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Cubabackpackers is housed in the blue, thirteen-floor apartment building that looms over the Estadio Latinomericano in the northern suburb of Cerro and contains no fewer than five backpacker hostels. Cubabackpackers is one of the first to appear in Cuba, so it’s one of the oldest in the country.

The Location

The Cerro district of Havana is a very local Cuban area. There are no tourist sites; this is "real" Cuba. It’s a thirty-minute walk to get to the center, or if you can work them out, you can take a local bus or shared taxi. There are a few local eateries in the immediate vicinity -- mostly pizza and spaghetti snack shops -- and the stadium is home to Los Industriales baseball team, one of the best in the country.

Before that, however, make sure you have the correct address. You must check in at the family apartment -- number thirty-four on the third floor. If there's no answer, then try apartment number thirty-five around the corner, where the mother lives. You’ll then be taken down a floor to apartment number twenty-eight, which is where the hostel is. The apartment is only marked with a "hostal" sign. You’ll be given keys to the front door of the apartment and to the building itself for a small returnable deposit.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are two bedrooms in the apartment at number twenty-eight. One is a four-bed, en suite dorm and one is a six-bed dorm sharing a common bathroom. All the beds are bunks of the squeaky metal variety and there are no ladders to get to the top bunks in the four-bed dorm, so good luck! The mattresses are on the soft side and there are two fans and an air conditioning unit in each of the dorms plus ceiling fans in the sitting room. Each dorm has a wooden locker for each bed, but guests must have their own padlock. Guests will also find a huge mirror on the wall of the four-bed dorm. The bathroom in the four-bed dorm is clean with a toilet, hand basin, and cold water shower. The common bathroom in the hallway between the two dorms has likewise. The six-bed dorm has French windows that open out to a balcony facing the square and stadium.

Common Spaces

The balcony can also be reached via the large sitting room. This sitting room has a couch, two armchairs, and a small dining table with chairs plus a rocking chair. There is a wooden cabinet with figurines in it and a nonworking TV. The balcony has some garden chairs and a table, and is close enough to the park (where the Wi-Fi hot spot is) to catch a fair bit of the signal. There is a kitchen of sorts. It has only a fridge and a sink. The cupboards have quite a range of cutlery and crockery too, but you cannot cook here.


Cubabackpackers is pretty good. It’s clean but very plain -- a bit of color would do wonders for this place! It also doesn’t have the few extra touches that a couple of the other hostels have to make it stand out from the crowd. Nevertheless, it’s very cheap, so it constitutes a bit of bargain, if you don’t mind the distance from the center. The family only speak Spanish here. The second-floor location also means you don’t have to negotiate the temperamental lift!
by Londonroad Staff Reviewer
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Edificio Industriales
Entrance to the Building on the Right
Hallway From Lifts to Hostel Door
Hostel Front Door
Sitting Room
4-Bed En Suite Dorm
4-Bed Dorm Bathroom


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Cubabackpackers" at Avenida 20 de Mayo 428, Apts 34 & 35, entre Amenidad y Pedroso, Municipio Cerro.)


Avenida 20 de Mayo 428, Apts 34 & 35, entre Amenidad y Pedroso, Municipio Cerro, Plaza de la Revolución, Havana, La Habana, Cuba
23.120982, -82.378984 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+53 (0) 787 82707
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Don't come here!
we got there and it wasnt where it was supposed to be. it was an apartment and the women who ran the house did not speak one iota of english. she decided she could not accommodate me and instead of telling me the truth she sent me to her daughters house who had us sleep in a room with no doors or windows, a very cold shower and no toilet tissue. She over charged us for the saddest breakfast I have ever had and took the bed that I rented and decided to give it to her son, when I asked her for it back, since I paid for my own bed, she wanted to tell me a sob story that basically said we were inconveniencing them; like what? if you could not accommodate us then why did you take our money? we could have found other casas. The daughter had a nice room which I found out later was supposed to be ours but instead she decided to sleep in it and give us her bedroom which was under construction which again had no windows so at night it was freezing, and made us shower in cold water while she enjoyed the room with hot water, I checked. This was the worst 4 days of our trip the only saving grace was her husband who was a very nice man and did as much as he could to accommodate us but his wife was a greedy and lazy woman who did nothing to make our stay comfortable. Cuba is amazing with amazing people but be thorough in your research when researching places to stay, make sure you have a back up plan cause if you dont you will be assed out in a room without doors, windows and no privacy. Dont let them being nice fool you, thats what made me swallow the treatment. Dont go here, there are better places to stay.
Age 31, United states
Good hostel, but far from the city
It's a good, clean hostel but it is very far from the part of Havana you would probably be going everyday. Taking private taxis cost between 5 and 10 CUC each way. Collectivos are an option but I never succeeded in finding one that was available.
Age 27, Canadian
Great people, great country
I enjoyed my stay at Cuba Backpackers. It's a 20 minutes walk to downtown and the area is very safe. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.
Age 22, France

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