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St. Kilda
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Selina St Kilda Melbourne Reviews

Ok, great possibilities but you have to pay extra ...

Ok place to stay, but i recommend to stay in the centre, then you dont need to buy a tram ticket for 7$\day and security locker is a extra charge as well as internet/wifi, breakfast included that great! The beach is close but its not a good beach anyway. The staff attitude wasnt top notch either!

Age 25 | Swedish

Never again

Never check in that house calling itself a hostel. The staff is completely incompetent and unfriendly. The atmosphere just sucks. Everybody is staring at you when you enter the common room or completely ignores you. The kitchen is just a huge mess, much too small, smelly, dirty and equipment is missing. The rooms, well, I even spend better nights in some european jails. Except for, that you couldn't close the door in the rooming I was forced to sleep in. There is only one(!) sink and two toilets for in the entire ground floor. I really like drinking, don't get me wrong, but in this place everybody is shitfaced the whole day, the lights in the rooms are switched on by evening and turned out at late morning. Sleeping sober isn't possible at all. Rather sleep at the beach or on the street, but don't check in here. Save your money.



As we arrived their was a really friendly young man at the reception. That was it. For breakfast in the morning we didn't even find a cup. I asked the staff at the reception (he and his girl friend were just drinking coffee) for a cup and he told me that everyone has taken his cup on his room. Later some people tried to open the door he didn't even care. We stayed in different hostels in australie, but this one was the dirtiest and most expensive! The note on the wall to tell the staff if its to dirty seems to be sarcastic. Its really a petty because the house is great and has a lot of possibility, but not with this staff we saw the 1and 2.1.2011.


Horrible place to stay!

I was suppose to stay here for 8 nights, but after one night I had to leave. When I got there to check in I heard the lady at the counter saying to someone else who works there that they had rats in one room so they moved the people from that rat room to another room and move new people into the rat room. Second thing was you have to pay $6 a day to use the lockers, they do have a safe in the back. The third thing was I went to use the washroom and every washroom on my floor had something wrong. One when you flushed water poured out the back, another the shower would not turn off and the last one had no lights and no toilet seat. Now I know theft can happen at any hostel, but the people who worked their tried to tell me it would be ok and nothing would get stolen in my room because my roomates are all longtermers. Well that didn't stop someone from ripping off my camera for the 2 hours I left one of my bags unattended. This place is just a dump. The only good thing about this place was the manager/owner Mick I believe his name is, he gave me my money back and did not charge for the night I stayed there he was a really nice guy and actually apologized for everything and his staff.

Jason T

How dare they make use of the word palace!

Ironically named Coffee Palace, a squalid sh*thole on Grey St in St Kilda, does not supply free tea or coffee. I must stress that the staff are absolutely incompetent. My first night I checked-in in the arvo, made my bed, and went out again as it was a very hot day and there is no air conditioning. On coming back to a humid cesspit of a room, which had a smell like doritos and gas (I don't know of any animal, mineral, or vegetable that could be capable of producing that smell) I found somone's belongings all over my bed, argued with a guy who it belonged to, he had also checked in, ripped off all my freshly made bed sheets and put his own there because that seemed the only empty bed. Turns out the d*ckhead receptionist (you'll know which one I'm talking about within ten seconds of meeting him) had given this guy the wrong key. Later that night I went to the toilet to find an overflowing sanitary bin, you know tampons and all that. Breakfast is two pancakes every day except Sunday. One night I locked myself out of my room, went to the receptionist and was given the wrong key. Went back, was given the wrong key again. The key numbers are written on the back of the keys. The showers are not big communal ones, each is like a little bathroom, one of the showers on my floor didnt have a light in it. The showers go from scalding hot to freezing cold. The toilets constantly smell like urine because everyones always drunk and miss and hit the floor. The kitchen is tiny, there is a lack of utensils etc knives. Anyone can walk in off the street and roam about the hostel. Got stuck on the roof talking to some weirdo who was not even staying there, he lived next door, and kept trying to get me to meet up with him. Found out later that he's always lurking around the place. There is very little room to store food, the fridges are a disgrace with ice cream and cornflakes spilt all through one shelf on everyone's food. Got locked out of the actual hostel arriving late one night. Reception had to let me in and said why didn't you use the code, there is a code for the security door at night on the back of the key, but no one had told me. The showers and toilets were actually being cleaned one day as the piss smell had become unbearable, I asked where I could go shower, was told up the stairs. Up the stairs where? Left? Right? The staff are incompetent. The bar is a fridge behind reception stocking about three different beers. There is a policy of no alcohol to be brought onto premises. The bar cannot sell after 11 p.m. anyway. Everyone brings goon in. The atmosphere is not friendly. When entering a room you pretty much get stared at by everyone. No one really goes out to drink. They all sit in the common areas drinking goon til 4 a.m., 6 on weekends. As my room was right outside the common areas there was always drama when people couldn't handle the piss, and you could hear every word of it -- every night. I think the only reason I didn't get bitten by bedbugs is that my mattress was springs encased in the outer material. There are lockers available, about ten big ones and six small ones. The large ones cost $10 for three days. There is no room in the bedrooms for luggage. There is sh*t on the floor everywhere, no shelves, just beds, a pedestal fan and a god-awful stench. And there was also a dead fly in the liquid soap dispenser. Most of the showers didn't have hooks to hang your towels up. The rooms are filthy. One of the people who work for free accommodation came in to mop once while I was there, did one stroke in front of them about a meter long, then walked out. The room was about three meters by five. The bit mopped was the only free space on the floor. There is a lot of exploitation of foreign travelers there. One poster in prominent view in the common area was a bush safari between Alice Springs and Brisbane. It's highlights were bushwalking, stargazing, Aboriginal artwork, and vegemite. It was $850 AUS. Any Aussie in their right mind would know that was a scam. Also agents for acquiring tax file numbers, tax returns, free services that Aussies would know are free. Apparently there is a policy that Aussies aren't allowed to stay there. All in all, this place ruined my holiday. I didn't meet any nice people there at all, just lots of drunk, fat skanks. And the staff trying to get in on it. Regret ever staying here. Don't do what I did and go yeah this looks fun, looks like a proper backpackers. There are much nicer, cleaner and better run hostels for less all over Melbourne.



