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Rue El Jahed, Quartier Industriel, Marrakesh (Marrakech), Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz, Morocco
31.625057, -8.020152 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+212 44 44 77 13
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Marrakech hostel getting there and back
Price 70 Dirhams a bed, (around £6/10$ a night), including breakfast. I give this hostel 6 out of 10. Pros -- Aziz, the caretaker (a VERY helpful and knowledgeable person, a REAL plus) he is on call from early evening, during the night and early morning; Free wifi; Safety, especially for women; Breakfast in the price; Comfortable beds; Nice garden/terrace/courtyard; Clothes hand washing facilities. Cons -- Pay extra for showers! (A first for me -- 10dh's! 75p/1.20$); No toilet paper supplied; Late starting breakfast; Rooms are VERY dull; Communal room lighting VERY dull; No usable kitchen; No lockers; No discount for Hostel Cards; Few electric power points in rooms; Very hot in summer, No aircon; VERY cold in winter, No heating or aircon. Upstairs toilets and showers are fairly clean, with bins by the toilets for used toilet paper/lady pads and bins beside the sinks. Flushing toilets -- sometime works, sometimes not! Rooms Upstairs are, usually, for females, with a heavy metal door, which is locked, most of the time, but can easily opened from the inside, otherwise the staff HAVE to use their key. Beds are old spring bases which have been surrounded with wood and wooden headboards and around the outside with fairly thick mattresses. Some rooms have raffia and some with rugs at each bed. Downstairs rooms are, usually, for males, both of them have separate shower/toilet areas. The entry door is locked at night, it is the same door to the communal room. Fire safety is fair, upstairs there is the terrace, downstairs a courtyard. Windows in the communal room can be opened for quick access out, if needed. Individual room keys, to lock room doors at night, or when not in use. Upstairs has a sitting area with tables and chairs, a decent panorama, sit in the sun to relax, (you can see planes arriving/leaving). A nice place to sunbathe and use the free wifi as long as you are at the furthest away table, from the stairs. The dorm rooms have, on average, 5 single beds per room. During winter a blanket, per bed, is supplied, Summertime you can ask for a top sheet. There are around 12 rooms. At night the rooms are dull because of the VERY low lighting. The windows are high up and small with no curtains on ones that are overlooked by an adjacent building. A key is supplied, one per room, so it can be locked at night, or if you are out daytime. Most rooms don't have electric power points, though there is in the communal room, on the ground floor, which has a TV and free wifi and points where you can recharge phones, this room ALSO has VERY low lighting. There is a nice open air court area which has many tables and chairs. Communal areas -- Free wifi, Terrace, Garden, Courtyard, Plenty tables & chairs, Clothes hand washing/drying facilities. Breakfast STARTS at 9am! If you leave earlier there is no discount, it consists of about 4" piece of french bread with a small square tub of jam and one of butter, a small glass of Orange juice and a small cup of either, tea or coffee. Breakfast is eaten in the pleasant orange tree garden, (where a cat mooches for food). There is a sink behind the office where you can wash clothes and hang them to dry. Summertime, at night, the rooms are warm, wintertime they are VERY cold and NO heating. Aziz, the caretaker, is a lovely and a VERY helpful person. I've heard him speak French, Arabic, English, German! Amazing person! Safety is good, but I advise you lock up valuables in your luggage, or give them to Aziz for safekeeping. I found he is VERY honest. Getting there, It takes quite a long time to walk from Theatre Royale/train station to the hostel. On arrival you have to rattle the padlocked gate to gain entry, or shout for Aziz, or Miriam. No bell, yet! If you want to leave earlier than 9am, tell Aziz the night before and he will leave the gate open, or will let you out, himself, he is an early riser. SAFETY out and about -- Moroccan police are VERY vigilante. Ladies, if you are hassled, especially by men, there is a phone number you can call, ask Aziz for the number, they will be there pronto, personal experience. Transport/food/meals/supermarket -- On arrival into Marrakech, or returning, you can take number 19 bus from the airport right into Marrakech then in past the train station/Theatre Royale, on return journeys you can catch at the Main Street near the Theatre Royale on the street at the SAME side as the hostel (on entry, to Marrakech Airport, go directly to your LEFT after leaving the terminal). You can buy a return ticket which is ONLY valid up to 14 days and can ONLY be used on this bus. From the airport it goes all the way through Marrakech city then onto the train station/Theatre Royale, AFTER