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Sin City Hostel Reviews

It 's a great Hostel!!!

What a hostel! they have clean rooms and clean bathrooms since the staff cleaners work every day! Great breakfast, WiFi and friendly staff! They are very close from Fremont and the bus stop to the strip is right next to them in case you don't want to walk all the way ... I will recommend this place to all my friends who want to stay a few nights in Las Vegas!

Jay M. Smith

Friendly people, decent rooms

They've got some good people running this place, very friendly. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.



Not recommended! The Romanian chick is one of the most distasteful hostel worker i have met. The Aussie dude, i think his name is Sean, is such f**kin tool and the manager dude is pretty shady. I've been to about twenty hostels in my travels and these guys are by far the worst. The Romanian chick was so rude and aloof. I thought she was just like that with me but after discussion with my bunkmates and observing her treat the other guests, i realized that she was just a b**ch. She had the kitchen/common room closed for cleaning from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Who does that at hostel full of travelers wanting to use the kitchen. I saw her lazy ass doing nothing during that time while guest after guest tried to get in the kitchen to make lunch. This Sean guy was just so clueless. He was just so suspicious of everything. I was in the office when a guest called to cancel a reservation for his friend because his friend didn't speak english and he was like,"well how do i know if this is not just a crank call?" What a tool? He also got into an argument with a guy that came in wanting to take pics of the hostel for a website and he's like, "well i never heard of your website, it seems kind of dodgy that you want to take pics at night." What a friggin tool! Unshaven homeless looking f**k trying to pick up on the youngins. As far as the manager, if you look at the picture board of the travelers that have been through the hostels, every pic on the board is of the manager with a different female traveler. His friends were so frigging ghetto walking up to a few hostelers having a bbq and trying to take their beer. Naturally they said no because he looked like a gangbanger with the baggy jeans he was wearing almost down to his knees. Then when this dude got turned down by these travelers, he just went off on them with an expletive laced tirade and threats. I was walking back to the hostel one night and i saw a girl sitting in the front and she struck up a conversation with me and at first i thought she was a hostel guest but then quickly realized she was a street prostitute and of course she propositions me and i tell her that i'm a hostel guest and that there are five other people in the room with me. She doesn't seem fazed by this as she explains that she's been in the rooms before and i'm like, "how?" She says she knows the manager who's been a facilitator for her business. What a f**kin staff!


No the worst hostel I've stayed in, but close

A British hostelmate noticed bedbugs, and said this was the worst hostel he's stayed in after a year of traveling around the world. It isn't high on my list either. Honestly, as someone else mentioned the only reason to stay in a hostel in Las Vegas is to meet and commiserate with other travelers and have some kind of vibe, which you won't get in a super cheap (if not free) hotel room. This hostel doesn't really have any vibe or much of a common area, and the staff didn't seem terribly content either. Honestly, I'd probably just get the hotel room if I ever went back.


Worst Hostel from our whole trip

We were two females traveling around California and Vegas in Oct '08. Three weeks before we arrived here we called and asked to change our dates, which we were advised was fine, as we were only going to end up staying one night and book into a hotel the other two nights. When we arrived we were met by a woman who seemed so bored like she didnt even want to be there, and was totally rude and unhelpful. We were told that we would have to pay for all three nights, even though we were only there for one, and she wasnt budging. As we arrived on a Sat night, there was no where else to stay and we didnt have the money for a hotel. She then took us to our room, where we found out that the room attached (occupied by guys) could only be entered via them coming into our room! great so no privacy there -- they could come in whenever, not very safe! The beds where disgusting! Sheets were dirty and stained and there were actual bugs crawling on them! I would advise you not to stay!

