748334, -73.246129 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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0051 65234099
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Loved it, great character
I think of Cap'n Jimmy, Sandra, and Jimmy's sidekick Mike alot since being there. I have written hilarious travel stories about them and their jungle trips. Of all the hostels I've stayed, this place has the most character for sure.
Whitney, 2006
Upbeat and rebuilding
This is one busy place.Yes Jimmy is a character and a half, Sandra is a peach! Went on a fishing expedition up the Ucayali river and had the time of our lives. Jungle visits are not for the squeamish type so be prepared. Had one of the best times of our lives! Jimmy I hope you get your lodge mess cleared up I can see its tearing at your heart {which is huge}. Hope to make it back in the near future. His guides were outstanding also!
Mark & Jacqueline Canada
Its great and so is Jimmy.
I stayed a month or longer there. Went on a alligator and jaguar hunt for 11 days. No luck with that but we seen lots of cool animals and got some great fishing. Wish i was there now. Enjoy if u go and say Hi to Sandra and Jimmy for me.
Johnie Butler
just dont trust the owners husband jimmy. he is ok if you are not a woman and you dont have to deal directly with him. dont go into the jungle with him unless you are not a women or you are surrounded by your own english speaking male friends. he is incredibly disrespectful and rude to women, but only if he has you in a vulnerable position. Such as in the jungle, while the only other people around are his own non-egnlish speaking help. This is the way a coward feels safe. To berate and antagonize the weaker sex. Fortunately for the whole female race some women just dont put up with this SH*T.
ezmerelda pippinstock
Weirdest, most exciting, memorable experience...
I stayed at this black hole in the middle of F.All. With my girlfriend, and two American buddies, we hung out here for a few weeks. One thing must be considered. you are in the middle of the Amazon, and the white folk that live there could not be more detached from the rest of the world if they tried. So expect some crazy, half-wit bigots, and take it with a whole salt shaker. The hobo hideout and it's owner Jimmy will offer you memories. I went into Pacaya Samiria national park with him and some of his slaves -- it was the one thing I will remember till I die. Harpooning things, screaming on a river at natives about negotiating chickens, wild tales, and some great food from the cook. Stay here, you will wonder afterward if it really happened. Jimmy is a character you may want to stab more than a few times, but he is brilliant.
Great value, location, and facilities
Don't be tricked, there is no pool. But the bungalow rooms are fantastic and were the same price per person as the dorm. Kitchen was really functional and the staff and other travelers were all friendly. If you want to swim, try to find your way to a place called Santo Tomas Village (local bus just past the aeropuerto, then mototaxi), and take a boat out to the white sandy beach on the river Nanay. Cool, deep, safe river water, and cheap restaurants on the beach front. Best day of my whole holiday.
Very bad place
I paid $550 for a seven-day hunting trip with the owner of the hostel. The trip was horrible and nothing as promised. During the hunting trip the the owner threatened some indigenous people with a gun and said he would kill them next time. He also stole their canoe and fishing net and then had use the canoe and net on our ¨hunting expedition.¨ He promised us a partial refund be we did not receive it. I called to ask about the refund and he yelled at me. Dont stay here, put yourself in a more positive environment.
Great fun!
we had to stay here before we went back to lima and it was the best. we made friends with another school on world challenge. it was so close to the centre and it was near to all different places to buy stuff and eat and drink we loved as a group. it was one of the best places on the trip. i recommend to anyone!
Hannah (World challenge)

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