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20 Princess Street, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
-24.861470, 152.367313 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (7) 4154-3700
+61 (7) 4154-3711
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Great hostel that tries really hard (and succeeds) finding you work
In a farming city where backpackers infamously end up as cash starts to run low, and often get ripped off by working hostels, East Bundy Backpackers easily stands out as the only hostel that actually cares about you. Much of its smooth running is due to Christine, the fantastic and fervent busybody manager who goes to great lengths to find you work, even during slow periods. I personally had some bad luck with having consistent work for 6 weeks, but I could always pay my rent and ended up with plus dollars in my pocket. If you promise a 3 month stay you can get a many-hour job and earn a LOT of money. There is a waiting list, but it's good because you don't end up paying rent while granted no work. The hostel itself is very clean comparatively, has awesome tenants, a pool, and a big, well-equipped kitchen. There are no bed bug horror stories here, because laundry is done frequently. There are minor drawbacks -- no WiFi (but good tree WiFi is 100m away), no AC (but it rarely gets too hot) and (mostly) no alcohol (but you should be working anyway!) The rent is reasonable and the deposit small. There's also a free grocery bus, and all work has free transport. If you wanna work in Bundaberg, go to EBB. If you're still not convinced this is the best place -- just follow Christine's advice -- ask the tenants!
Age 23, Sweden
Great Place
Stayed here for 3 months and was a great hostel. Christine (the owner) is extremely nice and tries hard to find everyone work and arranges all transportation to and from work. The town of Bundaberg is very boring in all but staying in this hostel made it possible for us too stay there so long. The rooms and beds are all good, your guaranteed to meet a lot of great people as well. highly recommend staying here if your going to work in Bundaberg.
Age 19, Canada
It's alright I guess
This place was average on all accounts, Christine the owner tries way too much to be like the backpackers and get in with them and their lives, which just becomes really irritating, the rooms are ok but not that clean, and the showers don't even have doors, just a curtain. The facilities were again average as there was normally always a queue. They do get you to and from the work farms which was great, however, the farms are like an hour away and also, we were always the last ones to get picked up from the farms, we had to wait an extra 45 mins to 1hr just for the bus driver to come and get us. The staff are friendly enough I guess but they could definitely do better. Overall this place is alright, but I wouldn't come back here again, people who say this was the highlight of their trip must have had a pretty bad trip. There are definitely better places about.
By Far the Best Place in Bundaberg
Firstly, note that all the reviews that are less than five stars are from more than a year ago. It's been under new management since then and it's simply fantastic. I've moved around between a different hostels in town before I settled here and its by far the only one where the management actually seems to care about the backpackers and want them to have a good experience.
The best 3 month in my Australian trip
What can I say, I only thought that I would stay not more than a month in the first place ... and in the end I stayed 3 months and would have gladly stayed more until all of my required visa days were done but I had to leave before unfortunately for me! This place feels really like home, Christine making this possible with a tremendous energy, lots of love and commitment to make this place a safe and sound place to stay in. Not to mention all the amazing people I met during this period... Had the most amazing times there, parties and nights at the central club. Work is steady and one could work 7 days a week if he wanted to and could handle the pace. In a nutshell, the best working hostel in Bundaberg since Christine took over management for a year now.
Paddy rich backpacker
Best Hostel
It is a so nice hostel. Christine knows the name of everybody and is like a Mom for everyone. Go here if you want to go to Bundaberg. My best decision.
Gorgeous new owners! Great hostel!
UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP SINCE END OF LAST YEAR! And the new owners are just great. I stayed 3 1/2 months in this hostel and have seen the transfer of ownership with free bbq and beers on their first night. Christine, Jodie and Brian do a great job and treat everyone like family. They are very honest if you ask them for work - you don't find that often in Australia. The building itself is not the newest and best, but everything is nice and clean, the beds are comfy and you have enough space to feel home after a short while. It is an alcohol free hostel, but the owner may allow alcohol for special occasions (such as Christmas, New Years, Australia Day) and there is a local pub close to the hostel where everyone goes to on Fridays at 5pm. Jugs were $6 and I hope they still are. The jobs at Eastbundy are nearly the best in Bundaberg, which doesn't mean they are good. Bundaberg is a horrible place, but the hostel makes it worth an experience. Some jobs are paid on contract, although the owners try to get an hourly paid job for everyone. The longer you stay, the better are your job offers. I had a really great time at the Eastbundy and made some great friends. Sometimes I didn't make much money at all, but in total it is also a good place to save quite a lot if you are willing to work really f***ing hard. If you go to Bundaberg, stay at EastBundy. There is noting like it, especially not in Bundaberg!
Your best bet. Under new management!
So after reading reviews of all hostels in Bundaberg, me and my travel buddy were ready for the worst. After phoning the national harvest line and all the farmers we could find, we were recommended to stay at East Bundy by a local farmer that hires from there. On arrival we were greeted by Christine who told us honestly about the work situation in Bundy. We quickly learned what kind of place this was. In the evening there was a special going away event for the longest staying member of the hostel, the family atmosphere there was just fantastic. This IS different to every other working hostel in Bundaberg. Sure the accommodation is basic but what do you expect from a working hostel? Christine is open and honest with the work, we had work after just one day. Our beds were comfy, the pillows were magical, the hostel was safe and secure, had a good working kitchen with plenty of space as well as a large locked cold room fridge and your own personal locker with plenty of room for all your food. All cutlery (and there is a lot!) is all provided, plates, bowls and a nice large cup for your morning tea/coffee before work. Going to other hostels in the area, owners were rude and indifferent and didn't seem to care if you stayed there or not. I saw a number of occasions where people had mentioned something to Christine and she had sorted it straight away, for example new knives were bought as someone brought it up. Small things but it is those small things that make you feel at home. So in summary if you are going to Bundy to get your 2nd year visa, go to East Bundy and save the days drive around the town that we had trying to find something better, because you won't find it. This hostel was taken over by Christine at the beginning of the year. Oh and they have an adopted cat called Popcorn. If you weren't thinking of staying here already, there is your last reason.
(United Kingdom)

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