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HI - YHA York International YH Hostel is a huge and modern hostel with good amenities that's located a bit away from the center.

The Location

The YHA York is located away from the center, a twenty-minute walk along the river and through a park. It's easy to find and quite an enjoyable walk during the day when you are surrounded by joggers and people walking their dogs; it can get slightly creepy at night, when there is no one in sight, especially if you are a female solo traveler.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The place is very big, with several floors and stairways and doors that open with a keycard. The dorms are clean and there's about just enough space for everybody. Beds are very confortable; there are lockers available; and a sink with a mirror in the room, bedlights, and power sockets. You are asked to throw your used sheets on the floor when you leave.

Bathrooms are small separated cubicles. Showers have consistently hot water, which is nice. There is no mirror in the showers.

Common Spaces

The hostel is very big, very clean, and very beautiful, although maybe a bit cold and empty when it's not high season and the huge space doesn't allow you to meet many other travelers. Here you will find different types of people -- not only backpackers but also families, couples, and kids on school trips.

There is a bar that serves delicious food and drinks at good prices, a dining room, a living room, a pool table, a computer room, a TV room, a self-catering kitchen, vending machines, and a Ben & Jerry's Ice cream vending machine! There is also a breakfast area where you can get breakfast for an additional fee -- you get a choice of bacon, eggs, beans, sausages with toasts, yogurt, juice, and tea and coffee. The hostel is surrounded by a garden in the back and a nice lawn in the front. One complain, you have to pay for the internet. And it's not cheap either.


This is a beautiful and clean hostel with loads of amenities and really great food, but it's not very central and everything is extra (breakfast, internet, towels). You do need to fill in an extensive form before you can check in at reception.
by Cappuccino fields
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "HI - YHA York International YH Hostel" at 42 Water End.)


42 Water End, Clifton, York, North Yorkshire, England
53.969350, -1.100039 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+44 845 371 9051
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I'm sick of YHA charging for WiFi when it is normally included in the service everywhere else. The hostel is well run with a 10 min walk to the city. Good security if you make sure the door shuts behind you.
Age 32, USA
Very nice
I stayed at this hostel in the beginning of October of 2009. It was clean and comfortable. The location was a mile outside of York. But i liked that, since you got to walk along the river which was very pleasant. All of the staff were very helpful and nice. But i have to put in a special word of gratitude to the cooking staff. Not only was the breakfast free, It was also one of the best breakfasts that i have ever had, anywhere! The cooking staff were also nice and friendly while they served the breakfast. It was not your usual hostel breakfast. Overall a very nice hostel. A great location. And very nice staff. walk along the old city walls while you are in York. And the Yorkshire museum/gardens is fantastic.
Pete from Baltimore
Very Clean Hostel. Staff are also friendly, and very nice buffet breakfast as well!
One of the best hostels I've stayed at
This hostel is excellent! Very clean throughout. Spacious lounges. They offer great evening meals -- reasonably priced and large portions of home-cooked food.
  I thought the hostal was brilliant. I enjoyed my stay and I would love to go back. the meals were lovely. I would recommend it to friends and family. The thing I thought was funny was the scary man outside the restaurant
one of the 10th roxeth guides
To get to the YHA York Youth Hostel from the train station, you have about a mile walk along a paved path beside the river Ouze (that happens to be brown). The TIC in the train station will give you a free map (which is helpful because the YHA is off most travel-guide maps). It's a gorgeous walk, but poorly lit after dark, so if you're traveling solo, take an alternate route -- come up through town, make a left at Bootham bar, walk about one kilometer, then turn left at the sign to the YHA. The hostel is busy and exquisitely efficient. You enter through an attractive courtyard, where you can sit outside and eat. There is a well-staffed check-in counter where you get linens (included), buy meals (the hostel has both a cafe and a bar in-house), postcards, postage, and tickets for discounted admission to city sights. The bedrooms have either four or eight bunks (one outlet per room) and have sinks ensuite and lockers (bring your own lock). Bike rentals and laundry machines are available, as is free luggage storage. The self-catering kitchen is huge and clean. The included breakfast has stringent, enforced rules (two selections from the cold counter -- juice -- but unlimited hot, fatty foods). The dinner servers seem more relaxed and would let you substitute, say, fruit if you don't want a heavy dessert. They offer unlimited coffee and tea at meals. The in-house bar has three computer stations on which you can buy time. The hostel is clean and quiet. The staff was very accommodating after a flight cancellation changed our travel plans unexpectedly. We had a very enjoyable stay.
Johanna Jensen (i've done this before, but couldn't find a login)
  If only we had known! We would have planned a longer stay. It was fun, friendly, clean, and welcoming and the breakfast and evening meals were great. No hassles with parking the car, overall very comfortable. Would definitely recommend to friends.
  Definitely the best youth hostel I've every stayed at. [in foot and mouth year] Hope they don't decide to close it, after all it is north of both London and Matlock.
S E Chandler

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