Simple as really, just don't stay here. The rooms on the ground floor suffer from the screaming and shouting of the common room and people running up down and round the entire building until about 5am every night (if it stops that is) and then the morning crew turn up about 7am and switch on the music. Basically it's noise 24/7, i didn't get a decent night's sleep in 6 nights (was meant to be there 7 but left when a guy in my room threatened to stab me), not clean (but that's more to do with other people staying there), uncomfortable beds, no breakfast as it advertises on the website. Pay for the liberty of security, even though others have talked of thefts. But hey backpackers are into that kinda thing, right


Where do we start, we absolutely hated this Hostel. it was dirty, the rooms are filthy -- even the double room's pillows all were burnt -- had holes in them. bathrooms were horrible, loud music all night, not a friendly atmosphere at all. this hostel is a real. dump we stayed one night and that was more than enough. the staff were not helpful at all. do not stay here. the only good thing was the location but seriously i would rather stay an extra mile away from town than ever stay in this pit again.

Cal & Lee

Fantastic place. Just ignore the Ross and Andy -- "porn all over the rooms, everybody off their face, music from the next door club bouncing all night long" -- this is what you go traveling for to have a good time. Obviously these two guys couldn't have a good time in the Playboy Mansion! Yes, it's slightly grubby, and yes the club next door does go on, but you should be in there having a good time! It's near the beach, near the tram stops. Had friendly staff and good nights out there. If you want to meet people and have a laugh, there is no better place in St. Kilda!


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It's very far away from the central yet it's near the beach. The staffs are fairy nice. Just the room is very dark when the light is off. There's no hot water available for wash up especially during winter. The kitchen is not as clean as expected. I could hear lots of noises outside the room in the middle of night and I couldn't have a good rest at all. Thus, staying there one night wasn't worth at all..


Great place to stay, slightly more expensive than the other budget hostels around Melbourne, but I think its definitely worth the money. Rooms and the beds are very comfortable, even in a 12 bed dorm you feel a sense of privacy with the option of a curtain on your bed. Homely feel to the place, lovely high ceilings and wooden floors, staff were all great, very friendly and happy to help however they can. Definitely recommend !


Best hostel Ive ever been to, so tidy, modern, clean, people are friendly, staff are lovely, lovely living spaces and atmosphere and cool bar. So much privacy with each bed having its own curtains, lockers, powersockets and table and phone holder by your bed. Cannot recommend it enough. Location great too! Amazing value for money


Fantastic hostel and staff. The highlight easily being the best hostel bed I have had to this day. Good curtains, warm douvee, shelf, light, outlets, locking cubby for personal belongings, and additional drawer if that's not enough. All within arm's reach on a sturdy and comfortable bed. Apart from the bed, the common area is nice and the kitchen is small but does it's job well. Nice little bar and solid cowork area. Showers/bathrooms not the nicest but good hot water! Definitely recommend:)