Sindy and Anna

Too close for Comfort

Ok, there are only two hostels in Vegas, and I've been to both of them. The only reason I went was to hang out with travelers. For we all know, a hotel for two, Sunday though Friday (in Las Vegas) is cheaper than a hostel, and much more comfortable. So Sin City was cold and unfriendly and the staff just didn't want to be there, know what I mean. I actually felt sorry for them. They were all being taken advantage of by the" generous owner" who uses slave labor (travelers) to run the damn place. The common area was too small and it closed way too early. I've stayed in homeless shelters that were more accommodating (for free)!

Ed James

Good stuff

This is a great, fun hostel. Nice helpful staff. Good facilities (Pool table and free coffee!). Cheap limo tours and BBQs. On the strip and just a short bus ride from all the action. But just a couple of problems I had with the place so you don't make the same mistakes -- firstly, for some reason there isn't twenty-four-hour check-in at this hostel (It is vegas isn't it?) so don't expect to be let in at 4 o'clock in the morning like I, and someone else who arrived ten minutes after me, did. Secondly, the private rooms aren't exactly private as they are rooms inside the regular dorms and are quite small and you have to share the bathroom. Take a look at one to see if it suits you before paying. Thirdly, no wireless internet. And the internet in the foyer is $1 for every ten minutes! Kind of like a penny slot machine but without the chance of winning your cash back. Apart from all that this is one of the best hostels I've been in.


Bedbugs and no one cared!

I stayed at this hostel early November. I was booked in for three nights. The hostel although mentioning it was on the strip, was not. No big issue there are regular buses and the accommodation is cheap and there were some cool people staying there so all good. On the second night out I started to notice a number of bites all over my body and my friend thought it might be scabies or something -- I was getting super itchy and more were appearing. I drunk myself into a stupor and stayed another night on the same bed as I had no where else to go. When I awoke the next day I had welts and bites all over my arms, hands, lower legs, lower back, neck, and forehead. I went to the chemist over the road and they asked where I was staying. I told them and they say they see this all the time! I did not know what bedbugs were but after looking them up on the net I realised that some of the bugs I had seen on the wall were in fact bedbugs (although they are supposed to hide in mattresses, cracks). I asked to be refunded for the night I was not staying as a minimum but this was not an option. The guy behind the front counter did not even seem to care. It look me a number of hours to find another place to stay. Luckily for me I had a friend in L.A. where I was headed the next day and could hide for a week. There were some bugs in my clothes and bag and everything had to be washed. In short I had a worse than usual reaction to bedbugs but it took me just over three weeks (and antibiotics and steroid cream) to get rid of all the welts. It pretty much ruined my American holiday. The weather was warm but I was dressed from head to toe as I looked a sight and was constantly itching and uncomfortable. I realise these things happen but the reaction from the hostel staff was less than reassuring that it will not happen again. Do not let this happen to you.


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Sin City Hostel Reviews from the Web

This is definitely the best hostel I've ever stayed at. Love this place I would visit this place again..


The place is great! The volunteers staff turned my experience into an unforgettable one! Specially Amanda, Gil, Anne, Santiago. Definitely recommend!


Located 4 minutes comfy walk from the DEUCE bus stop, you are 15 min from Fremont Street Experience or 30 min from Bellagio. The staff is super friendly and caring. Other fellow traveller are open to chat and I had a fun night over BBQ getting to know the staff and the other travellers. Morning coffee, juice and toast is a welcome start to the day. The beds are firm and extra pillows can be requested. Best deal in town!


They where great they went above and beyond tk help me sort out a tour issue I have abs just really nice!

Only thing would be to add a floor towel, I would get I the shower to wet floor.

Location is between main strip and fermount but is a bit scary to be walking at night time. Bus stop about 3 minutes away!


Gated hostel. Staff make you feel welcome. Polite and accommodating. Clean bathroom. All areas for guests were very clean. The gate kept locked but you have a code on your phone to enter at all hours. Overall my stay was comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing. I would recommend anyone needing a economical place in Las Vegas to stay, Sun City hostel is the place. Economical, clean, safe and friendly staff. I give the place 10 out of ten. Transportation is about 2 blocks away. Grocery store not far.


