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Bloemstraat 179, Centrum, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
52.373151, 4.877258 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+31 (0)20 6244717
+31 (0)20 6276137
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Good hostel
The hostel was good, personnel very patient and nice. comfortable bedroom.
Age 25, Peru
Nice Breakfast!
There is very nice breakfast! Room is clean and nice. But there are lack of shower room and hair dryer. Toilets are dirty at night. Make sure you bring your own lock for the locker.
Age 27, HKG
Amazing staff, great accommodations, nice facilities
My travel group accidentally booked sunday night instead of Saturday and the manager went way out of his way to add extra beds to his sold-out hostel. A saturday booking even costs more than a sunday booking and he refused to accept payment of the difference and cancelled our sunday bookings free of charge 24 hours before their check-in. Most gracious hostel staff I have ever encountered.
Age 21, usa
Excellent as always
I always find this very clean for a hostel. I've stayed here 4 times and never had a bad word to say about the place. Ideal location in the Jordaan area only about 15-20mins walk from the very centre of Amsterdam, but rozengracht (and all the other main streets that surround it) have everything you need like bread, meat, cheese and obviously coffee shops, bars. Its only 5mins from the bus station (get bus 197 from schipol to marnixstraat [last stop]). They have some sort of drug-free policy, so can't do anything like smoke weed at the hostel ... apart from that, great place to stay. Very cheap. Go for the 4-bed room if you can as there's obviously less people to annoy you. They sell earplugs for €1 by the way. I have no idea what the breakfast is like, even though we stayed there 5 days last time we were there, as we didn't get up in time. I did have it once on a previous visit and it was freshly made pancakes with butter n jam so expect stuff like that ... free innit what do you expect. Oh yeah, and they also have free WiFi which is ok.
Stephen Turnbull
Age 30, England
Great hostel in excellent location
I spent 4 nights here and I thought this was an excellent hostel. The location was great (quiet neighborhood but close to all the action), friendly staff, free wifi and decent free breakfast, bathrooms were clean and private, and they had very comfortable mattresses so I woke up feeling rested each morning (but you might want to bring earplugs or buy them there ... as with all hostels, there was some snoring and coughing going on). The cafe is a great place to hang out, have a snack and meet fellow travelers. I'm not religious so I appreciated that there was very little of that, though there is a Bible discussion group each night for anyone who wants to attend. As far as hostels go, this is a great one so five stars from me.
Age 40, USA
i was treated very warmly by all the people working at shelter jordaan. they have comfortable beds & rooms, i did not feel too crowded, & the bathrooms were well taken care of. i really enjoyed the piano they have too. i am glad they leave it open for anyone to play, i had a really cool jam session/improv with an amazing french guitarist. good people, good place.
Safe, clean, and excellent value
I'm not Christian, but I picked this hostel because I knew that as a single woman I wanted somewhere safe where I wouldn't be sharing my room with people off their heads on drugs. Perfect choice. The staff are incredibly friendly and the bathroom was the cleanest I've ever seen in a hostel. Very peaceful at night. They gave me a flier about Jesus when I checked in but otherwise there was no pressure to convert or anything. After all I knew it was Christian when I booked, so no big deal. I liked the location even if it was a bit out of the way -- I wanted a good night's sleep, not to party all night or get annoyed by loud people. This place is really something else, in a good way. I'd very highly recommend it to women traveling on their own.
  There were some pros and cons to this place. Overall, the staff was extremely friendly and helpful here. The free breakfast was good and tasty. My room was fairly quiet with no disturbances during the night. But the bathrooms smell like sh*t, showers were not very clean. You have to buy your sheets for 2 euros. I got bedbugs during my two night stay here from the sheets I had to pay for. So, my conclusion is this! If you are going to stay there, it is not a short walk from the central station. Take the tram there instead. It is kind of hard to find because you have to pass a bunch of canals and take the back roads to get there, although it was nice to see some local art places on the walk there. It's a good long walk from the Red Light District and pretty far from anywhere else you want to go except for the Anne Frank House. The people there were really friendly but kind of spacey at times. They all read Bibles when they are not working I thought it seemed clean, but after getting bedbugs I decided otherwise. This was only my second time traveling in Europe and was really pissed that I got them. My friends stayed in a hostel in the red light district that was above a bar and had a cleaner experience than I did -- food for thought.

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