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Just Don’t Do It!

Ipanema Beach House:

If this review doesnt completely convince you to stay here, then youre obviously an intelligent person who values their hard earned money and would generally like to avoid any unpleasantness while youre vacationing.

Unkempt: I read a ton of reviews before I booked this place and a lot of people said they felt at home in this hostel. Hmmm... That says a lot of about their lifestyles and the amount of mold and cigarette smoke they can tolerate. Was the hostel unclean? It was only slightly cleaner than the elephants enclosure at the zoo so youve got nothing to worry about if you like animals or zoos. The self catering facilities were certainly interesting. I havent seen such an antique stove since I last visited my great grandmas house. The microwave was alright though, if youre used to grime, metal, and other unidentifiable substances abiding in it then youll have no issues. The fridge was my favorite appliance though, not only was it only partially working, it had an extraordinarily rancid stench coming from it that I could smell from the hammocks in the backyard. Priceless.

Bribing people with free beer: I read in another hostels review area that the staff was bribing the guests, offering a free beer if they wrote a good review, and I thought to myself, good thing nobody posted that in the Ipanema Beach House reviews... now I wish they had, at least I wouldve been prepared to watch so many people receive free beers before theyd even seen their rooms... I guess they really like beer though. To each their own.

Clothing stolen: Towards the middle of my trip a very interesting thing happened. I noticed my bedroom window was wide open ( not a real window, they have no glass, just rust covered shutters). I know I didnt open it, but I figured since it had been windy and rainy earlier it may have gotten blown open. However a few days later while I was packing to leave I noticed some of my clothing items were missing. I checked the room and my valise several times before I came to the conclusion that my clothing items had been stolen. I wasnt upset about the clothes because there were way more valuable things that couldve been taken but werent, but the simple fact that someone had been in my room going through my things prompted me to write a calm but still concerned email to the proprietor. The next day when there was still no response I spoke directly to the proprietor and her reaction was so concerned that it almost seemed like she didnt believe me, or just didnt care. Now I simply knew that couldnt be the case because theft of any form is never acceptable, but after assuring me shed look into the matter and check the camera (which happened to be placed right above my door) no such investigation happened. Instead she went into the other room and started playing with a childrens toy while carrying on a conversation with another staff member. I thought maybe shes just thinking of a way to fix this without anyone feeling uncomfortable... well Ill never know what she was thinking because about an hour later she disappeared and never mentioned the matter again. It must be wonderful to walk away from a theft on your property and feel no loss at all. Good for her.

Being woken in the morning to the sounds of loud conversations between staff and occasionally other guests: Dont let the title fool you, not only did I wake every morning to loud conversations between staff members and others but my dreams were also invaded by the sounds of people hocking up phlegm in the showers. I woke to loud and more than unpleasant music being blasted over the stereos. I woke to someone smoking weed in front of my bedroom door and to the sounds of construction being done on the building behind me. The construction wasnt so bad though, at least it was purposeful. The staff, with only two exceptions seemed so comfortable and relaxed that they were almost indistinguishable from the guests. They (with two exceptions) also made me feel like I was a family member who had greatly dishonored or disgraced them and they were only taking me in to be good Christians. Thank you to the two genuinely kind and helpful staff members! It was a pleasure to meet you.

Never getting responses to any of your emails: If you like the idea that most, if not all of your emails will go unanswered and possibly even unread then youre in luck because no matter how many emails I sent asking questions before I arrived I never got a response. Even while I was there the email I sent about my stolen items was never addressed or possibly even read. Oh spam folder, youre really living your best life.

Lacking just about all of the amenities listed on the Hostel world page: Finally I sent emails asking about the amenties listed on Hostelworld and because I didnt get a response I had to wait until I arrived to discover that there were no meals available, no currency exchange, the 24 hours security was a less than interested person sitting at a desk buzzing in whoever rang the bell.

Though its been taken down since Ive asked about it, a washer and dryer were listed on the amenities and needless to say there were neither. There is a sink in the back with a few drying racks beside it, I gave them a chance but you know that Rio de Janeiro weather, there was no way any of my items were going to dry with that humidity and frequent thunder storms.

There were no city maps (I was heart broken), no adaptors (you have to buy your own) and no airport transfers. In fact, as far as the airport transfer goes, youll receive an email telling you to take a bus or an Uber because the cabs will be overpriced.