Beds are comfortable and staff is excellent. Really good communication via email and in-person! Awesome breakfast spread and good value. Bathrooms could be a little cleaner and updated.


Sin City Hostel is great! Excellent staff, cool vibe, and convenient location.


I booked on short notice & on a holiday weekend. Booking was not only available but reasonably priced which was helpful & appreciated. The location is great with delicious restaurants nearby recommend checking out the Brazilian eatery for some delicious tacos & sweet treats. Fun Vegas attractions also within walking distance without the huge rush of people great for the low key days. The hostel was simple, clean, good vibes, and friendly. I look forward to staying again & recommending to others.


Best hostel in Las Vegas!


I was very happy with the location and price. Great value, I regret not having booked earlier instead of using airbnb before. Wifi is strong and staff is friendly.


Staff very friendly and helpful. Room a little cramped but manageable. A little overpriced but not outrageously so. Would stay there again.


Not a bad place, decent location.

A few things that I would consider.

The walls are paper-thin. You will hear EVERYTHING. From cars on the street to people talking at the grill as if they were inside.

The doors don't have bumper pads so when people go in at 3, 4 or 5 am after a bar closes you will head the door slam (restroom door too) Consider buying bumper pads to put in yourself, the common area closes at midnight and they don't have any vending machines outside for water.


Pretty rough part of town not even on the strip. A cheap hotel/casino is maybe $50 USD more per night and worth it to avoid walking 2 miles to the strip or taking a $30 uber.


This was my very first Hostel stay!! I was very pleased with staff and the facilities!! I got the opportunity to to meet some very interesting people also. Breakfast was always available and the activities they provided were also nice... especially the BBQ. This will NOT be my last Hostel stay! Thanks to the friendly staff!! You guys were amazing!


An excellent place to stay whilst taking in the sites of vegas. The staff are very friendly and always have suggestions for you to do. It is a 15 minute walk to downtown vegas and 15 to the stratosphere. They are doing construction work on that road, so half the street lights are off at night right now.


Great hostel from a female, solo traveler perspective! This was my second time staying at Sin City Hostel in the last year and it was well worth returning to. The hostel is the cleanest I've ever stayed at, the security is great, the atmosphere is chill, and the free breakfast is really good. They will lend you any extra blankets or towels and the mattresses are comfy. I came here a second time because I knew I would feel secure sleeping and not be grossed out by the bathroom!


El lugar es bueno si a lo que vas es solo a dormir. Las camas okay al igual que todo. La ubicacin es buena. Lastima qu hay mucho homeless al rededor que lo hace sentir un poco peligroso caminar de noche. Pero de da es excelente


I had so much fun and loved meeting so many new people with similar interests ( the BTS concert in this case). My only concern was that the bus stop that was close by wasnt useable due to construction and the area isnt necissarily a place I felt super comfortable walking at night.


The staff were very kind and helpful! We arrived early for a concert and they let us check in early and even let us in the room early to drop off our things. They provided earplugs at the front desk and the rooms were air conditioned. The only thing is the showers were very cold (even early in the morning). Overall it was a really nice stay and a great way to save money instead of staying on the strip.


Absolutely love this hostel! You truly meet some of the coolest people as your roommates and the staff is so friendly! When I revisit Las Vegas will definitely love to stay here again. The free breakfast is definitely a plus.



Welcome to Sin City - Hostel that is!

Summer is already on its way in our neck of the desert and that means pool party season is upon us! Whether you’re just looking to lounge back in a beach chair all weekend, attend a topless pool party at Caesars Palace, or rock out to your favorite band after sundown at the Boulevard pool at Cosmopolitan, you can count on tons of wet and wild activities in Vegas in Spring/Summer 2014!

Headed to town for Punk Rock Bowling?
Book May 23rd-26th now and stay with us downtown, walking distance from all the action. We welcome party animals and pro-bowlers alike! See you in the pit!

