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The Review

Due to the central location Hostel Ananas is good, despite a few things we found lacking!

The Location

The hostel is situated centrally on the north side of Wenceslas Square. This is basically where the Old Town of Prague starts (district Prague One), so everything is in walking distance. Most of the sights and bars are here.
The main bus station of Prague called Florenc is just two stations away, and you can get there by taking the yellow line to the metro station Florenc. The metro station Mustek is exactly in front of the hostel. Unfortunately, due to the central location there is no supermarket nearby.

The hostel is located in a passage; the reception is on the ground floor, while the entrance of the hostel is further down the passage, and you have to take an elevator to the second or third floor.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The hostel itself has lots of rooms/beds, giving it a little bit of an anonymous or sterile atmosphere, as is often the case with big hostels. Basically it is just bare rooms with a couple of bunk beds in them. Fortunately, our dormitory has its own toilet and shower rooms. Due to the number of rooms, the corridors are very long, and the carpet in the corridor has lots of stains. The smell in the corridor is not too nice, but it's still ok; you can feel the number of people staying here everyday and that they have to clean a lot.

There are no hooks to hang your stuff, either in the rooms or in the bathrooms. Beds are comfortable and have individual lights. Big lockers are underneath the bottom bunk bed, unfortunately if you only bring a small padlock, you cannot close the lock. Make sure to bring a medium- to big-size lock.

Common Spaces

Basically the common space is one of the corridors. They have tables and chairs there, even a bed in front of a TV. There also is a small kitchen with a refrigerator. Unfortunately, there are no windows emanating from the corridor. We did not find the common space too clean or inviting.


The big advantage of this hostel is its central location. Most important sights and bars are in walking distance.
On the other hand, it is a mass hostel, so atmosphere is lacking, rooms are sterile, and you can see stains and some erosion in the hostel. The staff are very professional and speak English on a high level, they really try to help you a lot (if possible, it's better to ask outside of peak times). There was one issue where they said they were not responsible for an item lost during luggage storage (they have a big room for that). Fortunately, that item was found later, but still, what are the luggage room, the handed-out luggage numbers, and the staff for?
by Haky Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Ananas" at Václavske náměstí 1.)


Václavske náměstí 1, Praha 1, Prague (Praha), Czech Republic
50.084135, 14.424269 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+420 776 238 563
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Charged £75 for "noise"
Don’t know where to start with this hostel. Upon walking into the corridor I was greeted by an awful mixture of smells (feet, body odour, and vomit) which was then heightened when I walked into my airless, suffocating room. After staying here for three nights, I had never been happier to leave a place in my life. However this happiness did not last long. When checking out they decided that we should be charged 2000 czech koruna (£75) for "making noise" past 10pm. I almost laughed in their face, the hostel was so revolting I spent as little time as possible in it so I do not know when this noise was being made. As I was disputing this allegation there was another group beside me also being fined. This hostel is a scam trying to take money off people for a human right of speech. Do not waste your time.
Age 20, British
  I spent three days in Prague and spent 2 nights at this hostel. Overall, it was pretty clean, comfortable, and in a pretty central location. The Location If taking train in and out of Prague, the hostel is conveniently located (just a ~20 min walk) from the main train station. The hostel is off a square that had a smaller Christmas market, although a tour guide suggested we avoid this square after dark. The hostel is located on the other side of Old Town from Prague Castle. Prague, especially Old Town, is very walkable so the hostel is in a good location. Rooms and Bathrooms The eight person dorm is pretty standard. There are key cards for entry in and out of the hostel as well as to each of the rooms, rather than the traditional metal keys. The rooms have bunk beds, and some of the top bunks have covered power outlets so plugs need to be shared with the person below. Unfortunately, those plugs are against the frame of the bed. The bed itself is comfortable, the sheets are clean, and we have two pillows per bed. There is room under the bed to store backpacks and bags. There are two bathrooms attached to the room - very clean so no complaints there. Common Spaces The kitchen is pretty small - just a sink and a hot water maker and toaster with some cabinets - it is more of a closet. The common area is between the entrance of the floor and many of the rooms to promote interaction. There is a row of tables plus a couch and a mattress in a long hallway where people hung out at night. It is a good social environment to meet other people. A number of people also hang out in the lobby for stronger wifi. The only slight inconvenience is that the reception desk (tea refills, buying beer) is downstairs and two doors over so it is a bit of a walk from the common area. The hostel also offers walking tours and live music nights. Summary While Hostel Ananas is not located right in Old Town, it is just a short walk from Old Town Square. The facilities are bare but clean, the social environment is good, the staff is helpful, and there are activities for every type of traveler.
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