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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Nathans Villa Hostel Warsaw" at Ul. Piękna 24/26, Building C.)


Ul. Piękna 24/26, Building C, Warsaw (Warszawa), Masovia (Warsaw), Poland
52.223593, 21.018219 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+48 (22) 622-29-46
+48 22 20-35-175
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Really good place.
We really like this hostel. Clean, great wi-fi and computers (free), free coffee and tea all day, kitchen with stainless steel appliances, good security, really nice English speaking personnel, comfy beds, big lockers in the room (free), nice TV, lots of common areas with comfy couches, and the dorm had a table in it with four chairs. It is about a 10ish minute walk from the ghost buster building. 15 from the central train station. If you are on Eurolines, you will come in to the Zachodni station. Take bus number 127 (on the other side of the street so you have to take the underground passage to get across). Bus will take about 15 minutes. The email from hostelbookers says it cost 2.40Z but the prices just went up to 4.40Z. You can buy in the newsstand in the station. Get off right after you pass the ghostbuster building (which is right past the central train station) and then walk straight down the street starting with a M with the Novehotel on your left and ghostbuster building behind you. Then turn left on their street. Sorry, I don't have my map in front of me. Tiny dislikes ... Only a couple of little things that are nitpicky. Hold on to your room key as to get to the bathrooms in the middle of the night, you will need it. My husband and I only got one the first night and I had to wake him up to get it to pee. The lock on the bathroom/shower near the kitchen does not lock -- or I couldn't figure it out. Oh and watch out for the board on the floor between the kitchen and dining room. I stubbed my toe a few times. You think I would learn after the first time. This is a good, solid hostel and we were very impressed with it.

Response from the accommodation: Thank you for your very nice comment. I wish you told us about the floor board while staying in the Hostel- it would be much easier to "track it down and destroy it" :D, but we'll do our best anyway. The bathroom door does close but not the main one, true. The sink area- it's communal, no need for privacy while brushing your teeth I guess. The bathroom further down is lockable, I checked just now:)
Age 47, USA
Everything you need from a hostel
I've spent 3 nights in this hostel and I think it's great, the girls at the reception desk were very helpful and friendly, the rooms are spacious and clean, the location is excellent. If I ever return to Warsaw I'll definitely stay in this hostel again!
Dirty and the Staff are lazy with an attitutde
The bathrooms were always dirty. The worst was no toilet paper! When I told the girl at the reception she gave me an attitude about it. (She said her name was Joanne, but her friends called her something else.) She acted like she didn't want to be there. The place is very loud at night and the staff did nothing to keep it quiet. The breakfast is just toast and jelly. The Internet was only one computer and the lines to get on the computers were long. Not recommended.

Response from the accommodation: Five years later: Joanne was fired a long time ago, our bathrooms are clean and are checked few times a day, there is no free breakfast and we have 3 guests computers and free WiFi throughout. I hope we're moving in the right direction ;) regards, Marta
Review Update
[Note: This is an update from the reviewer who wrote the original review (above) for this hostel.] Once a legend on the backpacker trail, Nathan's Villa is no longer a pioneer that it once was. Instead it has become the "Ikea hostel" of Warsaw. Several years ago with no other choices around the hostel's location was a big plus. Today it seems a drawback. With newer hostels located directly in the Old Town (currently two), across from the train station (one) and in the centre (two), Nathan's is a bit of a walk away from all the major attractions. Rooms remain unchanged, though clean and freshly painted, seem to lack any character. Those room displays at Ikea come to mind. And after all these years the bunk beds could use a change. They've become very squeaky and some of the mattresses are clearly on the way out. The hostel expanded in the last two years by adding another wing with more dormitories and private rooms and a larger reception staffed by knowledgeable, nice receptionists. Big plus of the hostel: it is so big that it usually has available beds. If you read one of their fliers you'd be immediately drawn in by the tons of "amenities" the hostel provides. Honest appraisal is needed here. The no check-out policy simply means you can stay in the hostel until your transport leaves. You have to leave a room by noon, which is standard everywhere around. Free Internet use: yes, but with two often not working computers this isn't such a great deal. Free breakfast: yes, however the world's moved on from toast, Tesco jam, hydrogenated margarine and bad coffee. The biggest negative is the blatant rip-offs the hostel offers. Postage stamps, postcards and phone cards with the face value marked up by an exorbitant amount (some of the long time guests will likely point you to a kiosk where you'll buy them half price). And of course there is the prices: Nathan's tops the league when it comes to expensive hostels. Dorms are most expensive in the city, and quite frankly for the price of their private, you can book a double room in a three star hotel in Warsaw with real breakfast and a private bathroom.
Review Update
  Watch out! The lockers have metal edges which have very sharp corners. I ripped my hand open and had to get to stitches. another guy's bag was split open. This isn't the worst thing though. The owner didn't take responsibilty and when I tried to get a little money out of him for my stitches he fired up, telling me to stop wasting his time. i also talked to the staff and they get paid 5 Zlot (one and half euro) an hour. So if you support sweatshops and don't want to see the younger generations of poland rise from the recent turmoil, go here.