Calling all Ravers:
Electric Daisy Carnival will be in town June 20-22nd 2014
Don't miss your chance to be in Vegas for the biggest electronic music festival in the world! Book today!

Please refer to CHECK IN REQUIREMENTS at the bottom of the page before making your reservation.

Stay at the best hostel on the 'Old Strip'! the neighborhood is safe. The hostel is fabulous!

We have 9 bed Dorms, 4 bed Dorms and semi-private rooms (shared bathroom with 4 bed dorm) have double beds.

Great common room to fellow travelers!

• V.I.P Limousine Tours to Vegas’ most prestigious night clubs, downtown Pub Crawls, and FREE dinners (Thursdays)
• Bus tours to Grand Canyon/Hoover Dam/Bryce/Zion and more!
• Free Wifi!
• Free Breakfast!
• Free Parking!
• Free Storage.
• Coin-op Laundry.
• Free Pool table and Xbox!

Just prepare your list of sins to commit and start sinning at sin city hostel!
No surprise charges for our guests!

We charge the first night rent per bed requested for reservations. We require a 48 hour notice for cancellation refunds (10% cancellation fee applies)

There is a 3 night minimum stay for New Years Eve (Dec 28 - Jan 1st) and a two night minimum for Electric Daisy (Jun 21st - 23rd)

At check in, guests must present one of the following:

1. a foreign-issued passport.
2. a Canadian drivers license.
3. a valid US student ID.
4. a US passport WITH a current out-of-state government-issued ID (such as a drivers license). Guests may also be asked to present proof of travel.

Reception is open from:

7 am to 11pm--> Winter (October 1st - May 31)
7 am to 1 am--> Sunday thru Thursdays (Summer)
6am to 2 am--> Fridays & Saturdays Summer)

Summer (April 1st - September 30th)

*Exceptions can be made through reception. Just let us know if you are arriving after our closing hours.

Please note we take a $10 key deposit per each person in the party

Location and Contact


• From Bus Station: Walk through Fremont St. Experience to Las Vegas Blvd. & catch the 301 Strip (city) bus.
• Or if you feel like a 20 minute walk, just walk to Las Vegas Blvd., go South (go Right) & watch Right side to the best Hostel in Las Vegas!
• From McCarran Airport:
• Catch any shuttle from the airport for just $5 and they will bring you to our friendly front door!
• From Los Angeles:
• Take I-15 from Los Angeles area to Las Vegas, exit on Charleston Blvd. East to Las Vegas Blvd., turn right and watch right side - you are here!
• From Phoenix:
• Take US 93 North to Las Vegas, exit on Las Vegas Blvd, go South (go Left) about 3 miles, and watch right side to find the fun place to stay!



Address: 1208 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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Hostelworld Not listed at HostelsClub


Website Sin City Hostel Las Vegas
Phone Number: +1 (702) 868-0222
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Facilities and Amenities

Digital Nomads

Party Hostel

Quiet Rest

Solo Traveller



City Tours

Lockers in Rooms

Luggage Storage


Safe Deposit Box


Wi-Fi in Lobby/Commons

Wi-Fi in Rooms

Lockers in Lobby

Pub Crawls

Air Conditioning

BBQ Grill

Board Games

Book Collection/Exchange

Cable TV

Clothes Dryer

Concierge/Info Desk

Credit Card Payments

Entirely Non-Smoking

Evening Entertainment


Hair Dryers

Hot Showers

Jobs/Work Available



Lounge Area

Movie Library/Rental

Outdoor Seating

Pool Table

Power Point/Sockets in Rooms



Wheelchair Accessible

Airport Pickup

Max. Age: All Ages

Min. Age without Parent: 18

Checkout: 11:00 (11 AM)

Curfew: No Curfew

Lockout: At around 1pm we close for 1 hour to clean inside.

Maximum Stay: 7 nights

Minimum Stay: 1 night

Open Dates: All Year

Reception Hours: 7:00 am to 1:30 pm

Size: Medium (30-60 beds)


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