it turns off the main street, where you get off turn RIGHT and walk to the hostel, same side as the bus lets you off. The hostel is near the French Embassy. As usual, I found the airport taxi prices extortionate! Buses run from the main road into Marrakech centre, but you have to walk to it, last time I was there it was 3.50DH per journey. Aziz can tell you all the bus numbers where to get them and price. On returning ask to alight at the train station, (or Supratour bus station, this is nearest to the hostel, but there is no actual bus stop there, sometimes, the driver will let you off there though). The Aswak Asalam supermarket is a bit further on past the Supratour bus station, which is on the RIGHT when coming from Marrakech centre, the supermarket is on the LEFT. If you use a 'petit taxi' ALWAYS make sure they switch the meter on, if they don't just get out and take another one, personally I prefer the buses, they can't rip you off! Word of warning, on ALL local buses take care of ALL your belongings. Travel/Money/Mobile Phone SIMs -- The train station is around 15 minutes walk from the hostel. At the train station there is a Post Office where you can change money, a bank where you can use the ATM and some phone shops where you can buy their SIM cards, you NEED your passport to buy it. I recommend the Maroc SIM. There is a McDonalds in the train station. You can buy tickets to as far away as Tangier, (overnight sleeper), which leaves around 9pm, every night. CTM bus office is about 4 minute walk from the hostel, buses leave from behind the office, there you can book tickets, in the waiting room there are toilets. There are taxis here, bargain, or just get them to use the meter. Near the hostel (next street), There are some small shops which sell bread, soft drinks are usually priced, check your change! There are small restaurants selling various sandwiches, veg, meat & fish dishes round the corner from the hostel and the Aswak Asalam supermarket is around 15 to 20 minutes walk from the hostel.
Age 50, English
Really good energy
Yes Aziz is a nice guy, and the place is great for the price. Would stay again, and hope to in the near future!
Age 30, UK
Aziz is awesome
I was originally wary about staying in a hostel far from the Medina, but this hostel was so relaxing and in a quiet area I felt like I was staying at a resort. Upon arriving at the hostel, I was warmly greeted by Aziz. What a great guy! Throughout my stay, he was very friendly and looked after me, expressing interest in my stay and inquiring if I was enjoying Marrakech. I found the hostel to be very clean and the beds were comfortable enough to get a good night sleep. There are plenty of rules, but there is no need to be worried -- they are there for a reason. Just pay when you are asked to pay, leave the hostel when you are asked to leave, and you will be met with kind appreciation.
Nannette Mickle
(United States)
Marrakech Youth Hostel is located in Ville Nouville (the new town), close to the train station in a quiet area. It is quite a long walk from the action of the medina. If you take a taxi to the medina make sure the driver of the petit taxi will use the meter. It shouldn't cost anymore that 15 dirham. Even if you have luggage, don't let the drivers tell you it should be more. Find another taxi. The hostel is divided into male and female sections. Females are allowed downstairs in the male quarter, but males are not supposed to go upstairs to enjoy the terrace (located in the female section). However, when we stayed, the females didn't care and the guys went upstairs anyway. The dorm rooms are clean and spacious. Some dorms have bunks, but others are bunk-free. The bathrooms are not quite as clean. There is no toilet paper and the toilets seem to flush or not flush at random. Hot showers cost 6 dirham. There are plenty of communal spaces at the hostel, creating a friendly atmosphere. If the weather is nice, you can enjoy the courtyards. If not, there is a lounge room with TV. The hostel has a list of rules longer than anywhere else. The worst of the rules is the mandatory 8 a.m. wakeup. The staff goes around knocking on the doors to ensure that everyone follows this rule, so there is really no hope of a sleep-in. You are also not allowed to stay in the rooms during the day except in case of illness. Breakfast is included in the price. It is basic and consists of bread, jam, and cheese, with coffee or tea and orange juice. It is also possible to buy water and other cold drinks from reception. This is handy because there are not many places close by to buy food or drink. Overall this is a nice place to meet other travelers and is very convenient to reach from the train station (even if you do have to walk down a few dark side streets). However for the same price (if not traveling alone) you can find equally clean places closer to the sights in the medina. Although it is a HI-affiliated hostel, there is no discount for members.
Vanessa Boltman

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