Response from the accommodation: This review should not be here as it's not describing our Hostel. First of all: we don't have lockers with metal edges and never have. We have wooden lockers and the only metal elemets are hinges and a lock itself. Second of all : We've never had the owner on site and rude like this. Also our staff make more money than that. I guess this person stayed in a different Nathan's Villa as well and confused them all (at some point there were 3 Nathan's Villa's in Poland)
  This hostel was nice. Warsaw is wonderful! Everyone that we met said that there was not much there and that it was boring, but we loved it! The museums and the Old city are great. This hostel is not too far from the old city but it is still a twenty-minute walk. But easy. It is only a ten-minute walk from the train station. The rooms were clean and there was noone there. We were in a ten-bedded dorm but were the only ones there one night! There was not enough bathrooms for everyone if the hostel was full but for our enpty hostel it was no problem. The only complaint was that there are no lockers in the room, which we were surprised by as it says there are in the literature. But no problems. The staff was very helpful and arranged many things for us including a trip to the doctor. A wonderful place, definitely stay here.
  This hostel was a nice change from what can be offered elsewhere. Admitted getting here from the airport is a little hairy, arriving by train is much more simple. The hostel is not in the centre of the action, but is an easy tram or bus ride into the action, and with incredibly cheap travel, I am not complaning. The hostel location is easy enough to find, and is well signed, until you enter the small courtyard, and see an unmarked brown door under a sign for Nathan's villa. I was sure I was trying to enter a cleaning cupboard, but was surprised to find a reception! Staff were friendly enough, and I was taken to the two week old wing. Ask for rooms eight or nine! Newly painted, brand new IKEA bunks, warm blankets. Lockers are still on their way, but there is two already there. The hostel also offered free internet on two to three terminals -- staff sometimes need one. They also are happy to do your washing at no cost, but yes it is line dried. Either way, it beats paying! There is also a small landing with couches to read, and then the next landing has TV, included are english channels. The last landing leads into an airy attic kitchen, complete with everything and more. Free tea and coffe, and brekfast of bread and three thousand spreads is on offer. Try and work out what half of the spread are takes a while! The hostels is nice and friendly and generally clean and tidy. The staff are helpful and give great information. Resturants are also must most frequent around this area, and far cheaper than the Old Town. I would definitely recommend this place. It was quiet but definitely gets into the party mood, with breakfast being offer til one p.m. for the weary. They are also more than happy for you to use everything except your rooms after checkout, so you feel really welcome. Can't really fault the place!
  Ups: Cheap price; free Internet; free breakfast; free laundry (no drying though); friendly staff; big rooms. Downs: Lack of bathrooms, which are not very clean; not *that* close to the old town; severe lack of electrical sockets; I didn't like the atmosphere, and to tell the truth, Warsaw is quite boring.
Jonathan, Jerusalem

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