A really cool spot with a great atmosphere! Beds were cozy & had nice privacy (+ extra outlets per bed, a god send). Had to check in after midnight but the staff was accommodating & helpful


Great stay! Love the staff and the place is not too big and in a nice area


Overall, a lovely little hostel. Rooms are very nice and beds so so comfy. Also its in a perfect spot in St Kilda. Not the most sociable hostel, but I made friends in my room so that didn't bother me that much. The only issue I had while I was there, was the showers failing to have hot water, turned into a bit of a nightmare trying to find one that actually heated up. Other than that, I had a great chilled out stay. Also all the staff are genuinely lovely people, and super helpful.


Everything was great and the staff were very kind and helped us with everything we needed!

The breakfast was good and satisfying, but the one thing that was missing is the hot water in the shower ):

Carla is the best !!!


It's all clean! Beds are comfy;)


A nice place stay! It's mostly clean, amazing staff, and the common rooms are cozy. The ladies bathroom is much nicer than the males (metal floor), but I heard that the ladies don't have any hot water, the males a few minutes. Tapwater here has a chlorine taste (not the case at public water taps), beds are super comfy. Many couples are staying here, but met some nice single backpackers also. Has a nice vibe during the day and is quiet after midnight.


Excellent service.


The kitchen fridge needed emptying

The bathrooms also need something or somewhere to dry hands. Other than these two things, Selina was an awesome stay with wonderful, friendly, helpful staff and a great atmosphere :)


Loooove this hostel. Its just great. The staff are constantly cleaning. We had a private room with shared bathroom and this was absolutely fine. Staff so friendly and accomodating. Defo get brekky in with the rate as this is a cooked breakfast with a menu you can chose from and great value.

The only thing I would say is the shower & toilet on our floor (2) was broken, and the toilet door didnt have a lock on. This was like this for over a week, wouldve expected it fixing during this time


Sooooooo good to stay

I just regret it I only book 3 nights

Its bit hard to find a place to park but around Selina has some spot for the nights

And nice tick mattress, clean room and common area

Recommend to someone wants to stay in nice hostel


The room are really small, we had a baggage lay on the floor for the week-end and we could not even open the door. No space at all around the bed


Stayed at Selinas for two weeks, although a soft opening, the property was constantly clean and staff were always extremely approachable and professional. We were here over the F1 period, although very busy, everything seemed very smooth and unaffected by this.

St.Kilda is full of restaurants, the property itself is 5 minutes walk from the beach and Albert Park and a 20 minute Tram into the city.

Would recommend if you are looking for clean, chilled out and work from home friendly accommodation.


Great hostel in St. Kilda, if youre looking for a more child and alternative hostel then I 100% recommend to stay here. People here are just so friendly & give a good vibe.


The staff was wonderful.


Came here with my best friend for my birthday, room was small, had no where to store suitcases under the bed, so they just sat out. The bathrooms were few and far between, one light wasnt working so wouldnt have light in my shower for more than 10 seconds, also could have been cleaned more often. Very comfy bed, and hostel pretty central to St Kilda, wish there was an elevator so didnt have to carry suitcase up a few floors


Staff was really helpful and you could feel they really wanted to make your stay as lovely as they could.



Warning: This hostel is addictive. A heritage listed building all the old charm and character of an old school hostel but with modern facilities. Great, cheery staff, travel & tours guru, rooftop garden, laundry, pool hall, tv room with cable access, internet access, dining hall & kitchen. Storage facilities, main safe and security deposit boxes available also.

Location and Contact


Catch the No. 96 Tram from Spencer Street, or the No. 16 Tram from Swanston Street in the city, and hop off at the St Kilda/Fitzroy Street stop.



Address: 24 Grey St, St Kilda, St. Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Phone Number: +61 411 714 827
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Facilities and Amenities

Digital Nomads

Party Hostel

Solo Traveller





Airport Pickup

City Tours

Lockers in Lobby

Luggage Storage

Wi-Fi in Lobby/Commons

BBQ Grill


Board Games

Clothes Dryer

Concierge/Info Desk

Credit Card Payments

Currency Exchange

Evening Entertainment


Hair Dryers

Hot Showers



Lounge Area

Meeting/Banquet facilities

Movie Library/Rental

Pool Table


Walking Tours

Checkout: 09:00 (9 AM)

Curfew: No Curfew

Lockout: No

Maximum Stay: Unlimited

Minimum Stay: 1 night

Open Dates: All Year

Reception Hours: 24 Hours

Size: Very Large (100+ beds)


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