I hope this was enlightening for anyone giving this place consideration! Happy travels! (If you avoid this place...)


Great memories

I had a wonderful time here. My friend and I stayed here during the games of 2007. It is located in a very safe and convenient area of Rio. The staff was great! I definitively recommend it!


Safe area, filthy hostel, unfriendly staff

The area is quite good, few rooms have AC, so it gets really hot during the night with nine people in the room. The staff is unfriendly, know almost nothing about the city, and don't make you feel at home. Seems like they think you are a burden!


This hostel is in as safe an area as you will get in Rio. It's two minutes from beach, the breakfast is good, and it's clean. However, they have too many people there for its size, triple bunks in the dorm rooms, which led to showers and toilets often lacking water. A bit fewer people, or more facilities, and this place would get a better rating.


This is the best hostel in the Americas. If one is unsure whether Brazilians are the friendliest people in the world, this place will set your mind at rest. There is no doubt about it. Sleep is not the easiest thing to get here but you will not be served with a bigger genuine smile anywhere, which more than makes up for it.


This was the best place I stayed at in South America. The staff were great and so was the atmosphere. There were loads of brilliant nights.

Sean Malone

This is THE place to stay in Rio! It has cool staff, nice people, and a good atmosphere. You'll get hardly any sleep, but a lot of parties! :)

A swimming pool and Brazilian night life are included!


Ipanema Beach House Reviews from the Web

I'm going to live in Rio & like to read a book in silence.

Unfortunately there is no peaceful place to read after 10pm.

10pm is Brazilian dinnertime, but the staff forces you to the front of the house to be in a loud bar area. There is no flexibility in the rules, despite they advertise themselves as a shared house instead of a hostel. I came here because I really didn't want a party hostel, and I understand you don't want this either, but the forced move to the bar really annoyed me big time..


Great location, nice swimming pool but expensive drinks, average atmosphere and not the nicest staff


I find it particularly unacceptable that we had to wait nearly 2 weeks (and several mails and calls) before getting an answer concerning our reservation questions prior arrival.

The room is not well maintained and it lacks personal furniture to stow things (tablet around the bed, power outlets ...). The common areas don't look like in the pictures (pool area, back ward area). Some investments are really needed. Poor wifi. Really small fridge. No matress protectors for the beds.


Our stay in this hostel wasnt that great. It has good location and the pool is a plus. However, the girl at the reception during the day is pretty grumpy (seems takes things too personal). The one of the evening is great though. Our room was tiny and the toilet had some ventilation/smelling issues.


The place is absolutely disgusting, the pictures make it look 100 times better than it actually is. I booked for 4 nights, but left after 1. If you stay in the first house, you should be fine. However if you stay in the back, you will have to go outside for bathrooms and showers, so youre kinda screwed if its raining. Theres no locks on dorm rooms and anyone can walk into your dorm. The place is super dirty and does not look like the pictures. The staff was nice and the vibe was pretty good.


There was only 1 shower/toilet for an entire floor (and it definitelycould have been cleaned more often! Hair, hair, hair..), the triple bunks moved a lot when someone climbed, there was no traveler-atmosphere (hardly anybody stayed in the common area)... Not sure whether they would have helped organize trips etc., but in any case they were not very proactive about it. Good price, staff and security etc. was nice, but I wouldn't stay here again.


The hostel atmosphere is awesome, however the rooms and the cleaning need be improved.

The bed would have more facilities like a plug to charge the phone and a light, simple detail that make all difference.

Some receptionist gave my bed to another new girl even with my stuff there, very inconvenient.

For a hostel, it's a good option, would be great if they improve this topics.



There isnt enough room for how bad it was so Ill summarize. Unkempt, mold everywhere. Bribing people with free beer, next time just provide a good service. Some of my things were stolen from my private room, someone came through the window, when I mentioned it to the owner she didnt care and took no action. Every morning I woke to noise from staff or other guests. All staff, with 2 exceptions were unpleasant. They dont reply to emails and they dont have most of the services listed. Dont go


Great hostel, great people,good vibe. Just be careful with the payment - they tried to scam me. On my checkout day (Sunday) I asked to prolong one more day and they ask to pay immediately (previous days were not paid). Next day when I checked out (Monday) and settled the bill, they told me, that yesterday payment was for Tuesday (wtf?) and I have to pay yesterday night again. After some argue they said they are not suppose to do it, but they will forgive me I don't stay till Tuesday (wtf again?)


The hostel is on the pricey end of hostels in Ipanema but it has a pool and nice decor so you are getting something for your money. The overall vibe is nice with most ppl chilling by the pool. A few things that can be better are a) adding sockets by the bed b) raising the bottom bunk bed slightly as you are basically sleeping on the floor and c) changing some of the furniture that is worn out. Overall I would go back, its a good place but its not the best hostel ever as some suggest.


An amazing place, I would like to live there, the hosts, the staff, the place, everything makes that Ipanema beach becomes in the besto hostel in Rio, I will come back everytime there.


Liked: Location for beach Didn't like: Staff were moody and very limited in information. I found it very hard to pull the receptionists away from their phones and their games on the computer. Had to wait 15 minutes at the reception desk before receptionist was bothered to leave her computer - again playing games on computer. Price was not worth treatment at reception. Dont waste your money if you want to be treated in any decent manner.


Liked: Good breakfast, nice rooms with ac and big lockers, super cool pool in the backyard and loads of nice people hanging around all day. Definitely a great place to make new friends :) Didn't like: Some of the staff doesn't speak english, could be a little a hard to communicate. But you'll always get what yo want in the end


Liked: good location and good pool area to socialise Didn't like: not all rooms have aircon


I liked the atmosphere!


Liked: Great location! Nice atmosphere, handy breakfast, 24 hour curfew Didn't like: toilets and showers are a little cramped but no big deal


Liked: Really helpful staff, nice rooms, hammocks for chilling out, really close to the beach, safe area Didn't like: No breakfast includedNo blankets available - really cold at night when I was there


Liked: Very sociable and easy to meet people. Lovely communal areas to hang out and helpful staff. The rooms had big lockers to store all your belongings and it felt very safe. Also a great location. I really loved my stay there. Didn't like: Nothing bad to say!


Liked: Great location. Didn't like: Staff were so unhelpful.


Liked: The pool and location by ipanema.also help from the staff! Didn't like: only one bathroom in the section I was in and at times a little dirty.



Located in the most beautiful and exclusive neighborhood in Rio, only one block away from the metro station, Ipanema Beach House offers you the best location of the city, one of the hippest corner in town. In Rio location means a lot... Stay steps away from the beach and at night enjoy the best nightclubs and bars, all within walking distance.

The house itself is a historical landmark. A former private home filled with large rooms, balconies, hammocks, an outside area with a nice pool, and the most helpful staff around. You will not want to leave!!

Everyone speaks English, and are prepared to give you information and local tips. The staff prides itself on creating a welcoming atmosphere.

This is a special place where friendships are made!

Feel free to leave your bags at our storage room, if you want to have a look somewhere else around us before checking in! It will be a big pleasure for us even if you don´t stay there, and you will be anyway, very welcome to come to our bar and have a drink where you can meet a lot of backpackers and Brazilian people!


Location and Contact


• From the domestic airport:
• Bus - REAL line. Drop at Ipanema Beach on the corner of Garcia Davila Street.
• Cab: Price range R$ 45 to R$ 55
• From the International Airport:
• Bus - REAL line. Drop at Ipanema Beach on the corner of Garcia Davila Street.
• Cab: Price range R$ 80 to R$ 100
• From the Bus Station:
• Bus - REAL line. Drop at Ipanema Beach on the corner of Garcia Davila Street.
• Walk three blocks straight untill Barao da Torre Street.
• Cab: Price range R$ 45 to R$ 55



Address: Rua Barão Da Torre, 485, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema Beach House is listed on the following booking sites:

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Website Ipanema Beach House Rio de Janeiro www.ipanemahouse.com
Phone Number: +55+21+32022693
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Facilities and Amenities

Party Hostel

Solo Traveller




Wi-Fi in Lobby/Commons

Airport Pickup

Bike Rental

City Tours

Lockers in Lobby

Luggage Storage


24 Hour Security

Air Conditioning

BBQ Grill


Cable TV

Clothes Dryer

Concierge/Info Desk

Credit Card Payments

Currency Exchange



Hot Showers



Lounge Area

Movie Library/Rental

Pool Table

Swimming Pool


Wheelchair Accessible

Curfew: No Curfew

Reception Hours: 24 Hours


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